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30th November


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Think bootleggers, backwoods stills and “white lightning” are things of the past? Hardly! It’s a thriving, though totally illegal, multi-million dollar industry.


Nov 30



Episode 2

The Harder They Fall

After losing their water source, Mark and Digger attempt to dig out a centuries-old spring. Richard and Daniel form a Master Distiller dream team.

Dec 7



Episode 3

More Cops Less Copper

Mark and Digger attempt to make Scotch on a Popcorn Sutton-designed pot still. Amanda joins Mark and Huck in the hills only to find all their copper stolen.

Episode 1

Kickoff Summit

The moonshiners kick off a new season of innovation to combat rising prices. Mark and Digger discover a police captain determined to catch them in the act.

Episode 1

High Price Of Success

Mark and Digger discover they're under investigation by the law. And, Josh goes into hiding when a fire marshal tracks the source of his house fire.

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