Episode 1

Mysteries In The Alien Desert

The Nazca Lines are mysterious symbols that have been carved into the Atacama Desert more than a thousand years ago. How and why were they created?

Episode 3

Mysteries Of The Ice Mummy

The 'Iceman' is the world's oldest and most perfectly preserved mummy. Cutting-edge forensic technology may unearth the mummy's darkest secrets.

Episode 4

Nero's Lost Palace

The Emperor Nero built an astonishing palace in the heart of Rome. Now using cutting-edge technology, experts investigate if he burnt the city for the building.

Episode 5

Curse Of The Seventh Wonder

The Lighthouse of Alexandria is one of the world's original Seven Wonders. Experts investigate its many secrets - did it hold a superweapon?

Episode 6

Dead Sea Scrolls: The Dark Truth

The Dead Sea Scrolls in Israel are the oldest biblical texts. New discoveries might finally reveal the hidden meaning behind these manuscripts.

Episode 7

Pompeii's Evil Twin

The sunken town of Baiae remains frozen in time, lying on the seabed of the Bay of Naples. Now, marine archaeologists investigate its fascinating secrets.

Episode 8

Finding Sparta's 300

Thermopylae was the site of an iconic ancient battle. Legend says that in 480BC, 300 Spartan warriors died there - experts reconstruct the lost battlefield.

Episode 9

Empire State Building: The New Secrets

Experts use cutting-edge technology to investigate one of the wonders of the modern world. They reveal mysteries hidden in its foundation.