The Best Known Waterfalls in Denmark

Those who imagine a terrain of plains and low hills means no waterfalls, will have to think again. We’re exploring the outstanding and picturesque waterfalls in Denmark.

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3 May 2023

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised as we take you on a journey through the captivating waterfalls in Denmark. Although it may not be the first destination that springs to mind for cascading waters, Denmark is home to over 13 awe-inspiring waterfalls, nestled on the charming island of Bornholm.

Want to discover Denmark’s best waterfalls? We’ve found them, so let’s plunge right in.

Gedebaeksfaldet: The Tallest Waterfall in Denmark?

Waterfalls in Denmark (Photo: Siempreverde22 via Getty Images)

Standing proudly as the tallest of all the waterfalls in Denmark, Gedebaeksfaldet boasts a staggering 70-foot drop that cascades dramatically down a rock incline in the mystical Echo Valley. Witness the majesty of this Danish waterfall as it showcases nature’s raw power.

Dondalen Waterfall

Dondalen Waterfall (Photo: Holger Leue via Getty Images)

Just a stone’s throw away from Gedebaeks, another contender for tallest waterfall in Denmark, Dondalen Waterfall, plunges an impressive 65 feet (some sources reference this as 72 feet) down the rugged Amtmandsstenen, or “the stone of the bailiff.” Comprising several streams that meander over moss-covered rocks, this waterfall truly comes alive in the springtime, making it a must-visit spot for waterfall enthusiasts.

Stavehol Waterfall

Enchanting waterfall (Photo: Thomas Billeskov Poulsen / 500px via Getty Images)

When it comes to Denmark’s best waterfalls, Stavehol is one fall that rises to the top. Tucked away on Bornholm’s northwest coast, Stavehol Waterfall is regarded by many as the island’s most enchanting waterfall. Though modest at only 15 feet high, this waterfall of Denmark captivates visitors as it spills through a crevice between two rocks in a mesmerising display. Bird lovers will delight in the dippers that build their nests behind the waterfall, nestled amongst the towering cliffs, anemones, and ramsons of the spellbinding Spraekke Valley.

Red Waterfall

Picturesque Danish waterfalls (Photo: Rune Rathje via Getty Images)

Once distinguished by its vibrant ochre-coloured stones, the Red Waterfall in Skelbro may no longer be red, but it remains one of the most picturesque of Danish waterfalls. Gently flowing over a jagged slate ledge, this 15-foot fall exudes a serene charm.

Pissebaekken Waterfall

Bornholm's north coast (Photo: Nils Kristensen / 500px via Getty Images)

The third-highest of all the waterfalls of Denmark, Pissebaekken is a hidden gem nestled in Finnedalen along Bornholm’s north coast. The pristine water of this waterfall flows near the sea and drains into a small area of Slotslyngen. Surrounded by a hilly, granite landscape adorned with blue anemones and vibrant spring flowers, this Danish waterfall is truly picture-perfect.

The Waterfalls of Denmark

The Waterfalls of Denmark (Photo: Dragana Mjerimacka via Getty Images)

Denmark’s flat landscape belies the hidden treasures awaiting you on the island of Bornholm. Each of Denmark’s best waterfalls is unique and, set against their breathtaking surroundings, they add to the diversity of the landscape.


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