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5th March


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While the global economy took a turn for the worse and shuttered the doors of businesses and disrupted supply chains, the Moonshine business was and is booming. With a surplus of ingredients due to restaurants and shops being closed, the Moonshiners are challenged with creating an endless supply of Moonshine before the produce expires. Already used to a socially distanced lifestyle, their skills and endurance are tested like never before. The original Moonshiners survived and succeeded during the Great Depression, and these born survivors will do it again.


Mar 5



Episode 7

Overproof And Under The Gun

Mark and Digger attempt oatmeal raisin shine for a high-flying Nashville customer. Plus, Mike and Jerry overdeliver on proof to a biker gang.

Mar 12



Episode 8

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Tim devises a recipe for a first single malt moonshine. As Tickle and the Laws start a huge rye run, a mysterious tip results in too much of a good...

Episode 1

Hard Times Make The Best Shine

As the pandemic disrupts markets, the moonshiners uncover a surplus of local ingredients. They'll need to get creative to keep up with demand.

Episode 2

Interstate Alliance

Josh returns a favour to some fellow Moonshiners by delivering a crate of peaches. Mark and Digger need a new plan when the local corn surplus disappears.

Episode 3

Mark And Digger's Big Test

Mark and Huck decide to move their moonshine operation deeper into the woods. Meanwhile, Mike and Jerry work hard to fix their leaky still.

Episode 4

Backwoods Is Booming

Mark and Digger risk tapping into their liquor reserves. Josh's rookie partner makes an explosive mistake, and Tim experiments with a new plant.

Episode 5

No Ordinary Run

Mark and Huck run liquor with a legend while Tickle and the Laws unleash a 700-gallon run. Plus, Mike and Jerry engineer a high-tech solution to a backwoods problem.

Episode 6

Single Malt Moonshine

Mark and Digger's plan to employ an out of work friend backfires on payday. And, Tim invents a low-cost way to make his first single-malt moonshine.

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