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27th May


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An elite team of investigators use an advanced data algorithm to analyse five decades of Bigfoot sightings to pinpoint when and where to find the elusive beast.


May 27



Episode 9

Tracks to Hell

An abandoned railroad track offers fresh clues about Bigfoot's whereabouts to the team as they push deeper into the forests of Northern California.

Jun 3



Episode 10

Divide And Conquer

Russell uses an unlikely ally to pursue a strange predator. Meanwhile, while Bryce investigates the team's recent run-ins with mysterious floating orbs.

Episode 1

Strange Returns

The team returns to the Olympic Peninsula with a new plan to lure out a Bigfoot. But it soon becomes the clear that the hunters are now the hunted.

Episode 2

Shadow Stalker

Russell tracks a massive creature to a box river canyon but finds he can't escape a shadowy figure on the prowl. Bryce discovers Bigfoot is lured in by whistling.

Episode 3

Stalked In Terror

A mysterious shadow figure gets too close for Ronny and Mireya's comfort. Meanwhile, Bryce makes an unsettling discovery at the bottom of a lake.

Episode 4

Creatures In The Trees

The team ascends huge pine trees in search of evidence from above. A 3D scan discovers possible man-made structures deep in the forest and a ghostly image.

Episode 5

Fresh Kills

Russell is unnerved by a gruesome discovery while the rest of the team searches for a top-secret research facility hidden beneath the forest.

Episode 6

Return To Lake Fear

The team uncovers a potential Bigfoot kill zone and launch a squadron of patrol drones to sweep the area for the existence of Sasquatch.

Episode 7

Where The Legend Began

The team has a shocking sighting, only to see the lead slip through their fingers. Then, a ground-breaking tip leads to an unexpected change of plans.

Episode 8

Sounds Of Terror

A chilling howl stops the team in their tracks at the new base camp in California. Later, Bryce learns of a potential Bigfoot coverup by the US government.

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