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29th January


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For families moving entirely off-grid, the learning curve is steep. To save their homesteads, they call in survival experts to prepare them for the worst.


Jan 29



Episode 9

Marsh Madness

The Raneys face a swamp nightmare in Georgia. They must find an ingenious way to reclaim the Buchannans' land from a snake and gator-infested swamp.

Feb 5



Episode 11

No Place Like Dome

The Raneys help a struggling Idaho family in a cliffside geodesic dome home. Misty builds an innovative garden greenhouse, while Matt finds a dangerous predator.

Episode 1

A Golden Opportunity

The Raneys convert an old barn into a commercial fishing kitchen. But when Marty is forced to quarantine, Matt and Misty make a golden discovery.

Episode 1

Built To Thrive

Using their own 40-acre homestead, the Raneys reveal the five essential watchouts for wannabe homesteaders seeking land to settle on.

Episode 2

Stuck In The Mud

Misty and Matt find themselves alone on a critical rescue of Alaskan homesteaders ill from dirty water and stuck in a crumbling cabin.

Episode 2

The Wild Year

The Raneys visit a homestead they helped save more than three years ago. Plus, they check in with other homesteads that have flourished since their rescue.

Episode 3

Sweet Homestead Alabama

The Raneys rescue some inexperienced homesteaders in Alabama. Their improvements include a solar kiln, tornado bunker and an upcycled predator-proof coop.

Episode 4

Mississippi Mayhem

In Mississippi, the Raneys must first solve the mystery of flooding water before teaching a family of six to thrive off-grid together.

Episode 5

Paradise In Peril

In Hawaii, the Raneys rescue a young family with a crumbling cabin on a homestead infested by slugs carrying a brain-eating parasite.

Episode 6

Tropic Thunder

The Raneys rescue a family descended from rock'n'roll royalty by reclaiming their homestead from the jungle on Kauai. But a dangerous flash flood causes issues.

Episode 8

Home Is Where The Yurt Is

In the Tennessee mountains, the Raneys constructs a massive yurt. They turn a rundown pond into a food source and create a workshop with a propane forge.

Episode 10

Green Mountain Gurus

The Raneys bring some homesteading mastery to a Vermont couple. Marty creates viable access through dense terrain, while Misty builds an underground garden.

Episode 12

All The Pretty Horses

The Raneys help a Texas family with dreams of a horse rescue. Misty builds a multi-tier garden and duck pond, and Marty constructs an innovative horse barn.

Episode 13

Back In The Saddle

With a major setback in Misty's build, the Raneys race the clock in their rescue of a Texas homestead. Matt builds a hog trap for an additional food resource.

Episode 14

It Takes A Village

The Raneys find a Montana homestead struggling through food, predator and power problems. Marty and Matt enlist a community of firefighters to help.

Episode 15

Bone Dry In Big Sky

The Raneys rescue a single-father homesteader facing threats of rockslides and bears in a Montana box canyon. Marty and Misty face an uphill battle.

Episode 16

Smoky Mountain Hope

Marty faces his most daunting challenge ever in the rescue of a Tennessee homestead. He calls on past homesteaders and a home renovation team to help.

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