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Bear Meets Girl

Alaskan Bush People - Season 5

When an ostrich lays its first egg, the Brown siblings rush to work out how to incubate it. And, Bear gets a special visit from a girl on North Star...


Roaring Back To Life

River Of No Return - Season 1

Idaho's winter ice is thawing and the people living on the banks of the River of No Return are forced to navigate the potentially fatal spring rapids.


We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight

Deadliest Catch - Season 11

As the polar ice descends, The Saga is in danger of sinking, Jake must act fast to save his crew, and Josh gambles big-time by heading towards danger.


Bear Meets Girl

Alaskan Bush People - Season 5

When an ostrich lays its first egg, the Brown siblings rush to work out how to incubate it. And, Bear gets a special visit from a girl on North Star...


It Sounds Bitchin'. Let's Make It Look Bitchin'

Kindig Customs - Season 4

A 69 Camaro has a new owner who wants to finish off the build. Plus, a 1965 Mustang with mechanical issues gets a Bitchin upgrade.


Episode 10

How It's Made - Season 15

Follow the amazing manufacturing processes behind alligator bags, lockers, bench planes and deployable flight recorders.


World War One Mystery

Combat Dealers - Season 3

Bruce is on a WWI treasure hunt, finding a mysterious soldier's medal from the Battle of the Somme. Plus, he finds the world's most expensive football.


Solomon Islands

Robson Green: Extreme Fisherman - Season 1

Robson's in the South Pacific in search of a speed freak that head-butts its prey, an ambush predator with a vicious bite, and the powerful Bandeng.


Where's The Gold, Paulie?

Kindig Customs - Season 5

A car doesn't always need to be totally rebuilt. Dave swaps the chassis and upgrade performance for a 1955 Nomad to give the car the edge it was missing.


Lost Race Of Giants

Code Of The Wild - Season 1

Chris and Casey Keefer travel to Ecuador in search of a colony of giants. They trek through the dense jungle, looking for clues leading to the lost civilisation.


UFOs Vs. The Royal Air Force

UFOs: The Lost Evidence - Season 2

The RAF is said to have encountered and engaged with UFOs since WWII, but the British government denies this. Why would they withhold UFO information?


Lamborghini Urraco

Wheeler Dealers - Season 10

Mike heads out to Poland to bag a Lamborghini Uracco. However, the price of this classic is rising due to Lamborghini's 50th anniversary, can Mike bag a bargain?



Gold Rush: White Water - Season 3

Dustin and his crew take a gamble on a spot above the raging McKinley falls. When they must lower their dredge down a steep ravine, things go from bad to...


Bears Descend

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 9

In preparation for the spring cattle drive, Atz Lee, Otto and August survey the homestead for signs of bear and employ modern surveillance to track their movement.


Battle Of Berlin

Combat Dealers - Season 4

A Russian client is looking for artefacts from the fall of Berlin. Bruce sees an opportunity to offload a German 88mm anti-tank weapon that was used in the battle.


The Stumble to War

World War II: The Complete History - Season 1

The 1918 Treaty of Versailles was intended to prevent another war in Europe. Why did it fail so catastrophically, and did it contribute to the rise of Hitler?


Alaskan Glacier

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

Alaskan adventurer, Don Lee, is building a survival cabin on top of a glacier. The area is only accessible by air and he battles the elements to complete the build.


Dodge A100 Van

Wheeler Dealers - Season 14

Mike picks up an extremely distressed 1965 Dodge A-100 Sportsman. Will custom-built surf inspired details provide enough wow-factor to snag a buyer?



No Second Chances

Fast N' Loud - Season 6

The Monkeys rev up for their last attempt to finish the '72 Buick Riviera super-build in time for SEMA. $300,000 has been invested so failure is not an option.


Episode 5

Outback Truckers - Season 3

Steve Graham finds himself up the creak without a paddle on a desert island delivery. Yogi runs out of road, and two concrete specialists head off the map and into...


Bring In The Big Guns

Gold Rush - Season 10

Rick and his father talk to his landowners about new ground in a last-ditch attempt to rescue his season. Plus, Tony makes a massive investment for the future.


Storming Area 51

Storming Area 51 - Season 1

Joe and Emmett Hayes head to Nevada desert to observe, investigate and embrace the pandemonium of storming Area 51. And, they dive into the history of the facility.


A Killer On The Loose

JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery - Season 1

The unsolved murder of six-year-old beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey is the most costly homicide investigation ever. With new evidence, hear how the story began.


Pool Of Suspects

JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery - Season 1

As the case unfolds, critical investigative mistakes are made - but potential suspects are introduced, including a Santa impersonator and a known sex offender.