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After the success of their first expedition, the expert team searching for Bigfoot turn their data-analysis power towards the Appalachian mountains. They only have two and half weeks to take the mysterious beast out of the pages of legend and lore and into reality. The team will spend the next two and a half weeks in search of Sasquatch — unless it finds them first. Coming up in the series, after receiving a recording of an alleged Bigfoot call, Bryce blasts the howl over a speaker to elicit a response. With Russell positioned high on a hill and Ronny and Mireya down in the valley below, the team may get the encounter they’re looking for.


Episode 1

The Search Continues

After coming closer than ever to proving the existence of Bigfoot in Oregon, the team continues their search in the mountains of Kentucky.

Episode 2

Call And Response

After receiving a recording of an alleged Bigfoot call, Bryce blasts it over a speaker system to elicit a response and an encounter with the mysterious creature.

Episode 3

Creepy Hollows

Deep in Kentucky, Mireya and Ronny encounter unidentified creatures responding to the recording of a Bigfoot howl. The investigation uncovers a strange footprint.

Episode 4

Hand Of The Beast

The expedition takes an intriguing turn when Bryce comes across a photo of a human-like hand with claws. Ronny and Mireya use new tech to help narrow the search.

Episode 5

Time's Running Out

With just three days left in the Kentucky expedition, the team investigates a strange tree structure that could be key to proving the existence of Bigfoot.

Episode 6

Bigfoot's Lair?

It's the final days of the Kentucky expedition and the team explores a cave that could be Bigfoot's underground lair. Could it be their most important discovery yet?

Episode 7

The Quest Out West

The team heads to Washington state, the Bigfoot capital of the world. The team encounters several signs of Sasquatch activity in the new target zone.

Episode 8

Dark Memories

A hypnotist unlocks the memories of a potential witness and learns an intriguing new detail. Plus, is a juvenile Sasquatch lurking in the Olympic Peninsula?

Episode 9

Paranormal Anomaly

After recording a possible Sasquatch disappearing across a river, the team revisit the site and encounter more than they bargained for.

Episode 10

The Government Knows

Unmarked helicopters fly overhead as the team try to make sense of abnormal images they captured. Bryce reaches out to an ex-federal agent for an explanation.

Episode 11

Lake Fear

Russell tracks an unknown creature to a mysterious lake. The team send a thermal drone to scout the potential Bigfoot hideout but soon realize they are being watched.

Episode 12

Closer Than Ever

The team discovers evidence that could finally prove Bigfoot exists! But, uncontrolled wildfires in Washington could ruin the investigation.

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