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It’s time to jump into the driver’s seat and step on the gas as the turbo-charged series returns with this high-energy view into the world of illegal street racing. From a 1969 Chevy Nova, to an incognito race ready Farm truck, and everything in between, these road warriors are raising the racing stakes. They are constantly smack talking, betting on races, pulling pranks and crazy antics with their fellow racers, but ultimately, street racing comes first and they’ll endanger their lives, spend their money and risk going to jail in order to move to the top of their game.


Episode 1

Take Back These Streets

After dominating the track, the kings of the street return to their roots. Feeling like they've gotten soft, Chief puts the 405 to test with a list shakeup.

Episode 2

A New Number One

Chief, Dave, Ryan, Monza and Dominator battle for the number one spot. Chief hopes to prove that his split with Shawn hasn't slowed him down.

Episode 3

Turn It Up

A horrifying crash possibly ends the career of one of the racers. And, for the first time, Chief and Shawn must find out what it takes to win without the...

Episode 4

Boosted To The Max

A familiar face returns, bringing with him a promising new car. Working on his own, Shawn tries to prove to his son he has what it takes to climb the...

Episode 5

New King Crowned

Shawn is determined to get the Murder Nova driving straight again. Monza challenges Ryan Martin for the number one spot on the top ten list.

Episode 6

Rise Of The OG

A horrific crash devastates the 405 as Kamikaze returns to defend The List against a new racer hoping to earn a spot. And, Shawn makes a big change.

Episode 7

Grinding On The Daily

Farmtruck and AZN bring back an epic third annual Daily Driver contest where racers compete with everything from a golf cart to a Corvette for big money.

Episode 8

New Rules, New Road

The Daily Driver field is down to 18. With a new set of rules and a new road to race on, competition gets crazy. But only one driver will take...

Episode 9

Episode 9

The 405 - Oklahoma City's top 10 list of street racers - aim to reclaim their title as the fastest and most revered group of racers in the country.

Episode 10

The Cold Dark Road

As drivers become desperate for wins on the cold road, an OG member of the 405 pushes his car too far in the second round of America's List.

Episode 11

Double Or Nothing

Dominator and Damon are both under pressure to turn around their poor form. Meanwhile, Big Chief is determined to end Daddy Dave's winning streak.

Episode 12

The Hard Way Back

It's the penultimate race night and Big Chief surprises the racers with a new challenge. Who will handle the pressure and pick up some vital wins?

Episode 13

The Fastest In The 405

The five OKC slots for America's List are almost set. Murder Nova faces his toughest matchup to clinch one of the remaining spots on America's List.

Episode 14

No Weak Links

Chief prepares the 405 for another America's List qualifier season by demanding they rebuild the camaraderie that once made them unbeatable. But can he rally them?

Episode 15

Drivers On The Storm

The 405 makes some of their fastest passes at Okemah. But when an incoming rainstorm threatens race night, the guys push their cars and each other to the limit.

Episode 16

All That Matters

Murder Nova pivots his strategy after a rough start to the season. But then a horrific crash makes everyone rethink their choices.

Episode 17

Salty Tunes

Still shaken up, the 405 recommits to pushing each other to win. But when a drama-filled finish is too close to call, it sets up a major battle for the...

Episode 18

By A Bumper

Jeff Lutz makes his return to the streets in his GTO. But the battle for the Top 5 gets tougher than ever as racers win by the smallest margins all...

Episode 19

Watch The Throne

Ryan's quest to finish the season undefeated is put to the ultimate test. Later, Chief surprises the crew with a new twist to the season.

Episode 20

Unfinished Business

The 405 put their camaraderie to the test with a race in Chicago. The action heats up as they also go head-to-head with the fastest racers from Kansas City.

Episode 21

Chase The Race

The out-of-town drama escalates with fast racing, starting line disputes and fighting. Rivalries are renewed as the 405 faces Larry Larson and Robin Roberts.

Episode 22

Bad Blood

An epic Chicago showdown comes to a first-ever dramatic daytime conclusion as the 405 attempt to prove their dominance and bitter rivals face off.

Episode 23

Last Chance

It's a battle filled with upsets as the 405 spend one last night on the Chicago streets for the final rounds. They will determine which Top 5 will go to...

Episode 24

Small Tires, Big Stakes

The 405 returns to their roots as they build and race monster small-tyre cars. Local racers challenge them to their first showdown.

Episode 25

Red River Rivalry

After a strong start against the McKees, the 405 gets a callout from Team Woo from Texas. With big money at stake, the races get intense as the rivalry runs...

Episode 26

Texas Two-Step

The second big Texas matchup explodes as Wormboy from LMR in Houston returns to OKC to prove that his losses years ago were flukes.

Episode 27

Blacktop Blues

On a new road, Nova and the team face their toughest showdown yet for $4,500, against a super-fast group of local racers led by Big Marc.

Episode 28

Imports Strike Back

After a big-money matchup against Big Marc, the 405 try to regain momentum against J-Rod and his OKC crew of all-imports.

Episode 29

Friends In Fast Places

Race night against J-Rod wraps up in a hard-fought battle. But the heat is on when Lutz invites his old Pennsylvania crew to town.

Episode 30

High-Powered Players

Tensions flare as the 405 faces Texas' HPP racing. The HPP boys use tactics from earlier races, but the deciding win comes down to the final race.

Episode 31

Turnt Up Tulsa

With a week to go before Street Wars, the 405 takes on a fast small-tyre crew, led by Rusty Beaver, their turnpike rival from Tulsa. But a big gamble could...

Episode 32

Street Wars

It's the first-ever Street Wars where the fastest drivers from each race this season come back for a winner-takes-all, big-money challenge.

Episode 33

The $16K Photo Finish

It's every racer for himself in the final rounds where the season's fastest races bring surprise wins. And it's a close finish for the $16,000 prize money.

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