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27th September


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How were the most iconic and historic buildings of the ancient and medieval worlds built? This documentary series uses stunning ‘blow apart’ CGI animation to reveal how these incredible structures were constructed. Using details from the latest archaeological investigations combined with X-Ray and LiDar scanning technologies, the series reveals fresh insights into the myths and mysteries behind ancient civilizations and the iconic megastructures they built.


Sep 27



Episode 21

Lost Kingdom Of Kush

Pyramids in the deserts of Sudan are the ruins of a powerful lost civilisation that rivalled Egypt. However, why are the pyramids there and who built them?

Oct 4



Episode 20

Bermuda Triangle Apocalypse

Cutting-edge technology is helping experts investigate the Bermuda triangle. Using new techniques, they search for evidence of aliens on the ocean floor.

Episode 1

Mysteries In The Alien Desert

The Nazca Lines are mysterious symbols that have been carved into the Atacama Desert more than a thousand years ago. How and why were they created?

Episode 3

Mysteries Of The Ice Mummy

The 'Iceman' is the world's oldest and most perfectly preserved mummy. Cutting-edge forensic technology may unearth the mummy's darkest secrets.

Episode 4

Nero's Lost Palace

The Emperor Nero built an astonishing palace in the heart of Rome. Now using cutting-edge technology, experts investigate if he burnt the city for the building.

Episode 5

Curse Of The Seventh Wonder

The Lighthouse of Alexandria is one of the world's original Seven Wonders. Experts investigate its many secrets - did it hold a superweapon?

Episode 6

Dead Sea Scrolls: The Dark Truth

The Dead Sea Scrolls in Israel are the oldest biblical texts. New discoveries might finally reveal the hidden meaning behind these manuscripts.

Episode 7

Pompeii's Evil Twin

The sunken town of Baiae remains frozen in time, lying on the seabed of the Bay of Naples. Now, marine archaeologists investigate its fascinating secrets.

Episode 8

Finding Sparta's 300

Thermopylae was the site of an iconic ancient battle. Legend says that in 480BC, 300 Spartan warriors died there - experts reconstruct the lost battlefield.

Episode 9

Empire State Building: The New Secrets

Experts use cutting-edge technology to investigate one of the wonders of the modern world. They reveal mysteries hidden in its foundation.

Episode 13

Hitler's Lost Bunker

The underground bunker of Adolf Hitler is home to some of the greatest secrets of the Nazi regime. Experts use cutting-edge technology to uncover new evidence.

Episode 19

Curse Of The Hindenburg

What caused the Nazi aircraft to explode into a giant ball of fire over New Jersey in 1937? Experts use cutting-edge technology to investigate the event.

Episode 24

Hidden Secrets Of The Twin Towers

The World Trade Centre's iconic twin towers were an engineering marvel. Experts use pioneering technology to examine their secret history.