Episode 2

Vail Log Cabin

A family takes on a multigenerational project by rebuilding a 100-year-old mining cabin in the Colorado wilderness. Plus, the tools they use are as old as the cabin!

Episode 3

Cabin Of No Return

After their property was destroyed by fire, a family decide to build a mammoth cabin along Idaho's Salmon River. They deal with extreme weather and wildlife.

Episode 4

Island Oasis

A woman wants a beach getaway on the white sandy beaches of Ambergris Caye, Belize, so hires an experienced construction crew to build on the remote island.

Episode 5

Underground Living

A couple want to build an underground home in Denver. They want it to be solar powered, open-plan and they want to make sure there is plenty of light.

Episode 6

Cob Cottage

After years of apprenticing for natural builders, Sonia Havill is putting her skills to the test by building an off-grid cob cottage on top of an Oregon mountain.

Episode 7

Mushroom House

Two natural builders team up to experiment with a never-before used building material: mushrooms. They hope to virtually grow a home that blends into the environment.

Episode 8

Desert Domes

A 29-year-old woman builds a 2,000-square-foot dream home with three bedrooms and three bathrooms out of mud and completely off the grid in Arizona.

Episode 9

Cabin Wanderlust

Self-taught homebuilder Jacob Hamby constructs miniature cabins all over the US, surviving on the land while building his clients new homes.

Episode 10

Montana Mountaintop

A couple builds a high-tech mountain base camp overlooking the Montana backcountry. In such a remote location they will be pushed to the edge and beyond.

Episode 11

Desert Den

A couple in New Mexico plan to construct a self-sufficient structure, but with blowing dirt and variable temperatures they may have underestimated the desert.

Episode 12

Desert Mountain House

A creative family builds a custom home where the mountains and desert collide in Colorado's last frontier. The dream project quickly turns into a hard job.

Episode 13

High Altitude Hideout

Joey Caiafa takes on a dream project of building a cabin in Colorado. With the help of his friends, he builds a cabin suited for the ultimate outdoorsman.

Episode 14

Colorado Mountain Lodge

A Colorado couple builds one of the most energy-efficient homesteads in the state. Mother Nature and original technologies give them a run for their money.

Episode 15

Tiny Forest Cottage

New York newlyweds escape the city to build their first home in the Hudson Valley. They plan to craft a tiny house using timber from their own property.

Episode 16

Maine Mountain Home

Jason is building a spacious, solar-powered cabin, turning dreams into reality for his family. The cabin is made from trees harvested from their own woods.

Episode 17

Hawaiian Hideaway

Innovative designer and builder Graham Hill transforms a steep Maui jungle plot into a hi-tech dream home with moving walls and other space-maximizing features.

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