About The Show

An elite team of investigators use an advanced data algorithm to analyse five decades of Bigfoot sightings to pinpoint when and where to find the elusive beast.


Episode 1

Bigfoot Island

After finding strange evidence in California, the team journeys to Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, to find Bigfoot. There, mysterious screams terrify the locals.

Episode 2

Demon In The Dark

The team suspects a shapeshifting creature from Alaskan lore may be responsible for the haunting howls heard near a remote lake.

Episode 3

Tunnel Of Terror

Russell uses a robotic dog to explore an abandoned mine and discovers some unusual evidence. Bryce follows up on a terrifying 60-year-old Bigfoot encounter.

Episode 4

Dual Pursuit

Evidence of a cloaked Bigfoot leads the team to investigate near an abandoned mine. And Bryce stumbles across evidence of a possible missing person.

Episode 5

Low Tide, High Danger

After being stalked and hearing strange whistles, Ronny and Mireya launch a sound trap. Bryce learns a witness was withholding terrifying information.

Episode 6

Tracking Terror

Strange sounds lead to a disturbing discovery for Ronny and Mireya. Russell tracks a mysterious creature. Bryce hears screams near the target zone.

Episode 7

Nocturnal Nightmare

When a Bigfoot tracker is taken from Prince of Wales Island, the team decides to split up. Russell and Mireya investigate the mainland whilst Ronny stays back.

Episode 8

The Hand Of Bigfoot

Following their discovery of possible Bigfoot handprints, the team splits up to investigate mysterious tracks that lead to an icy and perilous glacier.

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