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Who's Your Big Daddy

G.A.S. Extreme Customs - Season 1

The team prepares for an exhibit at the Corvette Museum. Plus, Beau and Dave take a trip down memory lane while riding in the first car they built together.


Beat Me In St Louis

Street Outlaws: Memphis - Season 2

The MSO heads to St. Louis to race the streets against a team of racers led by Dynamite Dave. They're ready to even the score on their home turf.


First Timers

Deadliest Catch - Season 12

Captain Sean Dwyer and his crew prepare for their first crab season aboard the Brenna A. Jake fears he made a big mistake, and Wild Bill faces a challenging deckhand.


Who's Your Big Daddy

G.A.S. Extreme Customs - Season 1

The team prepares for an exhibit at the Corvette Museum. Plus, Beau and Dave take a trip down memory lane while riding in the first car they built together.


The Phantom Fleetside

Kindig Customs - Season 1

The crew want to produce a truck that doesn't exist. Never before has a 1950 style Fleetside been built, but Dave thinks he's created the design of a lifetime.


Good To Go GTO

Iron Resurrection - Season 2

Joe gives one of the fastest cars of its time, the '69 Pontiac GTO, his signature twist - complete with MBC paint, rad body mods and a new customised power...


Episode 19

How Do They Do It? - Season 11

How do they make George Washington's favourite tipple? How do they crash test aircraft seats without crashing a plane? And, how do they produce billions of batteries a year?


The Russians Are Coming

Combat Dealers - Season 1

Bruce wants to impress a mega-rich customer - Russian Oligarch Slava - and offers him to drive his rare German Hetzer tank. Will Slava be lured into a deal?


Appalachian Underground

Building Off The Grid - Season 2

A man surprises his wife for their wedding anniversary. He secretly builds a holiday home with an L-shaped eco-shell to blend into the surroundings.


Dream Mulligan

Insane Pools: Off the Deep End - Season 3

Lucas remodels an unusable pool for a famous golfing family. He creates an ocean-themed pool with fire features, an infinity edge and his first water couch!


The Double Hunt

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 7

When Eve decides to hunt deer for the first time in years, she finds herself face-to-face with a buck. Plus, Jane and Atz Sr. seek out elk for a one-on-one...


Cutlass Lowrider, Part I

Fast N' Loud - Season 3

Richard buys a '78 Cutlass so Aaron can build their first ever lowrider, only to discover that Aaron's has never created custom hydraulics before.


Noble M12 GTO 2.5

Wheeler Dealers - Season 12

Mike heads to Italy to grab a genuine junior supercar, but when he arrives back in the UK Edd realises that extensive work needs doing. Is there room for a...


Conspiracy Of The Lost Tapes

Truth Behind the Moon Landing - Season 1

The NASA tapes that recorded the Apollo 11 moon landing are missing. Experts examine whether their disappearance is part of a cover-up.


Battle Of The Bulge

Greatest Events Of World War II - Season 1

High on cocaine, Hitler hatched a daring plan to change the course of the war. Colourised archive depicts the Germans' artillery barrage against the Allies.



Combat Dealers - Season 2

Bruce spends a staggering £40,000 on a single WW2 army uniform, as he hunts paratrooper gear dear to his heart, and Hus almost throws up doing loops in a Mustang.


Roll Yuletide Roll

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 8

Atz Lee and Jane rush to the aid of a neighbour who has lost access to fresh water on her homestead. Charlotte takes measures to protect her herd from predators.


Stripeless Zebra

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Why would goats risk their lives to climb an almost vertical wall? Plus, what happens when a zebra has no stripes? Experts explain this and more!


Hot Cheetah

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Why have a pair of giraffes turned white in Kenya? Plus, why are the world's fastest land animal not always successful when hunting? Experts examine this and more!


1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio

Wheeler Dealers - Season 14

Mike and Ant take on a 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio with a rare hardtop. It needs extensive repairs, including a rebuild of the propshaft.



Driving Brady

Fast N' Loud - Season 6

The team continue to work on the 'Brady Bunch' station wagon - a '69 Plymouth Satellite commissioned by Barry Williams. Will they complete it in time?


Episode 8

Outback Truckers - Season 5

Robbie prepares for the biggest house move in the family's career. And, Jason must transport a massive cargo into the outback with only a narrow window of clear weather.


Declassified Breakthrough

Contact - Season 1

The team identifies a pattern of non-terrestrial sounds and odd sightings centred around an earthquake. Could some earthquakes be related to UFO activity?


Bering Sea Crash

Deadliest Catch - Season 16

Battling exhaustion, Wild Bill's crew face the full wrath of the bomb cyclone. A snapped tendon puts the Summer Bay at risk and Josh gambles on crab-rich grounds.


Python Tourniquet

Guardians Of The Glades - Season 1

The python invasion threatens to spread beyond Florida. Dusty and the team stave off the attack by holding the line at the Stormwater Treatment Areas.



Combat Dealers - Season 2

Bruce has managed to flog an Aussie museum half million quid's worth of WW2 tank destroyer, but as the shipping deadline approaches, the destroyer still needs a barrel.