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Strawberry Rolls Forever

Bitchin' Rides - Season 8

A Beatles fanatic challenges Dave to paint a modern Rolls-Royce to match the car John Lennon commissioned in the late 1960s.


Six-Figure Shootout

Street Outlaws: Memphis - Season 3

The final shootout of the season continues. MSO is fighting got to bring home a grand prize that keeps growing, and the competition is getting higher.


Strawberry Rolls Forever

Bitchin' Rides - Season 8

A Beatles fanatic challenges Dave to paint a modern Rolls-Royce to match the car John Lennon commissioned in the late 1960s.


Troll's Choice Rolls-Royce

Fast N' Loud - Season 2

When Richard "accidentally" buys $92K worth of cars at an auction, his bookkeeper sister insists he flip all five cars in one week. How will he get on?


Episode 8

Wheeler Dealers - Season 17

After years of searching, Mike's found the ultimate '80s hot hatch: the Renault 5 GT Turbo. Can Elvis restore it in time for its new owner's birthday?


Scuba Lights, Convertible Sandals

How It's Made - Season 22

More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how scuba lights are manufactured and convertible sandals are produced.


1985 Maserati Biturbo

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

Mike discovers a 1985 Maserati Bi-Turbo that was converted to electric in the early 90s. Can they work on their first ever electric project and still profit?


Super Typhoon Part 2

Deadliest Catch - Season 11

A typhoon puts livelihoods on the line, with Rookie skipper Josh Harris's weaknesses exposed and Captain Sig's control of the Northwestern in jeopardy.


Raney Days Are A-Comin'

Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch - Season 1

With only two weeks left to finish their ambitious self-rescue, Marty races to complete the log cabin. Plus, Matt takes the next generation on gold hunt.


The Fall

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 5

The Kilchers are preparing for winter. Eivin scales treacherous peaks to fill his freezer and Otto rushes to help when Shane's cabin build takes a perilous turn.


Gas Monkey Bandit Car - Part 1

Fast N' Loud - Season 2

Richard is hired to build a 'Smokey & The Bandit' '77 Trans Am. But he only has six days to build it in time for the buyer to race in...


Petrolhead Takeover

Wheeler Dealers - Season 14

Mike and Ant answer questions from fans across the globe. In the process, they reveal on the inner workings of the series and look back at the last eight cars.


A Jurassic Sized Adventure

Misfit Garage - Season 3

Chris Pratt has reached out to Fired Up Garage, personally, to request a custom bike inspired by the blockbuster Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


Rebellion At Duncan Creek

Gold Rush - Season 10

As the problems keep mounting up for Rick, tempers fray at Duncan Creek. Parker pushes his crew too hard as he attempts to keep two washplants fed.


Frozen Treasure

Gold Rush - Season 10

Parker struggles to keep up his record-breaking pace, while a huge mistake threatens Rick's operation. Monica hopes the ground has thawed so she can hit gold.


40 Days No Escape

Naked and Afraid XL - Season 1

After a week of being dropped into the Colombian jungle, one survivalist has already given up, another is on the brink, and hunger and thirst threaten the rest.


Family Builds

Building Off The Grid - Season 5

From a container paradise to an artsy mountain abode, some off-the-grid builders try to create private retreats perfect for building family memories.


Honda S2000

Wheeler Dealers - Season 12

The boys take on their first ever Honda, but finding a cheap S2000 is hard. Mike gambles on a car that's already had over £4000 spent on it, but will...



Frustrated With A '32 Ford/Return To Pike's Peak Part I

Fast N' Loud - Season 3

Richard buys a '32 5-Window Ford Coupe planning for it to be an easy build for the Monkeys, but fate has other ideas.


Episode 1

Outback Truckers - Season 5

Husband and wife team Nick and Jo face tough driving conditions with volatile cargo. Plus, Yogi makes a costly mistake during a two-week stint on the road.


Champagne Super Nova

Iron Resurrection - Season 2

Joe and the team have big plans for a sweet '67 Chevy Nova. But all work comes at great cost - will they be able to find a buyer with...


The Secret Pay Layer

Gold Rush - Season 12

Parker gets a lead on virgin ground at Cleary Creek in Alaska. Meanwhile, Rick puts Brennan to the test as the night foreman in the Rally Valley.


Hard Times At House Rock

Gold Rush: White Water - Season 5

In an act of sheer desperation, Dustin Hurt gambles his entire future on a dangerous mining strategy. Will the risk lead to reward or ruin?


The Russians Are Coming

Combat Dealers - Season 1

Bruce wants to impress a mega-rich customer - Russian Oligarch Slava - and offers him to drive his rare German Hetzer tank. Will Slava be lured into a deal?