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Time's Running Out

Expedition Bigfoot - Season 2

With just three days left in the Kentucky expedition, the team investigates a strange tree structure that could be key to proving the existence of Bigfoot.


Mystery In Mammoth Cave

Expedition X - Season 1

Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres investigate a strange phenomenon that has been haunting Mammoth Cave for generations. What will they discover?


Hell Or High Water

Deadliest Catch - Season 15

Another powerful winter storm hits as Monte returns to the Wizard after dealing with his dad's funeral arrangements. Plus, Jake is faced with a tough decision.


Time's Running Out

Expedition Bigfoot - Season 2

With just three days left in the Kentucky expedition, the team investigates a strange tree structure that could be key to proving the existence of Bigfoot.


Piney Woods Place

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

A woman uses her artistic background to construct a remote sanctuary in the woods of Northwest Texas. The two-story home uses a mixture of sand, clay and straw.


Living On The Edge

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Raney family begin their most ambitious rescue ever. Marty attempts a dangerous river crossing to get expensive gear to the homestead.


Wood Stoves, Indigo, Synthesiser

How Do They Do It? - Season 14

How do they make wood burning stoves that bring warmth to the bleak Norwegian winter? Plus, how do build the synthesiser that changed music forever?


The Best Of Wheeler Dealers

Wheeler Dealers - Season 14

Mike and Ant share their favourite moments from the series, revealing the hilarious outtakes, behind-the-scenes moments and private insights.


Now Or Never

Deadliest Catch - Season 15

A crushing injury requires Coast Guard rescue. Josh and Casey face a huge loss when their offload gets cancelled, and Monte hauls more crab than the Wizard can hold.


Desert Den

Building Off The Grid - Season 3

A couple in New Mexico plan to construct a self-sufficient structure, but with blowing dirt and variable temperatures they may have underestimated the desert.


Volcano's Edge

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

The Raneys put their ingenuity to the test on a homestead in Hawaii that was destroyed by lava. They need to find a way of protecting it from future eruptions.


Bye Bye Beardy

Fast N' Loud - Season 4

Aaron has shock news - just as Richard agrees to a drag strip showdown with Street Outlaws' Big Chief, so the crew must build the race car.


Saab's Your Uncle

Wheeler Dealers - Season 16

Mike Brewer hunts down a Swedish classic, the 2001 Saab 9-3. He nabs a bargain, but can Ant Anstead work his magic to restore this vehicle to its former glory?


Rockfall Ravine

Gold Rush: White Water - Season 3

Dakota Fred and his son Dustin risk their lives to find a fortune in gold nuggets, taking them deep beneath the waters of one of Alaska's wildest creeks.


Double Down

Gold Divers - Season 8

In Nome, Alaska, the summer gold mining season kicks off. The Kellys hope to repeat the success of last season and Kris leads his team with a newfound determination.


We're Gonna Need A Bigger Bucket

Gold Rush - Season 10

Tony fights to save the family empire, but his plans go up in smoke. Rick continues to struggle, and Parker faces a seemingly impossible task.


Homestead Closed - Part 1

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 10

Alaska's pandemic stay-at-home order is a challenge for the Kilchers. Resources are stretched, schooling proves difficult and Atz Lee's PTSD resurfaces.


Spring Fever

Edge of Alaska - Season 2

As Jeremy rushes to finish his new barn, he learns shocking news. Plus, Jenny gets stranded with her newborn and must fight for their survival.


Avant-ed Audi

Wheeler Dealers - Season 16

Mike brings back a modern classic, a rare 2001 Audi S4 Avant. Can Ant fix a mysterious engine leak, systemic problems in the cabin and an ugly dent in the...



Building Brady

Fast N' Loud - Season 6

Actor Barry Williams hires Richard and the Gas Monkeys to build a specially-themed station wagon. But, a series of mysterious mishaps delay the project.


Episode 12

Outback Truckers - Season 8

As the Covid-19 lockdown continues the truckers experience police checkpoints and ghost towns. Meanwhile, salvage truckers Michael and Bozza struggle to find rich pickings.


The $6 Million Cut

Gold Rush - Season 11

Parker's record-setting pace rests in the hands of mechanic Shane Smith. Meanwhile, Tony taps out the Megacut and pivots to open more ground.


Overproof And Under The Gun

Moonshiners - Season 10

Mark and Digger attempt oatmeal raisin shine for a high-flying Nashville customer. Plus, Mike and Jerry overdeliver on proof to a biker gang.


What's A Smoke Wolf?

Mountain Monsters - Season 5

The team continues their investigation in the Tygart Valley and soon are on the hunt for the source of a mysterious "rattling chain" noise.


Battle Of Britain

Combat Dealers - Season 3

At Biggin Hill, Bruce visits a collector's haul of WWII Spitfires. Plus, the twins prepare some WWII artillery guns to export to Australia - but it's no easy feat.