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Haunted Cabin And Giants

The Alaska Triangle - Season 1

A woman claims to be under attack from an unseen force. Could it be linked to a Native American legend about a mysterious race of giants?


Search For The Sultan's Heart

Expedition Unknown - Season 6

Four years after Josh's quest for the lost heart of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, he heads to the town of Turbek for some shocking revelations.


100% Injury Rate

Deadliest Catch - Season 12

The season's worst storm yet hits. Skipper Sean must choose between crab and an old friend. As injuries stack up one deckhand reveals a painful secret in his pants.


Haunted Cabin And Giants

The Alaska Triangle - Season 1

A woman claims to be under attack from an unseen force. Could it be linked to a Native American legend about a mysterious race of giants?


Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Kindig Customs - Season 2

Dave has his hands full trying to build a 1959 Buick Invicta- which pushes the shop to the max- and even to a Foundry straight out of medieval times.


Cat-Eye Cruiser

Iron Resurrection - Season 2

When a customer turns up at Martin Bros Customs with a '59 Impala, it looks more like a parts donor than a serious project. But Joe has a big plan...


Mardi Gras

How Do They Do It? - Season 14

A look at how the amazing, and massive, decorations on Mardi Gras carnival floats are created, how rock candy is twisted together, and a look at how dentures are made.


The Bass Is Back

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

Brian Bass rejoins the Gas Monkeys as Richard plans to resurrect the iconic '92 Chevy 3500 Dually - known as the "Krew Kut" - to reveal at the Lone Star...


The Cutting Krew

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

Richard's plan to reveal the "Krew Kut" Dually at the Lone Star Throwdown hits a snag. With no top on the car, heavy rain forces the crew to change their...


Chop Shop Truck

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

Richard makes Brian Bass an offer he can't refuse to turn his antique Ford into the ultimate Gas Monkey shop truck. And, he gets a green 1970 Cuda on the...


Monsters And Monkeys

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

The Monkeys find themselves in a hot-rod dilemma when their 1950s flat-head isn't tailor-made for their '33 Ford pickup, as deadline approaches.


Chevy Chase

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

It's a blast of NASCAR as Richard and the Gas Monkeys dive into stock car racing. They start by turning a '52 Chevy Coupe into a fire-breathing dirt track racer.



Fast N' Loud - Season 5

Richard and the Gas Monkeys battle numerous setbacks to finish their old-time NASCAR tribute build. And, Richard is persuaded to work on a dubious '85 Zimmer.


Welcome Stranger

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Season 4

Tempted by the largest nuggets he's seen, Parker ventures deep into an underground mine. And, a local miner lets the team test a potentially lucrative claim.


Tyler's Trial

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Season 4

In the Palmer Goldfields, the team encounter a lucrative family-run mining operation and discover dirt far richer than anything they've ever seen in the Yukon!


Trial By Fire

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Season 4

Parker tests virgin ground on the Fitzgerald claim and makes a big discovery, but he must gain the trust of the family if he wants to strike a deal.


Hell's Crack

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Season 4

In an area known to locals as "Hell's Crack," Parker and his team navigate a dangerous river, battle extreme heat and fight machine breakdowns to prospect rich ground.


The Honey Pot

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Season 4

Hunting for a big payday in Tyler's hometown, the team encounters a dangerous new method for extracting gold and Parker must decide if the risk is worth the reward.


Aussie Mega Machine

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Season 4

Parker gambles on dry-mining kit to test the gold-rich ground of Western Australia. A case of gold fever proves costly, and Parker nearly loses a team member.



Bering Sea Crash

Deadliest Catch - Season 16

Battling exhaustion, Wild Bill's crew face the full wrath of the bomb cyclone. A snapped tendon puts the Summer Bay at risk and Josh gambles on crab-rich grounds.


Episode 13

Gold Divers - Season 9

There's a gold rush on but this precious metal is found at the bottom of the Bering Sea. A handful of people are willing to risk it all to bring...


Who's Your Big Daddy

G.A.S. Extreme Customs - Season 1

The team prepares for an exhibit at the Corvette Museum. Plus, Beau and Dave take a trip down memory lane while riding in the first car they built together.


Episode 13

Outback Truckers - Season 8

To avoid blocked roads, Steve Grahame takes some deserted back roads in the Northern Territory. Meanwhile, Grant's load of heavy mining machinery struggles with narrow bridges.


Episode 2

Make It To The Moon: The Unsung Heroes Of Apollo - Season 1

NASA recruited four teams of young unknowns to pioneer the technology that enabled the historic moon landing in 1969. How did they achieve it?


Pluto's Evil Twin

NASA's Unexplained Files - Season 4

After NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flies by Pluto, it encounters a mysterious object that shuts down the probe's computers. Experts investigate what it could be.