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10th December



Episode 1

Building Off The Grid

Mike Reynolds is considered a hero by many for his radical building techniques. The team need to build an 'earthship' in a month, can they complete it on time?

Episode 2


The Perrins brothers build a remote log hunting cabin in the heart of the Alaskan Range. The process includes the use of archaic tools, materials and pioneering techniques.

Episode 3

North Pole

In North Pole, Alaska, the mayor builds a remote family cabin about 16-miles from the nearest town. The harsh cold conditions and location are a big challenge.

Episode 4

Yurts So Good

Chris and Catelyn Williams are building a luxury yurt with mountain views and modern amenities in Montana. Features include solar power, kitchen and hot running water.

Episode 5

Alaska Range

Jacob and Ana White are building a remote home in Paxson Lake, Alaska. After planning for over a year, they're finally ready to complete the difficult build.

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