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Episode 20

Gold Divers - Season 10

There's a gold rush on but this precious metal is found at the bottom of the Bering Sea. A handful of people are willing to risk it all to bring...


Ridin' Dirty At Rednecks

Mud Madness - Season 1

Racers gear up for the circuit's wildest event, the Rednecks with Paychecks Fall Mud Crawl. Bryce Sparks sends it to win his daughter a new UTV.



Ed Stafford: First Man Out - Season 3

Ed Stafford challenges endurance athlete Matt Graham to a rematch in Scotland's cold and brutal highlands. They must endure freezing conditions to make it to Ben Nevis.


Grand Theft Viral

Caught! - Season 1

When jewel thieves get stuck in a shop, a fleeing carjacker hides in a port-a-potty, and a criminal tries to escape, the law fights back and puts them behind bars.


Wild On The Water

Caught! - Season 1

The US Coast Guard and Marine Law Enforcement patrol the high seas. Officers capture runaway boats, rescue families, and outsmart drug traffickers.


Rick's Sixth Sense

Gold Rush - Season 11

Rick risks his season on a hunch that he's discovered a new hot spot. Tony mobilises an arsenal to cash in on lost gold. Fred's veteran crew fight old equipment.


Blowing Your Cover

Moonshiners - Season 7

In the Great Smoky Mountains, Mark and Digger prepare for the first run of hillbilly grappa. In Louisiana, Patti and David bootleg on the bayou.


Oil Lamps, Chocolate Mints

How It's Made - Season 22

More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how oil lamps are manufactured and chocolate mints are produced.


Skeletal Replicas, Ice Buckets

How It's Made - Season 22

More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how skeletal replicas are manufactured and ice buckets are made.


Episode 29

Gold Divers - Season 10

Kris must move fast in the face of a life-threatening incident. Vernon pushes a diver for a personal record, and Shawn deals with a crack in the ice.


Hawaiian Hideaway

Building Off The Grid - Season 3

Innovative designer and builder Graham Hill transforms a steep Maui jungle plot into a hi-tech dream home with moving walls and other space-maximizing features.


Boy Toys

Baggage Battles - Season 1

The Baggage Battlers remain in the city of Greensboro, where they come across a host of items including a Civil War-era U.S. Army Saddle. But can Billy hold his nerve?


Cash Is King

Baggage Battles - Season 1

The Baggage Battlers head to London, home to six airports, where Billy, Mark and the Martins compete for the lost and unclaimed bags of the rich passengers.


My Junk, My Empire

Junkyard Empire - Season 1

Andy built an empire out of a junkyard, but when business booms he risks losing his grip. Plus, problems with his race-car threaten to turn into a headache.


TR4 On The Floor

Wheeler Dealers - Season 16

Mike's found a classic 1964 Triumph TR4 in British racing green. It's rust-free, but it's been sitting for 20 years and Ant has big refurb job on his hands.


Travelall Around The World

Wheeler Dealers - Season 16

Mike and Ant welcome some history to the workshop: a 1968 International Harvester Travelall that's an ancestor of the modern SUV.


Colorado Crest

Building Off The Grid - Season 2

A builder heads to northern Colorado to build the ultimate off-grid tent. It has a custom fabricated wooden frame, canvas shell and an elegant living space.


Pacific Coast Perch

Building Off The Grid - Season 2

A pro builder crafts an off-grid modular home high on a cliff off the coast of Vancouver, Canada. The smallest mistake could see it tumbling into the ocean.


A Seismic Shift

Gold Rush - Season 13

Parker bites off more than he can chew when he brokers a big deal. Tony digs deep to chase a record-breaking gold haul. Rick is missing in action.


Storm Shelter Showdown - Part 1

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Raneys arrive in Missouri to see a family that has just survived a tornado. Living in a crumbling cabin, they also have no clean water source.



Method to the Mad-Ness

Junkyard Empire - Season 1

Damascus Motors is risking its reputation on ambitious projects and the slightest mistake could be the difference between success and failure.


Peugeot 205

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

A Peugeot 205 T16 inspires Mike to upgrade its under-powered UK counterpart for a track race. Can Mike's 205 Rallye compete with a Eurospec Peugeot?


Curse Of Relic Mountain

Blowing Up History - Season 5

Experts use innovative geophysical analysis to solve the mysteries of the towering Mount Nemrut in Turkey. Can they uncover the reason for its destruction?


Put Up Or Shut Up

Naked And Afraid - Season 10

Two superfan critics use their armchair survival knowledge to try to endure fourteen days in the jungles of Colombia. Can they prove themselves?



Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell - Season 1

Bear heads to Canada's snow covered Pacific Coast mountains to re-live the experience of snow survivors and face the extreme challenges they had to face. How will he get on?


From Russia With Love

Combat Dealers - Season 3

Bruce and ex-Para Freddy head to Russia, finding some of Moscow's biggest military dealers. Back home, the twins restore a rare German engine starter.