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19th May



Episode 1

Tennessee Dome Home

A couple try to build a geodesic dome with a view of the Southern Cumberland Mountain Range. But they face uncertain weather and treacherous mountain paths.

Episode 2

AR Mountain Treehouse

A musician and a college student want an off-the-grid treehouse compound in the Arkansas woods. Water and supply issues make this a tough project to complete.

Episode 3

Georgia Mountain Silo

A family try to build a silo greenhouse home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. This unique build is made even more challenging by unpredictable weather.

Episode 4

Utah Desert Cabin

A gymnastics coach works on his dream cabin in Utah's Wasatch Mountain Range. He must contend with malfunctioning equipment and extreme weather.

Episode 5

Colorado Straw Bale Home

A family build an eco-friendly straw bale house in the mountains of Southwest Colorado. The project is threatened by torrential rain and cold nights.

Episode 6

Georgia Appalachian A-Frame

A family build a cabin retreat in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Can they overcome rough terrain and sweltering heat to complete the job?

Episode 7

Missouri Modern Farmhouse

A couple plan to build out their inherited property in Missouri. They face flooding and huge fires as they attempt to pull of this ambitious project.

Episode 8

Vermont Timber Frame House

A couple with a passion for snowboarding build a cabin in Vermont. Can they finish this ambitious build before the harsh New England winter hits?

Episode 9

Alabama Arch House

A young family plan to build their forever home in Alabama. Can they complete this challenging build during the peak of hurricane season?

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