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About The Show

Ed Stafford attempts to survive alone in the wilds of Rwanda. He’s stranded with nothing; No food, no water, not even a knife. How will he cope for 10 days?


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Episode 1


Ed tackles an epic mountain climb in Mongolia's Gobi Desert. Going five days without a solid meal, can he thrive in one of Earth's most isolated spots?

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Episode 2


Survival expert Ed lands in the crocodile-infested Guatemalan jungle, and inspired by the ancient Mayans who lived there, goes to extreme measures to find food.

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Episode 3


Ed tests his survival skills in the deserts of Namibia. It's the end of a long dry season and Ed has to build his strength in the fierce heat to...

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Episode 4


Dropped in the foothills of the Andes in Argentine Patagonia, Ed faces extreme exposure to both intense sunlight and freezing temperatures, eating tadpoles and ant eggs.

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Episode 5


Ed attempts to survive on a secluded, litter-covered beach on Coron Island, in the Philippines. After becoming seriously ill, he struggles with ghosts from the past.

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Episode 6


Ed is dropped on top of a snow-covered mountain in the western fjords of Norway. Under constant risk of hypothermia, he faces the rising spring tide threatening his shelter.