Episode 1

Crown Down

In Oldham, a magistrates' court is torn down. Plus, in Halifax car brake discs are given new life and in Wokingham an old horse transporter reaches the end of the...

Episode 2

You're Fired

In Preston, a job centre is demolished and in Yeovil a twenty-foot yacht is ripped to pieces. Plus, in Woolavington a sculptor is on the hunt for scrap material.

Episode 3

Metal Eagle

In South Yorkshire, a community centre is crushed. Plus, in Berkshire a scrap artist works on a challenging new piece and in Coventry car parts are repurposed.

Episode 4

Caravan Crash

In Cheshire, a well-known hotel is pulled down. Meanwhile, in Devon a father and son demolish a caravan and in Liverpool an iconic landmark is made from scrap.

Episode 5

Supercar Explosion

In West Yorkshire, locals watch as cooling towers are blown up. Plus, in Harrogate a mansion is demolished and in Essex once-luxurious supercars are taken apart.

Episode 6

Brewery Smash

In Blackburn, the demo crew call time on a brewing icon. Meanwhile, in the West Midlands an artist picks up the pieces to bring new life to an old motor.

Episode 7

Dry Dock Gem

In Swansea, a huge barge is ripped apart. Meanwhile, in London six tower blocks are demolished and on the south coast, scrap queens search for valuable scrap material.

Episode 8

Rolls Royce School

In South Wales, a Rolls Royce 747 jet engine is deconstructed. Plus, in Bolton student halls are taken down and in Wakefield a sculptor creates a metal owl.

Episode 9

Motorway Bridge Crash

The M4 is closed so diggers can demolish a bridge. Accidents pile up as scrapped engines in scrap vans are raced into oblivion in a final demolition derby.

Episode 10

Four Tower Blowdown

In Ironbridge, Shropshire, four massive towers from an old coal station are blown up. And, in Wakefield a mother and daughter watch as their house is demolished.

Episode 11

The Final Curtain

In Sussex, a theatre is torn down. Meanwhile, in Cambridgeshire an excavator is dissembled and in Margate a man transforms unwanted parts into bespoke lighting.

Episode 12

Sea Monster Lunch

In Swansea, part of a big wave turbine is deconstructed. Meanwhile, in Westbury a 17th century cannon is recycled and in Woolavington an artist makes a metal bird.

Episode 13

Delta 24 Zero

The home of the British Army in Aldershot is bulldozed to leave trenches. Plus, a three-wheeled race car is demolished, and an old tractor is turned into a sculpture.

Episode 14

Jaws Of Destruction

An office block next to a railway line is demolished. Meanwhile, the turbine hall of Rugeley power station is blown up and there is a problem with a rickshaw.

Episode 15

Flames Of 1970

A business owner salvages farm machinery after a giant fire. A house untouched since the '70s offers up vintage TVs and architectural salvage before it's flattened.

Episode 16

Park Bench Fish

In Yorkshire, an old factory mill is demolished. Meanwhile, in South Wales scrap materials are recycled and in Essex an artist makes a metal manta ray.

Episode 17

Explosive Marbles

In Birmingham, a dormant car manufacturing plant is torn down. Plus, in Sussex scrap is used to create a marble run and in Kent a chimney is demolished.

Episode 18

Convent Of Copper

In South Wales, an abandoned convent is demolished. Plus, in Lancashire copper products are recycled and in Yorkshire an artist uses scrap for his latest project.

Episode 19

Air Ticket To Nowhere

In Cambridgeshire, a deteriorating discount store is deconstructed. Plus, in Suffolk airplane parts are repurposed and in Essex a coach is pulled apart.

Episode 20

Shipwreck Of Treasure

A sunken fishing trawler must be floated from the depths of a harbour near Blackpool before being broken on the beach. A double decker bus is ripped apart.

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