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14th March



Episode 1

Most Remote

Some off-the-grid builds are attempted in the most remote and dangerous places on Earth, including deep in Alaska's wilderness and on top of sub-zero glaciers.

Episode 2

Most Epic

Brave builders refuse to set limits on their inventive off-the-grid builds. The epic results include a sustainable bamboo oasis and an underground retreat.

Episode 3

Most Unique

Inventive off-the-grid builders have created some of the world's most unique structures, including a cliff house retreat and a mushroom getaway.

Episode 4

Waterfront Builds

Daring off-the-grid builders have created stunning waterfront homes, including an underground home on a rock quarry and an oceanfront tropical paradise.

Episode 5

First Time Builders

Some inexperienced builders have attempted ambitious off-the-grid builds. Can these novices overcome deadlines and mistakes to create the home of their dreams?

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