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26th January


About The Show

Deep in the Alaskan wilderness live the Kilcher family and their isolated community. The Kilchers, led by patriarch Atz Kilcher, have cultivated and lived on their homestead outside Homer, Alaska, for four generations.

These men and women of the wild truly live off the land. They spend the limited months of summer and autumn gardening, hunting and fishing for food, gathering supplies from the land and preparing their animals’ safety in preparation for surviving the harsh Alaskan winters.

Most live completely off the grid, with no running water and no electricity – and are proud of it. But freedom comes at a price for this family of 21st century pioneers; and, whilst life is never boring, survival is never easy.


Jan 29


Episode 1

New Ways On The Homestead

With winter ending early, the Kilchers spring into action. Eivin and August struggle to resupply the head of the bay while Jane and Eve go hunting.

Coming Soon

Episode 1

Ways Of The Wilderness

After 80 years on the homestead, the Kilcher family continues to flourish. Now, they reveal the lessons, techniques and skills they've acquired to thrive.

Jan 30


Episode 2

Rusted And Busted

Otto surveys the condition of his rusting barge after a winter in drydock, while Eivin and Eve use explosives to clear land for a new root cellar.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Kilcher Kraftsmanship

Since arriving on the homestead, the Kilchers have relied on fast, decisive thinking to maintain their way of life. They reveal how they get the job done.

Jan 31


Episode 3

Bears Descend

In preparation for the spring cattle drive, Atz Lee, Otto and August survey the homestead for signs of bear and employ modern surveillance to track their movement.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Homestead Havoc

The Kilchers reveal the dirtiest moments from their past seasons on the homestead. And, a bonus scene depicts the family's most earth-shattering explosion.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Boat Rescue Mission

While collecting coal after a storm, Eivin and Eve find a capsized boat and look for survivors. Otto, Charlotte and August build a shelter for their calves.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Greener Pastures

With predators stalking the homestead, the family livestock is in danger. Atz Sr and Atz Lee plan a new pasture on Perl Island for safer grazing.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Otto's Surprise

Jane and Charlotte trek through bear country to protect their herd. Three generations of Kilchers build a shack on Perl Island and Otto has a surprise for Charlotte.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Moving Mountains

Things get explosive when the Kilchers expand a road with the help of a detonation expert. Atz Sr and Bonnie brave the backcountry to salvage vital resources.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Thanksgiving Rescue

As Thanksgiving approaches, the Kilchers prepare for a feast. Eivin and Eve rescue a baby seal on the beach and there's a beetle infestation on the homestead.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Making Hay The Kilcher Way

Eivin and August make a unique hay baler that will ease their load, if it doesn't set them on fire! And, the family go salmon fishing at the Copper River.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Homestead Haul

For the first time since blasting Kilcher Road, Eivin tries to haul a huge pole barn to his homestead. Jewel and her son visit, and August builds a unique outhouse.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Tangled In The Tide

Eivin and Atz Sr. get tangled as the tide comes in. Atz Lee and Jane teach the next generation of Kilchers to fish. Otto and Charlotte give Eve an amazing...

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Christmas Wonderland Woes

A winter wonderland is threatened when warm weather brings rain to the homestead. The Kilchers are determined the storm won't ruin their Christmas plans.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Dangerous Waters

Eivin and Eve launch a risky clean-up operation to clear a tangle of old nets endangering fish in a nearby river. And, Atz Sr. goes on a solo hunt for...

Jan 26


Episode 14

Preserving The Old Ways

Eivin guides August on his first-ever deer hunt, and Etienne goes on his first big game hunt. Plus, Atz Sr. and Otto attempt to reassemble a historic barn.

Jan 26


Episode 15

Fall Scramble

The Kilchers get busy on outdoor projects to prepare for the winter months. Atz Sr., Eivin and Nikos scavenge for lumber while Atz Lee and Etienne mill wood.

Feb 2


Episode 16

Legacies Live On

Eivin and Eve build an epic homestead-style treehouse. Atz Lee, Jane and Etienne stock their freezers with trout while Otto and August refurbish an old tractor.

Feb 9


Episode 17

Chasing Caribou

Jane heads to the Arctic Circle hoping to bag a caribou before winter. Meanwhile, Otto, Eivin, Charlotte and August wrap up the season's final cattle drive.