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14th October


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Stunning ‘blow apart’ CGI animation and the latest archaeological investigations reveal how the most iconic buildings of the ancient worlds were built, stone by stone.


Episode 1

Mystery Of The Volcano Temple

The Pantheon is a 2,000-year-old temple with a secret. Advanced archaeological methods and new evidence reveal why it was built and how it survived.

Episode 2

Rome's Gate To Hell

The ancient Roman city of Hierapolis is said to hide a secret portal to the underworld beneath its streets. Experts use pioneering technology to investigate.

Episode 3

Legend Of King Midas

King Midas and his golden touch is a famous tale in Greek mythology. Experts use advanced archaeological methods to delve into strange ancient mounds.

Episode 4

Ghosts Of Venice

Venice was once a fearsome superpower. Scientists use pioneering acoustic imaging technology to discover its ancient foundations and reveal how it's still standing.

Episode 5

Secrets Of Seahenge

A prehistoric megastructure on the sands of an English shore could reveal lost mysteries of the Bronze Age. Experts uncover ancient rituals once performed here.

Episode 6

Terror In The Torture Tower

The Tower of London is shrouded in a mysterious, grisly past. Experts use pioneering archaeological methods to examine how it became an infamous prison.

Episode 7

Secrets Of The Sunken Empire

Experts use high-tech underwater archaeology to explore the world's oldest sunken city and reveal new discoveries about one of the first great empires.

Episode 8

Sumerian Pyramid Of Death

Experts digitally examine the Sumerian ziggurat of Ur in Iraq. Built 4000 years ago, it was the heart of one of the world's first civilisations.

Episode 9

Egypt's Floating Pyramid

Experts use drone technology to explore the tunnels hidden below an Egyptian pyramid for the very first time. Plus, forensics uncover a pharaoh's secrets.

Episode 10

Curse Of Relic Mountain

Experts use innovative geophysical analysis to solve the mysteries of the towering Mount Nemrut in Turkey. Can they uncover the reason for its destruction?

Episode 11

Lost City Of Persia

The ancient city of Persepolis was once the greatest and richest city on Earth. Using forensic analysis, experts discover how the Persians rose to power.

Episode 12

Valley Of Egypt's Queens

The burial site of some of ancients Egypt's greatest queens, experts examine a vast necropolis that contains even more tombs than the Valley of the Kings.

Episode 13

Lost City Of The Sumerian Gods

Deep in the Iraqi desert, investigators use new technology to unearth an ancient city like no other. What secrets lie in the sacred city of Nippur?

Episode 14

Lost City Of The Maya Queens

The powerful city of Palenque is home to mysterious temples that harbour secrets about the Maya queens. Experts investigate using pioneering technology.

Episode 15

Egypt's Island Of Secrets

Experts use innovative technology to investigate why pharaohs and emperors built a colossal temple monument on a mysterious Egyptian island.

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