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21st June


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Deep in the heart of the remote Alaskan wilderness, there’s gold to be found – for those who have the grit to do dangerous and dirty work; miners Dakota Fred and Dustin Hurt are two such individuals.Tracking the source of gold up river into the mountains, and into old abandoned mining stations, they dive in white-water rapids and perilous plunge pools.

Gold mining is a dangerous business, and no-one knows who’s going to come out on top; but that doesn’t stop these guys from their quest for the ultimate treasure, hidden in Alaska’s wild and brutal land.


Episode 1

The Biggest Haul

Dakota Fred and his son Dustin risk their lives to find a fortune in gold nuggets. In their biggest season ever the father and son search separate sites for gold.

Episode 1

Come Hell Or High Water

A late start to the season and record snowfall melt create challenges for the crew. Dustin picks up where he left off as Fred's future lies in the balance.

Episode 2

Walk The Line

The Dakota boys walk a fine line between bravery and insanity while gold hunting. They mine gold in the most dangerous way possible - diving in white water rapids.

Episode 2

Good As Gold

At Porcupine Creek, Fred and Dustin are racing to start their seasons and Dustin's crew is finally ready to send the dredge to the dive site.

Episode 3

Swallowed Up

Carlos, Dustin and James battle the most violent rapids they've ever seen. They must engineer a way to slow the rapids down or risk being washed over an 80-foot drop.

Episode 4

Enter The Mammoth Claw

Dustin's crew discovers their equipment is no match for the boulders at Rockfall Ravine, so Wes fabricates a new tool. Fred puts greenhorn Scott to the test.

Episode 5

Fistful Of Nuggets

Dustin's risky gamble of investing his life savings pays off after Carlos removes a monster boulder and finds chunky nuggets. Fred and crew battle the Trifecta.

Episode 6

Rookie Mistakes

Dustin dives deeper than ever and uncovers the largest obstacle of his career. New recruit Scott finally gets the opportunity to prove himself in the water.

Episode 7

Happy Endings

Dustin calls on a legend for help cracking a boulder on rich ground. After Fred is forced to halt all diving, Paul returns and they're on track to get gold.

Episode 8

Dustin To The Rescue

Fred turns to Dustin for help after finding an overhanging boulder that threatens divers below it. But tensions run high once Dustin takes control.

Episode 9

Depths Of Despair

Ryan faces his worst fears as he dives deep into a narrow hole. Carlos finally hits bedrock at Rockfall Ravine and reveals that this dive site could pay out huge.

Episode 10

Ride Or Die

With their richest site picked clean, Dustin and crew move upstream to a promising but dangerous site with strong rapids. Fred and crew rethink their operation.

Episode 11

A Special Kind Of Crazy

At his new dive site Dustin's life is endangered after being overpowered by raging white water. After heavy rain, Fred's crew has a deadly encounter.

Episode 12

In Too Deep

Dustin risks the rest of his season on a move upstream to raging waters in a quest to add to his gold haul. After a brush with death, Fred must...

Episode 13

Under Pressure

Dustin's crew make an exciting discovery that pushes them to test their limits. Fred's crew is dangerously deep and under pressure to get down to bedrock.

Episode 14

Buried Alive

A storm turns McKinley Creek into a raging torrent, but Dustin is unwilling to call it quits. Fred's fears come true as the walls of his dive hole come crashing...

Episode 15

To The Edge

Determined to add to his season's record-breaking gold haul, Dustin pushes his luck and a freak accident sends him hurtling out of control towards an 80-foot drop.

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