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1st June


About The Show

Dustin Hurt and his team risk their lives to find a fortune in gold nuggets, taking them deep beneath the waters of one of Alaska’s wildest creeks.


Episode 1

A Tragic Beginning

A heartbreaking revelation sends shockwaves through the crew as they tackle their toughest dive site yet in search of millions in gold.

Episode 1

In Gold We Trust

Dustin gambles his life savings, buying a remote Alaskan claim rumoured to hold life-changing gold. Mother Nature's wrath pushes them to the limit.

Episode 2

The Legend of Dakota Fred

In his final interview after his brain cancer diagnosis, Fred Hurt tells his remarkable life story. He reflects on a life of adventure and gold mining.

Episode 2

Gold Out Of The Gate

Reeling from tragic news, Dustin and the miners fight to get a diver in the water earlier than ever before. Their determination is rewarded.

Episode 3

Trench Warfare

On the gold and desperate for more, Dustin and his band of brothers engage in trench warfare. But one wrong move has the miners on the retreat.

Episode 4

A Dying Wish

Dustin fulfils Dakota Fred's final wish and celebrates his 80th birthday. In the frozen North the crew use every tool in their arsenal to find nuggets.

Episode 5

The Legacy Of Fred Hurt

Dustin and his crew battle broken comms and deadly rock falls in their hunt for big nuggets. Dustin receives devastating news about his father Fred.

Episode 6

Fred's Golden Gift

The loss of legendary gold miner "Dakota" Fred Hurt has the miners reeling. But their determination to push on pays off with a record-breaking discovery.

Episode 7

Unfinished Business

After a record-breaking find, Dustin knows more of those nuggets are within reach. It leads him into a rematch with the deadly site that defeated him.

Episode 8

"Welcome To My Nightmare"

An airboat accident could end this record-breaking season, and severe weather could make matters worse.

Episode 9

$70,000 Nugget

With bedrock still out of reach, the miners turn to the late Fred Hurt to help solve the problem. A major dredge malfunction shuts the operation down.

Episode 10

Dustin's White Whale

A mysterious white boulder dubbed "Moby" could be the gateway to more monster nuggets. But first, Mother Nature throws Dustin a sucker punch.

Episode 11

Get Rich Or Die Trying

Feeling the squeeze of winter's grip tightening around them, desperation pushes the miners a step too far in their search for millions in gold.

Episode 12

Dancing With Death

With a season-ending blizzard inbound, the miners must push past their limits, squeezing every last ounce from the creek to add to their record haul.

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