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Into The Mormon Eye

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch - Season 3

The team tries a dangerous manoeuvre on the trail of the Lost Rhoades Mine to access the Mormon Eye cave. Back on the ranch, Duane discovers more poacher sites.


Big Group Energy

Naked and Afraid XL - Season 9

With all camps united, the group splinters to hunt resources. The new factions lead to a big protein win, but tension rises between Lynsey and Terra.


Hog Heaven

Moonshiners - Season 10

Mark and Digger find a solution to the jar shortage, but it may not be worth the effort. Tim enlists an acquaintance to help recreate the first whiskey made in...


Steering Wheels/Fuel Lines

How It's Made - Season 17

Ever wondered how everyday items such as apple pies and household radiators are made? Find out how these familiar objects are formed.


Whips/Pizza Makers

How It's Made - Season 17

Ever wondered how everyday items such as incense cones and model jet engines are made? Find out how these familiar objects are formed.


Million Dollar Season

Deadliest Catch - Season 19

A storm threatens John's record-breaking run as Keith helps triangulate the crab. Jack braves treacherous tidal currents and chaos strikes the Wizard.


Lost City Of Troy

Blowing Up History - Season 4

Troy is the legendary lost city at the centre of the Trojan War, but its existence was never confirmed. New cutting-edge technology explores the ancient myth.


Nightmares Of Neutron Stars

How the Universe Works - Season 7

Neutron stars are violent phenomena that defy the laws of physics. New discoveries reveal they have the power to destroy planets and even other stars.


Rebuild: '66 Nova Part 2

Iron Resurrection - Season 6

Joe pulls out all the stops to make the '66 Nova the car of his client's dreams. In addition to the mean motor and big tyres, he wants a chopped...


Kerry's Nissan Patrol

Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car - Season 2

The guys try to hunt down a classic Nissan Patrol for surfer Kerry. She hands over her daily motor, a VW Touran, which breaks down en route to the garage.


David's VW Golf GTI

Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car - Season 2

Mike and Elvis help teacher David hunt down his dream car, a classic VW Golf GTI. But things get off to a rocky start when they have to scrap David's...


Zac Brown's Space Crab

Treehouse Masters - Season 5

Country superstar Zac Brown tasks Pete with building an otherworldly treehouse at Camp Southern Ground, a state-of-the-art camp for kids.


Swiss Family Surprise

Treehouse Masters - Season 5

Pete heads to Michigan to help a husband surprise his wife on their anniversary with a treehouse inspired by castaway classic Swiss Family Robinson.


Aztec Evidence

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch - Season 3

When an underground tsunami floods the cavern system, Duane and his team enter it from higher ground - discovering evidence of Aztec artifacts.


ERA Alaska Rises Again

Flying Wild Alaska - Season 2

After two months of darkness, the villages of Western Alaska need supplies. Plus, Jim tries to land on a frozen river and Luke has problems taking off.


Episode 3

Salvage Hunters - Season 1

Be it a chimney from a collapsing manor house or a spectacular glass dome from a Victorian folly, Drew Prichard hunts for unwanted beautiful, eclectic, architectural treasures.



Full Throttle Custom Rivi

Iron Resurrection - Season 6

A customer from New York entrusts Martin Bros. with his prized 1965 Buick Riviera. And when it's done, it won't be his father's Buick anymore.


I Hart Challengers

Kindig Customs - Season 10

Dave Kindig turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding clientele. He works on all types and periods of cards to restore them from the ground up.


Hard Rock Holy Grail

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Season 7

Parker comes face-to-face with a pack of wild jaguars. Then, at the Brazilian hard rock mecca of Pocone, he discovers a game-changing type of mining.


Shine Pods

Moonshiners - Season 13

When their bootlegger suggests putting shine in pods, Mark and Digger enlist Amanda to innovate a product they can sell for $5 a shot. Jerry confronts a thief.


Mystery Of Egypt's Zodiac Temple

Blowing Up History - Season 6

The Dendera Temple is one of Egypt's best-preserved temples. Experts decipher its mystifying zodiac images and the ceremonial events there.


Episode 2

Outback Truckers - Season 8

Trucker Brian dodges high-tech solar cars and battles heavy-haulage blow-outs. Plus, Sludge transports three vintage cars, worth $270,000, to a rally in the desert.