“Being Digi-Sapiens”: A Discovery x Huawei Partnership

Co-produced by two brands with a shared passion for digital development, “Being Digi-Sapiens” is a documentary that explores how technology can enhance our lives, solve real-world problems, and expand what we can achieve.

2 July 2024

In three 15-20 minute episodes, follow Simone Giertz, a Swedish tech blogger and queen of robots, as she explores what it means to evolve and transform humanity in the digital age. Perfectly blending technical know-how with a relatable and quirky personality, Simone is known for her inventive and entertaining projects, bringing a fresh and engaging perspective to the series. Her ability to make complex technology fun and accessible helps demystify digital innovations for a wide audience, making her the ideal guide for the journey into the world of “Digi-Sapiens.” The documentary travels across five European countries to gain insight into cutting-edge innovations and applications of digital technology, including but not limited to, exciting rural wineries in Germany, historic hospital in Spain, the forest of Athens in Greece, and the frozen lake in remote Finland.

You may be wondering where the inspiration to make the series stemmed from in the first place. Well, Huawei have been deeply engaged in Europe for 24 years, having witnessed its digital development from the 3G to 5G era and supported major European operators and partners. Throughout, Huawei have also continuously developed innovative products and services to accelerate the digital expansion of Europe. And now, they want to explore what connected digital technologies will mean for humanity’s evolution, a conversation they wish to ignite through projects such as the “Being Digi-Sapiens” documentary. As a key partner and sponsor, Huawei’s support includes providing both the funding and technological expertise to explore how digital transformation can positively impact our lives. Together with Discovery, this documentary is keen to show the world how the advanced technologies can enhance human capabilities, improve quality of life, and drive innovation in various fields.

The main connectivity technologies highlighted throughout the documentary come from Huawei, including fiber solution, wearable and secure data storage. Huawei are collaborating widely with different athletes, industries, and institutions such as hospitals to help them embrace cutting-edge technology and applications designed to enhance the every-day lives of human beings. The main tech featured in the film is supported by Huawei Storage Solution, OceanStor. This means they support the concurrent access of more devices and systems, along with the smooth, real-time transmission of High Definition images, videos, and even Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences, along with 3D images. With such enhanced reliability, network signals are also much less likely to be interrupted when users are moving around inside the hospital, allowing doctors and nurses to deal with fast-paced emergencies without having to worry whether the network will be able to keep up.

To conclude, rather than advising how exactly we should use digital devices in our every-day lives, this documentary aims to inspire us to see the potential in embracing technology thoughtfully and creatively. The idea of becoming “Digi-Sapiens” represents the next step in our evolution, where digital technology enhances our natural abilities and opens up new opportunities. The documentary includes experiments like setting up video calls with oneself to showcase the capabilities and potential of high-speed mobile networks and other technologies. These tests are designed to push the boundaries and show what’s possible, rather than suggestions for everyday use. Through entertainment and creativity, “Being Digi-Sapiens” shows us that technology can be fun and beneficial when used wisely, and that thoughtful, balanced use of technology can change our lives for the better.

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