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Think bootleggers, backwoods stills and “white lightning” are things of the past? Hardly! It’s a thriving, though totally illegal, multi-million dollar industry.


Episode 1

High Price Of Success

Mark and Digger discover they're under investigation by the law. And, Josh goes into hiding when a fire marshal tracks the source of his house fire.

Episode 1

Kickoff Summit

The moonshiners kick off a new season of innovation to combat rising prices. Mark and Digger discover a police captain determined to catch them in the act.

Episode 2

The Harder They Fall

After losing their water source, Mark and Digger attempt to dig out a centuries-old spring. Richard and Daniel form a Master Distiller dream team.

Episode 2

Overhaul In Overalls

Josh and Tickle try to buy a car from an off-duty cop and turn it into a bootlegging vehicle. Tickle's challenge is keeping Josh from setting it on fire.

Episode 3

More Cops Less Copper

Mark and Digger attempt to make Scotch on a Popcorn Sutton-designed pot still. Amanda joins Mark and Huck in the hills only to find all their copper stolen.

Episode 4

Long Arm Of Kenny Law

Fed up with canned food and hiding in the woods, Josh gets into trouble with Kenny Law. Popcorn's son proves as unpredictable as his notorious dad.

Episode 5

Hell-Bent Detective

A police detective confronts Mark and Digger at the pump. Tickle and the Laws try to help as Josh's sanity erodes surviving in the woods.

Episode 6

Rock Out While The Cop's Out

Mark and Digger's sugar score gets soured when they find a tracking device. Richard and Daniel devise a rum recipe to dominate the outlaw market.

Episode 7

The Weevils In The Details

Mark and Digger's pricey grain has a weevil infestation. Meanwhile, Tim and Howard fire up a log still with explosive consequences.

Episode 8

Still Imploder

In a rare lapse of judgment, Richard implodes Daniel's $3,000 copper still. As the fire marshal ramps up his investigation, Josh makes a tough decision.

Episode 9

Caffeinated Moonshine

Richard attempts to salvage the copper still he imploded. On the run from the law, Josh flees to Brazil in search of a caffeinated cachaça moonshine.

Episode 10

Foreign Exchange

Josh learns an ultra-fast moonshine process from an outlaw operation in Brazil. In Maggie Valley, Richard and Craig start an operation on Mike and Jerry's turf.

Episode 11

Brazilian Bootleg

Josh feels the heat when a Brazilian moonshiner pressures him to attempt an illegal bootleg run. Law enforcement ambushes Mark in his own garage.

Episode 12

Above The Law

As the Maggie Valley moonshine market shifts in favour of Richard and Craig's recipes, Mike and Jerry devise a plot to push the newcomers out of town.

Episode 13

Mystery Moonshiner

Josh meets a mysterious moonshiner in Brazil and learns a rule-breaking method for making liquor. Richard and Craig try to protect their operation from bears.

Episode 14

Party Like It's 1999

To beat inflation, Mark and Digger attempt an old-school run of liquor they can sell at a 1990s price. Plus, Richard and Craig discover a rival's stash house.

Episode 15

On The Road Again

Facing time on the road, Tickle asks Tim to help convert a bus into a mobile moonshine rig. Digger and Beaz scramble to save a big sale for a rising...

Episode 16

Hard Evidence

Josh returns from Brazil only to discover an emboldened fire marshal with pressing questions. Amanda convinces Mark and Huck to make rye whiskey without using sugar.

Episode 17

Maggie Valley Mayhem

Josh and the Laws get permission from 95-year-old moonshine legend Cecil Love to retrieve a hidden still and recreate his old-time moonshine recipe.

Episode 18

Disappearing Act

Digger enlists a combat veteran to run his supernatural rye apple recipe, then pulls his own disappearing act. Richard and Craig struggle to keep their mash warm.

Episode 19

Episode 19

As the black market for white whiskey heats up, the threat of the law continues to put the squeeze on those dedicated to America's original spirit.

Episode 20

Episode 20

As the black market for white whiskey heats up, the threat of the law continues to put the squeeze on those dedicated to America's original spirit.

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