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31st July


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One of the deadliest jobs in the world is that of the Alaskan crab fisherman. They brave the treacherous waves of the Bering sea in search of valuable king crabs.


Jul 27



Episode 6

The Purpose Of Porpoises

For the first time, Captain Sig faces a man overboard. The tide turns for Johnathan when thousands of porpoises guide the Time Bandit to new grounds.

Jul 31



Episode 7

Forged In Fury

Sig risks capsizing when his tank floods in an Arctic storm. Sophia must prove she can lead in severe weather while Jake battles insubordination.

Aug 7



Episode 8

Seaborne Sacrifice

Sig deploys a Norwegian secret weapon to locate the bairdi school. Meanwhile, in Dutch, crew drug tests threaten to leave them a man down.

Episode 1

King Crab Derby

The crab fishing season begins with a derby-style race. After losing the Saga, Jake joins Sig as co-captain. A fire on the Wizard traps Keith's deckhand below deck.

Episode 1

The Twenty-Season Toll

King Crab is back. Two decades since Sig Hansen first allowed a camera on board, a new generation lays claim to an industry he helped pioneer.

Episode 2

Bering Sea Gut Check

Jake's next move puts him at odds with Sig. Wild Bill battles heavy seas and side effects, while Sophia attempts to pop in a deckhand's dislocated hip.

Episode 3

A Titan Among Men

After leaving the Northwestern, Jake has a lot to prove on a massive new boat. Sig and Johnathan jockey to get ahead of a migrating king crab hoard.

Episode 4

Lights Out

A below-deck brawl puts Sophia's captaincy to the test. A hydro leak threatens Wild Bill's entire King Crab season. Keith goes dark in 20-foot seas.

Episode 5

Twice Bitten Twice Shy

When Sig discovers Jake stole his fishing data, he deals his protégé a lesson he won't soon forget. Rick faces a deckhand rattled by incessant waves.

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