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29th June


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One of the deadliest jobs in the world is that of the Alaskan crab fisherman. They brave the treacherous waves of the Bering sea in search of valuable king crabs.


Jun 29



Episode 11

No Good Deed Unpunished

A freighter cuts Jake's lines, forcing his crew to drag for valuable pots. Rip helps Johnathan locate the motherlode only to pay with a broken block.

Jun 29



Episode 1

Life On The Line

Captains undergo safety inspections and emergency training. The United States Coast Guard readies for their worst-case scenario: a helicopter crash at sea.

Jul 6



Episode 12

Episode 12

One of the deadliest jobs in the world is that of the Alaskan crab fisherman. They brave the treacherous waves of the Bering Sea in search of valuable king crabs.

Episode 1

King Crab Is Dead

John Hillstrand and Sig Hansen rally their fellow Dutch Harbour skippers to devise a new strategy that will help them turn the tide of a life-or-death season.

Episode 1

Long Live King Crab!

When the government closes the king crab fishery, captains must save an industry they worked to create. Plus, Sig pursues invasive Russian king crab in Norway.

Episode 2

No Sleep Till Rescue

Captain Sig suddenly loses power as he battles to launch his new Norwegian fishing operation. Plus, Captain Rip Carlton races to save an injured deckhand.

Episode 2

Life On The Rail

Captain Bill Wichrowski prepares for a brutal winter season, made only worse by the recent loss of Nick McGlashan. Can the new Deck Boss fill Nick's shoes?

Episode 3

One Hell Of A Story To Tell

Captain Rip heads into an Arctic storm to attempt the riskiest helicopter rescue in recent history. Plus, John fights to save the Time Bandit at anchor.

Episode 4

Invasive Russian Reds

Sig struggles with a crewman who thinks he knows more than the captain. Plus, Captain Wild Bill fights to save his boat from the rocky Norwegian coastline.

Episode 5

Desperate Measures

Captain Sig looks north to Russia to catch Norwegian reds. Meanwhile, a rekindled partnership between The Cornelia Marie and Time Bandit quickly turns sour.

Episode 6

Brother In The Bight

Josh's brother Shane gets caught in the bight as a typhoon slams the Cornelia Marie. Plus, Rip faces a crisis when a greenhorn collapses unconscious.

Episode 7

Follow The Rainbow

Johnathan searches for a pot of Golden Kings at the end of a rainbow. A medical mystery confounds Captain Rip and Keith partners with Josh and Casey.

Episode 8

Deepest Alaska

Johnathan sets mile-deep pots and pulls up a mystery species. Jake's niece gets injured on the Saga, and Clark takes the helm in Sig's wheelhouse.

Episode 9

Rip Tide

Mandy's shocking news forces Sig and Clark to reconsider their decision to keep fishing. Jake teams up with Rip but powerful Aleutian tidal currents cause crossed lines.

Episode 10

Dark Waters

Johnathan risks losing his entire live catch when the Time Bandit ventures into fresh water. Josh experiments with glow sticks to attract crab at the darkest depths.

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