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Dakota Fred and his son Dustin risk their lives to find a fortune in gold nuggets, taking them deep beneath the waters of one of Alaska’s wildest creeks.


Episode 1

Fortune Favors The Bold

Dustin faces a dilemma: Risk his life and financial ruin by mining one of Alaska's most inhospitable claims or play it safe in McKinley Creek.

Episode 1

Episode 1

Dakota Fred and his son Dustin risk their lives to find a fortune in gold nuggets, taking them deep beneath the waters of one of Alaska's wildest creeks.

Episode 2

Into The Unknown

Dustin's new Nugget Creek claim is said to hold life-changing deposits of gold. It's a race to get in the water before Mother Nature lands her first blow.

Episode 2

Golden Goose Chase

Dustin and his father Fred venture deep into the Alaskan wilderness, now using modern equipment to find an untapped pocket of gold.

Episode 3

Airboat Accident

With vital supplies running dangerously low, Dustin attempts the impossible. Plus, Kayla tackles the most dangerous diving conditions they've ever seen.

Episode 4

Dakota Fred Takes Charge

Dangerous conditions force Dustin to build a safe harbour for the dredge. Mining legend Fred Hurt returns to help solve the mystery of the pilings gold.

Episode 5

Homemade Highway To Hell

A medical emergency threatens to end the season before it begins. Kayla fights to gain access to her new claim by building a walkway into the cliffs.

Episode 6

Fuelling The Pressure

Out of fuel and out of options, Dustin risks his life on a resupply mission, navigating the raging Alaskan white water in his unproven airboat.

Episode 7

At War With A Widowmaker

With a windowmaker looming over the dive site, Dustin takes a new dredging approach that lands him in the path of Nugget Creek's roughest waters.

Episode 8

Explosion At Nugget Creek

A storm tears through Nugget Creek, putting dive sites and dredges in severe jeopardy. Mounting pressure causes a potentially season-ending explosion.

Episode 9

Missing In Action

With Dustin missing in action, the crew take matters into their own hands to get to the gold on Nugget Creek. But Mother Nature deals a killer blow.

Episode 10

Total Annihilation

After a catastrophic storm, Dustin and Kayla return to their claims to find them completely unrecognisable. The two crews stage an epic comeback to recover.

Episode 11

4-Ounce Nugget

After battling Mother Nature for weeks, the Nugget Creek crew is running on empty. But a 4-ounce nugget finally motivates Dustin to take charge of his season.

Episode 12

Blood Red White Water

The collapse of a snow bridge sends a tidal wave of water ripping through Nugget Creek, leaving Dustin and his crew directly in its path.

Episode 13

Risky Business

Desperate to find gold, both crews make risky decisions that almost cost crewmembers their lives. Still, Dustin and the crew continue to fight for a big payday.

Episode 14

Mouth Of The Dragon

Last week's gold haul has the miners seeing dollar signs! As they venture on another quest for more, Dakota worries the crew are pushing themselves too far.

Episode 15

In Death's Shadow

Dakota Fred locks horns with a 50-ton monster in the ultimate treasure hunt for gold. Meanwhile, Dustin's crew refuses to yield to a looming danger above.

Episode 16

Hell From The Heavens

A monster typhoon is on a collision course with Nugget Creek. With both crews on the verge of striking gold, they're prepared to stand their ground and fight.

Episode 17

Judgement Day

After a record-breaking typhoon tore through Nugget Creek, both crews make a final attempt to claim legendary nuggets. But more storms loom, and time is running out.

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