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19th January


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Think bootleggers, backwoods stills and “white lightning” are things of the past? Hardly! It’s a thriving, though totally illegal, multi-million dollar industry.


Jan 19



Episode 12

Under Pressure

Amanda helps Mark and Huck use science to infuse fresh-picked pears into their traditional corn shine. Richard teams up with Mark and Digger to make cherry cognac.

Jan 26



Episode 13

Moonshine Of Mexico

Tim travels to the town of Tequila in search of the legendary moonshine of Mexico. Mark and Digger take backwoods rye to a whole new level.

Episode 1

Moonshine Boom Time

As America opens up from the Covid-19 pandemic, the shiners sense an opportunity. Mark and Digger have a rocky start to the season when the police show up.

Episode 2

Search For Popcorns Lost Site

JB leads Mark and Digger to the secret site of Popcorn's infamous last run. Tickle, Josh and the Laws get ambushed, forcing them to run for the hills.

Episode 3

Moonshiner Gone Missing

Tickle and the Laws discover Josh is missing after a raid on their still. After blowing up the first attempt, Mike and Jerry rebuild their barrel pot still.

Episode 4

Old Fashioned Footwork

Mark and Digger hit a snag while transporting Tennessee water to Popcorn's North Carolina still site. Mark and Huck use their feet to make fortified wine.

Episode 5

Monumental Mash

Mark and Digger get a shocking answer after asking to run on commercial property. Mike and Jerry make brandy from blueberries and end up with an outstanding mash.

Episode 6

Shine Pain

Mark and Digger cross over onto private property while rerouting a limestone creek. Mike surprises Jerry while making backwoods blueberry champagne.

Episode 7

Bottle Shock

Mark and Digger retrieve their sea-aged whiskey but discover how easily it can slip away again. Richard and Craig have trouble upsizing their absinthe production.

Episode 8

Mountain Mayhem

A wrong turn earns Josh his next broken bone. When Jerry gets rushed to the ER, his partner is forced to figure out a complex recipe without him.

Episode 9

Young Guns

Mark and Digger revisit the abandoned theme park of their misspent youth. They convert a carnival ride into a whiskey-aging machine.

Episode 10

Appalachian Ambrosia

Mark and Digger make a high-proof version of a favourite southern dessert. Plus, Amanda wows Mark and Huck with a new method to infuse flavour into shine.

Episode 11

Hard Seltzer

Josh must convince Tickle and the Laws to contribute their valuable peach brandy to a risky enterprise. Mark and Digger attempt to make Appalachian cognac.

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