Episode 1

Snow Daze

Military Veterans Bo McClone and Grady Powell battle Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains in a brutal winter. As they try to signal rescue, they are pushed to the limit.

Episode 2

Colombian Chaos

Grady and Bo are dropped into a Colombian jungle to play out a military operation gone awry. With only a map and machete, how will they cope in the dense...

Episode 3

Mosquito Coast

Grady and Josh slash through the Nicaraguan jungle battling snakes, mosquitoes and dehydration. Can they start a fire and build a raft to cross croc-infested waters?

Episode 4

Bulgarian Blizzard

On the punishing slopes of Bulgaria's Rila Mountains, Grady and Josh face a whiteout blizzard, freezing temps and a run-in with a deadly predator.

Episode 5

Croatian Castaway

Trapped in the canyons of Croatia's Velebit Mountain, new partners Grady and Josh try navigating the frigid, fast-moving rapids and treacherous waterfalls.

Episode 6

Burning Island

Shipwrecked on an island in the South China Sea, castaways Grady and Josh use their initiative to survive - how will garbage on the beach give them drinking water?

Episode 7

Out Of Air

Stranded in the high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes, Grady and Josh fight altitude sickness and the accompanying hallucinations - and they must find fresh water, fast.

Episode 9

Forest From Hell

Lost in the Araucaria forest of South America, Army veteran EJ Snyder and wilderness survivalist Jeff Zausch must brave venomous pit vipers and fight a wild boar.

Episode 10

Battle of Brazil

Stranded in the scorching hot savannahs of Southern Brazil, EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch must find a way to survive this bone-dry environment without water or food.

Episode 11

Dying of Thirst

EJ and Jeff brave the blazing heat of eastern Utah. Their quest for water forces them to endure a hellish journey through one of the deadliest deserts in the US.

Episode 12

Gator Bait

In the swamps of Louisiana's Atchafalaya river basin, EJ and Jeff are surrounded by alligators and poisonous snakes. They must get out of the bayou and onto dry land.

Episode 13


In the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, EJ and Jeff are in a nightmarish scenario - surrounded by 800-pound bears and trapped in a pitch-black cavern.

Episode 14

Tracking Lions

Lost in South Africa's Wild Coast, EJ and Jeff are surrounded by lions. Without food, water or protection they must navigate some of the most hostile land on Earth.

Episode 15

Attack of the Elephants

Stranded in Botswana's drought-ravaged Okavango Delta, EJ and Jeff face down aggressive bull elephants and territorial hippos in their quest for survival.

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