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5th December


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The gold miners of the Yukon are back to put everything on the line in the hopes of striking it rich. With new miners, new claims and new machines, the stakes are higher than ever!


Dec 5



Episode 10

Parker's Runaway Claim

Parker's thirst for gold pushes him to open a third claim, stretching his crew and machines to their limits. Plus, Rick supercharges wash plant Rocky.

Dec 12



Episode 11


To get Australia Creek's gold, Parker cannibalises multiple machines to build a "Frankendozer." The Beets battle a flash flood on the Indian River.

Episode 1

$24 Million In Gold

Parker gambles on new ground in Alaska and passes 50,000 ounces. The Beets family chases a record gold total, and Fred Lewis fights for his mining career.

Episode 1

The $160 Million Gamble

Parker debates going all-in on a claim that could pay out $160 million. Rick Ness re-emerges after going MIA. A family member's decision shocks the Beets.

Episode 2

Call Of The Indian River

Tony considers moving the entire family operation to the Indian River. Plus, Rick Ness brings on a new crew member, hoping to get on the gold first.

Episode 3

Hey Parker, It's Rick

After years of not speaking, Rick asks Parker for a favour. Tony pressures his son to lead the move to Indian River and Parker finds gold in an unlikely spot.

Episode 3

Parker Tells All

Parker reveals new insights on how he went from a 15-year-old mining prodigy to banking $100 million in gold - including battling his own demons.

Episode 4

Free Agent

On the brink of going bankrupt, Parker tries to tap an old honey hole to turn the tide. Plus, Tony battles flooded creeks at the Indian River to access the...

Episode 5

Up In Smoke

Floodwaters halt Tony's race to get gold. Rick's comeback stalls when a water pump goes up in smoke, and Parker pressures the crew to open the Unforgiven cut.

Episode 6

Down, But Not Out

Parker banks his first gold from the Unforgiven cut. One of Rick's rock trucks slides down a ravine, and he tries to broker a season-saving deal with Tony.

Episode 7

50 Ounce Ultimatum

Rick's landlord demands 50 ounces of gold by the end of the week. Plus, an unexpected visit to Tony's Indian River claim brings devastating news.

Episode 8

Last Ditch Gold

Parker goes ditch digging on his Dominion Creek claim. Tony finally gets his first gold of the year. Rick prospects for a new cut to keep his season alive.

Episode 9


Rick's season is riding on a move to the new Bacon Strip cut. As Parker tries to dig out of his financial hole, the team must deal with a loader...

Episode 12

Money Pit Payday

Parker battles to bring in his first Money Pit gold at Dominion Creek. Rick auditions Buzz, and tensions flare when the wash plant doesn't fire up.

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