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Next Up

Thursday 17th October at 10:00 am

Discovery History


5:00 pm

17 Oct

Discovery History

Episode 1

Inca Apocalypse: The Dark Evidence

The Inca capital of Cusco was supposedly the site of untold gold and riches. New discoveries reveal the secrets behind this mighty empire's fall.

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Episode 2

Viking City Of The Dead

When a Viking fortress lost underground for over 1,000 years is discovered, experts investigate its buried treasures. What caused this civilization's demise?

10:00 am

17 Oct

Discovery History

Episode 3

Lost Pyramids Of The Americas

At an ancient city lost in the Peruvian desert for 5,000 years, experts find signs of strange rituals. Was it the first civilization of the Americas?

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Episode 4

Statue Of Liberty: The New Secrets

The Statue of Liberty is the home to dark American mysteries. Now, experts are using the latest science and technology to reveal her secrets.

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Episode 5

Hunt For The Real Atlantis

A mysterious ruined city in Greece is home to the mythical Labyrinth and the Minotaur. Its catastrophic downfall may have inspired the legend of Atlantis.

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Episode 6

Wrath Of Attila The Hun

Attila the Hun was one of history's fiercest warriors, and new evidence reveals if his terror was responsible for the fall of Roman Empire.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Lost World Of Easter Island

The statues of Easter Island were built by one of the world's strangest and most isolated civilizations. New evidence reveals why they were constructed.

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Episode 8

Pompeii's Doomsday Mummies

New finds at Pompeii's last unexplored area reveal the dark secrets of the doomsday event that destroyed it. Recently-unearthed mummies may offer answers.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Mystery Of The Cursed Pyramid

Egypt's Bent Pyramid is one of the world's most mysterious ancient mega-structures. Was it intended to look so bizarre, or had something gone wrong?

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Titanic: The Last Secrets

A cutting-edge investigation into the sinking of the Titanic reveals new discoveries that could explain the mysteries of her last moments.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Secrets Of The Forbidden City

Archaeologists examine what lies beneath China's Forbidden City, exploring the dark secrets of this mysterious mega-palace buried for nearly 600 years.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Forbidden City Of The Pharaohs

The city of Thebes was the religious centre of Egypt's New Kingdom. How did workers construct the largest religious site in the ancient world?

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Egypt's Lost Skyscrapers

A pioneering experiment shows how ancient Egyptians built the giant obelisks of Thebes. New findings suggest how they prompted the downfall of the pharaohs.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Ghosts Of The Stone Age

New discoveries at a strange prehistoric site reveal the dark secrets and rituals of the mysterious people who built the world's largest stone circle.

5:00 pm

18 Oct

Discovery History

Episode 15

Lost City Of The Maya

Hidden deep in the Guatemalan jungle is the lost city of Tikal, once home to over 100,000 people. How did this small village rise to become a Maya superpower?

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Curse Of The Jungle Treasure

In Mexico, archaeologists uncover a 100-foot tall mud pyramid, marking the site of the capital city of the mysterious Olmec. Who were these people?

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Ramses' Buried Treasures

Abu Simbel in Egypt is the largest rock-cut temple in the world, built 3,000 years ago by Pharaoh Ramses II. How was this giant temple constructed and why?