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16th June


About The Show

Always pushed to their limits by the elements, circumstances and each other, the Kilchers continue to work together as a family to sustain the rich heritage of homesteading.


Episode 1

He Might Die

Otto is trampled by a cow during a severe snowstorm and must be rescued before he succumbs to his life-threatening injuries.

Episode 2

An Uncertain Recovery

After his brush with death, Otto has a long, painful road of recovery ahead. Eivin and August bear the burden of their father's injury.

Episode 3

Paying It Forward

Otto considers leaving cattle ranching behind and Atz Sr. mobilizes a group of veterans to bring water to a local homesteader.

Episode 4

Eivin's New Future

Eivin considers expanding the Kilchers' reach by becoming a bush pilot. Tela takes Alysse dipnetting and Jane's cousin Kate comes to visit from Texas.

Episode 5

August's Choice

August must make some hard choices about his future. To help him clear his mind, Eivin brings his brother on a trip to Red Mountain.

Episode 6

The Next Chapter

Before leaving for college, Etienne endures a homestead rite of passage in the wilderness and August finally knows what he wants to do with his future.

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