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Mormon Gold

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch - Season 1

Duane and the team search for new access points to the underground cavern system. But something lurking in the darkness forces everyone to re-evaluate their safety.


Bering Sea Gut Check

Deadliest Catch - Season 20

Jake's next move puts him at odds with Sig. Wild Bill battles heavy seas and side effects, while Sophia attempts to pop in a deckhand's dislocated hip.


Car Sharks

Sin City Tow - Season 1

Tow truck drivers hunt for illegally parked cars in Las Vegas. A driver gambles and accepts payment in casino chips. A tow truck driver is attacked.


Little Eldorado

Gold Rush - Season 12

Parker gambles 100 ounces to prospect Little Eldorado Creek in Alaska. Rick launches a risky mission, and Fred confronts a crew member with a secret.


Laptops, Panettone

How It's Made - Season 26

More everyday items go under the microscope, revealing their unique production processes. How are objects including saxophones made?


Spinning Reels, Plasma Protein Therapies

How It's Made - Season 26

More everyday items go under the microscope, revealing their production. How are objects such as 3D cups and stainless-steel beer kegs made?


The Crush Of Winter

Deadliest Catch - Season 18

New mum Mandy returns to Sig's wheelhouse as heavy ice builds on the Northwestern. Jake unveils a new super pot as winter weather blindsides the fleet.


Alcatraz's Hidden Secrets

Blowing Up History - Season 4

Alcatraz is one of the most famous prisons in the world. Experts investigate its remarkable engineering secrets and why it was so hard to escape from.



Combat Dealers - Season 4

Bruce hears about some second world war British airborne division gear from the battle of Arnhem for sale, which is of big interest to ex-paratroopers like him and Freddie.


Imposta To Impala

Texas Metal - Season 4

A 1996 Impala surprises the guys when they discover it's an imposter. The team improves it with custom body fabrications, rear subframe and handmade interior.


Austin Allegro Vanden Plas

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

The Austin Allegro has a reputation as one of Britain's most unloved cars. Mike rescues a barn-find: can Elvis' refurb prove it doesn't deserve the label?


Maserati 4200

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

Mike spots a bargain supercar: a Maserati 4200GT for under £10k! Under the hood is a Ferrari V8, but can Elvis fix the potentially costly gearbox and clutch issues?


Barn Storming: A Wild Takedown

Barnwood Builders - Season 5

Mark and the crew have fought rain, snow and heat, but never winds like these. The vicious Ohio winds turn a complicated job into a treacherous one.


Saving More Than Logs

Barnwood Builders - Season 5

The team go the extra mile to save the antique logs from a Tennessee home. During the job they meet Larry, who grew up in the log cabin with no...


Waking The Beast

Gold Rush - Season 14

Tony tries to resurrect his infamous Dredge no.1. Parker brings in his last gold from Australia Creek and focuses the team on finishing the Money Pit.


Where The Wild Wind Blows

Homestead Rescue - Season 5

A Colorado veteran's family and stable of horses are ravaged by hurricane-force winds. To help, the Raneys pull out some of their most creative builds yet.



Big And Bigger

Texas Metal - Season 4

Bill is no stranger to truck builds getting bigger than planned, so it's no surprise when a 1971 Suburban goes even bigger with lifted air suspension and interior.


Deadliest Car

Kindig Customs - Season 9

A new client, Rick Mezich from Deadliest Catch, tests Dave's design prowess on his CF1. Plus, the upholstery shop shows off new processes to streamline the builds.


Seeing Double

Garage Squad - Season 7

Two Chevy pickup trucks need a lot of work to get back on the road. The squad have their work cut out finishing the job on this father-son project.


"Take Me To Jail"

Expedition From Hell: The Lost Tapes - Season 1

Mickey loses his grip on the expedition. His questionable motives cause chaos, leading to a kidnapping and a shocking firing.


A Parasite To Behold

Naked and Afraid XL - Season 9

A newly formed tribe stalks and kills a caiman. Plus, a survivalist is on the brink when medics discover parasites in their digestive system.