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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Declaration Of Independence

It's a new season for the gold miners of the Yukon, and Rick Ness has parted ways with former boss Parker Schnabel, setting up his own mining outfit.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Smoked Out

The pressure is on for the miners, as a slow start to the season is compounded by a host of mechanical problems. Tony continues to make life difficult for Parker.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Gods And Monsters

Rick hunts for a new washplant with his crew. With Parker's ground frozen he must find a way to mine the gold to pay his deposit to Tony.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Durt Reynolds

Disaster strikes when Rick fires up his washplant for the first time. Parker tries a risky plan to keep the gold coming in and must choose a new foreman.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Three Sides To Every Story

Rick reflects on how losing his mum pushed him to work harder than before. Parker discusses achieving his lifetime goal and the difficulties he faced.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

The Return Of Freddy Dodge

In urgent need of help to fix up his washplant, Rick calls in old friend Freddy. Parker's crew are behind schedule and desperately playing catch up.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Hoffman's Ghosts

Rick and Parker's problems continue to get worse with more problems with washplants and a bulldozer. Both have to resort to using pieces of old Hoffman equipment.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Hazard Pay

Parker hires a new driver that isn't as experienced as he claims. One of Tony's dredges sinks into a pond, and he clashes with son Kevin over how to rescue...

Coming Soon

Episode 8


Heavy rainfall for several days causes problems for Parker and Rick as their cuts flood. Transporting Tony's second dredge upriver proves more difficult than expected.

Coming Soon

Episode 9


Parker's entire season hangs in the balance after the ground erodes under Sluicifer. Rick is bringing in so little gold he starts running night shifts to catch up.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Father's Day

To keep working until the end of the season, Rick and his dad hatch a plan to expand their cut. Parker's welder, Chad, badly injures his hand changing a tyre.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

The Resurrection

The flu brings Parker's operation to its knees and it's up to foreman Dean to keep it running. Rick's mechanic Carl is behaving strangely and reveals shocking news.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

The Devil's Deadline

A desperate Rick is forced to ask Tony for help. Tony hauls the final piece of his million-dollar second dredge from Thistle Creek and prepares to rebuild it.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Sucker Punch

Rick discovers he's been losing gold after Freddy Dodge points out a big flaw in his washplant. With his excavator down, Parker risks moving his washplant with a dozer.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Old School Heroes

Parker leaves Brennan in charge of one section of the mine, with mixed results. Meanwhile, Rick damages his water pipe with some careless excavation work.

Coming Soon

Episode 15

Yukon Wedding

It's a celebration for the Beets, as Monica is getting married. Tony is happy for his daughter but also stressed to be taking time off while behind on his gold...

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Broken Bones

Parker and Mitch go for a boat ride that results in Mitch getting injured. With the parts of the second dredge finally in position, Tony has problems reconstructing it.

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Make It Rain

Parker is determined not to leave any good pay dirt for Tony, so he cranks up the speed on his sluices. The frosty ground is causing problems for Rick's crew.

Coming Soon

Episode 18

Big Red Is Dead

In an attempt to get dredge two running before the end of season, Tony shuts down dredge one. Brennan takes a risk and keeps Big Red running after signs of...

Coming Soon

Episode 19

Cold War

After advice from his parents, Parker attempts to mend fences with Tony so he can mine fresh ground. With winter approaching, frozen pay dirt damages Rick's washplant.

Coming Soon

Episode 20

Brace For Impact

Winter has arrived, shutting down Rick's sprinkler system and leaving his cut frozen. Moving Big Red to the new pay dirt he discovered proves difficult for Parker.

Coming Soon

Episode 21

Fire And Ice

It's the end of the mining season, and Rick is desperately trying to get the last 27 ounces he needs to hit his target. Tony finds out his dredge is...

Coming Soon

Episode 21

Fire And Ice

Rick is desperately trying to get the last gold needed to hit his target. Meanwhile, Parker's washplant catches fire and Tony finds out his dredge is short 30 buckets.