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29th September


About The Show

Living off the grid in the brutal wilderness of Yukon, a group of ambitious miners are in serious pursuit of gold.

With new miners, new claims, new machines and new ways to pull gold out of the ground, the stakes are higher than ever. But will big risks lead to a bigger payout?

The teams have huge, brand new machines which help them achieve the largest goals ever seen on the show. The challenges that lie ahead are numerous, with the team having to work punishing hours around the clock, to keep the machinery in working order.

Their success or failure depends on the friendships that they are able to forge within the community, if they are to stand a chance at all of striking gold.


Sep 29



Episode 1

Shutdown, But Not Out

A global pandemic may end Parker, Rick and Tony's gold seasons before they even begin. Faced with an uncertain economy, each man must forge a new path.

Episode 1

No Guts, No Gold

Nine years ago, a group of men went deep into Alaska and the Klondike, risking it all to prospect and strike it rich gold mining. How did they fare in...

Episode 1

Crisis In The Klondike

A crisis in the Klondike forces Parker, Rick and Tony to take big risks and hunt for gold on new grounds, as a spike in the price of gold sparks...

Episode 2

A New Rush Begins

Rick hunts giant nuggets in Deno Creek, but disaster strikes with his new wash plant. Parker feels the strain and with no water licence Tony is in crisis.

Episode 2

15 Million Dollar Season

Last season was the biggest haul ever for the miners, despite extreme hardships and challenges. These are the highs and lows from the epic 2018 season.

Episode 3

The Nugget Hunter

After a walkout on his team, Parker must take action. Rick and his dad go aerial prospecting and spot an old cabin that may prove valuable in their hunt for...

Episode 3

Epic Fails

The gold miners of the Yukon are putting everything on the line to strike it rich. With new miners, claims and machines, the stakes are higher than ever!

Episode 4

You Can't Stop The Beets

With previously unseen footage, this is a closer look at the legendary Klondike gold mining family of Tony Beets. Plus, what goes on behind the mines?

Episode 4

Leave No Gold Behind

Tony hunts for new ground to save his mining empire, while Rick battles ageing equipment. And, Parker's new foremen race to get the season back on track.

Episode 5

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Bucket

Tony fights to save the family empire, but his plans go up in smoke. Rick continues to struggle, and Parker faces a seemingly impossible task.

Episode 6

Monster Red Lives

In Colorado, Rick is on the hunt for a washplant - and Hoffman's Monster Red looks promising. Meanwhile, Monica's Hunker Creek cut is hit by flooding.

Episode 7

Motherlode Mountain

Rick races to finish the build of new washplant, Monster Red, but faces shutdown when forest fires cut off his fuel supplies. Disaster hits Big Red for Brennan.

Episode 8

Washplant Wars

Rick races to get Monster Red running. A dangerous storm spells disaster for Parker's operation and the Beets kids unite to kick-start another claim.

Episode 9

No Time For Redemption

Tensions rise when Parker introduces a new crew member and a radical plan. The Beets family run an important test on daughter Monica's Hunker Creek claim.

Episode 10

When The Levee Breaks

Rick's season is jeopardised when an engineering disaster shuts him down. Parker ploughs big money into a new claim and Tony gets a third operation running.

Episode 11

Rise Of The Machines

The increased reliance on computer-operated equipment causes problems for Rick when software updates break his water pump. Parker splurges on a new toy.

Episode 12

Million-Dollar Pay Day

Parker gambles big and splits his crew in search of a quick score. On the verge of catastrophe, Rick calls in a mining legend to save his season.

Episode 13

Nuggets Or Bust

Tony is confronted with a catastrophic issue at his settling pond. Parker takes a risk when he hires a friend with no mining experience to help the crew get ahead.

Episode 14


A desperate Rick tests some different ground in a last attempt to salvage his season. Parker's crew is in a race to open up new paydirt before they have to...

Episode 15

And Then There Was One

The mining season is nearly over, and Rick Ness and his crew are making up for lost time. Plus, Tony goes off the beaten track in his search for gold.

Episode 16

Parker Doubles Down

Rick and Tony both suffer mechanical failures that they can ill afford this late in an already poor season. Parker attempts to get a second washplant going.

Episode 17

Rebellion At Duncan Creek

As the problems keep mounting up for Rick, tempers fray at Duncan Creek. Parker pushes his crew too hard as he attempts to keep two washplants fed.

Episode 18

Frozen Treasure

Parker struggles to keep up his record-breaking pace, while a huge mistake threatens Rick's operation. Monica hopes the ground has thawed so she can hit gold.

Episode 19

Bring In The Big Guns

Rick and his father talk to his landowners about new ground in a last-ditch attempt to rescue his season. Plus, Tony makes a massive investment for the future.

Episode 20

Rally In The Valley

Parker's crew take big risks in Death Valley to keep things moving. And, Rick hits a gold layer that may save his season from being a complete failure.

Episode 21

Last Gold

Rick gets a last chance to break even for the season. Parker runs around the clock to get through his last ground, and Tony makes a profit at the last...