Episode 1

Making Enemies Fast

The most skilled survivalists compete for $100,000 and to be crowned the best of the best. Starting with no tools, they scramble to prepare for a brutal storm.

Episode 2

Cache Me If You Can

As competitors rush to find cached items, Matt races to grab the bow before Jeff. A gruelling migration features head-to-head tests of survival skills.

Episode 3

Africa's Most Dangerous Snakes

Survivalists' tracking skills are tested as they scramble to recover the remaining caches. Plus, Matt comes face-to-face with a deadly snake.

Episode 4

More Hides Than Friends

Competitors battle for new resources on elevated terrain. Waz unleashes a game-changing response to Jeff's strategy. Two survivalists exit the challenge.

Episode 5

Mo Honey, Mo Problems

The challenge is upended as the pairs are split and new factions are formed. Plus, Gary and Dan take on a swarm of killer bees to chase a big food...

Episode 6

Burned And On Notice

With competitors split into camps, simmering tensions come to a boil. Matt scores a meat win and Gary tries a dangerous climb to secure a critical cache.

Episode 7

Cutthroat To The Bone

In the first elimination challenge, a cold-blooded move creates conflict. Plus, Gary confronts Steven and Waz and Matt sets hunting ground rules.

Episode 8

Class Three Warfare

During a dangerous white-water migration, the survivalists and their rafts are battered. Plus, new camp dynamics shake up the competition.

Episode 9

Legendary Showdown

Two rivals compete in a multi-step water and bushcraft elimination. Steven uses his tracking skills and out-strategizes Jeff to secure a critical cache.

Episode 10

Down To The Fire

Torrential rainstorms push the even the most tested survivalists to their breaking point. In a neck-and-neck battle, the winner is finally crowned.

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