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17th June


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For families moving entirely off-grid, the learning curve is steep. To save their homesteads, they call in survival experts to prepare them for the worst.


Episode 1

Black Hills Hope

The Raneys struggle to revive an inherited Wyoming homestead with a tragic legacy. To bring water to the property, Marty must solve the mystery of an untapped well.

Episode 1

Roadhouse Rally

The Raneys rally at Rika's Roadhouse, a legendary homestead established by one of Alaska's toughest pioneers. While there they reflect on past rescues.

Episode 2

Homestead And Chill

The Raneys get cosy for a good old-fashioned Alaskan movie night as they reflect on their most life-changing rescues and self-shot updates from homesteaders.

Episode 2

By A Landslide

The Raneys meet their match on a homestead in Idaho, where millennial off-gridders are plagued with dead soil, grizzly bear visits and constant landslides.

Episode 3

Subarctic S.O.S.

The Raneys answer an urgent call from central Alaska, where they find a family with all the infrastructure but minimal skills to realize their dream.

Episode 4

Rubble With A Cause

The Raneys arrive at a Washington State homestead and find the cabin recently collapsed. With winter only weeks away the race is on to repair the damage.

Episode 5

Bus, Sweat And Tears

Bus-dwelling Virginia homesteaders struggle in the wilderness. The Raneys urgently help a couple who sent their son away until the homestead can thrive.

Episode 6

Kentucky Calamity

A Kentucky homestead built in a ghost town drowns in floods. The Raneys revive the original barn, devise a livestock escape pod and create a floating greenhouse.

Episode 7

Texas Rift

A rift threatens an extended family on their overcrowded Texas homestead. The pressure's on for the Raneys to execute an epic overhaul.

Episode 8

Stormy And Raney In Texas

A young couple struggle to keep their homestead afloat in torrential Texas weather. The Raneys race to save the rain-hit cabin and livestock shelters.

Episode 9

All My Stresses Live In Texas

A Californian family longing for ranch life in central Texas find themselves on a homestead that requires a total makeover by the Raneys.

Episode 10

Georgia Clay Mayday

A pair of homesteaders and their livestock are mired in muddy clay in the East Georgia woods. The Raneys must fix it before the next big rains.

Episode 11

Tennessee Unplugged

In Tennessee's Smoky Mountains a family's homestead is failing because they choose to live on the useless side of their land attached to power.

Episode 12

Mesa Meltdown

Rookie homesteaders may not survive their first Arizona desert winter. The Raneys race to solve the freezing water, food issues, and livestock quarters.

Episode 13

Where The Wild Wind Blows

A Colorado veteran's family and stable of horses are ravaged by hurricane-force winds. To help, the Raneys pull out some of their most creative builds yet.

Episode 14

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Oregon homesteaders find their dream in jeopardy following an accident. When the Raneys arrive, they find a dilapidated bridge has cut them off.

Episode 15

Denali Double Rescue

The Raneys enter the shadow of Mount Denali. Marty, Misty and Matt address food, water, and shelter concerns so that both homesteads may survive winter.

Episode 16

Land Of Fire And Ice

A single mum is unprepared for winter in Interior Alaska. Facing summer wildfires, the Raneys battle still-frozen ground to secure water and food stores.

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