Episode 1

A Fine Mess

Freddy and Juan bring their full armoury to help a husband-and-wife team capture Colorado's elusive fine gold and hopefully turn a big profit.

Episode 2

The Gold Devil

Freddy and Juan battle Arizona's extreme heat to turn around Jeremiah David's "gold devil" claim that could hold nuggets the size of potatoes.

Episode 3

Last Chance Gold

After losing his job, Fred Dickinson enlists the help of Freddy and Juan to rescue his homemade operation and tap into one of Arizona's richest gold veins.

Episode 4

For Pete's Sake

Peter has sunk everything he has into building a mine, but he's still not finding gold. Freddy and Juan discover a simple fix that could change Peter's fortunes.

Episode 5

Young Guns

In Oregon, a 23-year-old man and his family desperately need help with their gold mine. Freddy and Juan have a plan to completely transform this mining operation.

Episode 6

Sink Or Swim

Freddy and Juan travel to Nome, Alaska, to save a family's gold mining dream. They must work out why a floating wash plant is losing gold.

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