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Paranormal Anomaly

Expedition Bigfoot - Season 2

After recording a possible Sasquatch disappearing across a river, the team revisit the site and encounter more than they bargained for.


Bro, Hold My Fear

Naked And Afraid - Season 9

Four male survivalists who tapped in previous challenges seek redemption in South Africa. Humbled by their past failures, can they make it to 21 days?


Full Throttle Throwdown

Moonshiners - Season 8

Fast cars collide with backwoods tradition as Josh Owens hits the track on the Carolina Dragway. It's vintage cars only in this race for glory.


Lamborghini Urraco

Wheeler Dealers - Season 10

Mike heads out to Poland to bag a Lamborghini Uracco. However, the price of this classic is rising due to Lamborghini's 50th anniversary, can Mike bag a bargain?


Lincoln Continental

Wheeler Dealers - Season 11

Mike tracks down a Lincoln Continental, which set new style standards for luxury sedans in the 1960s. But tastes have changed and Edd hatches a refurb plan.



Deadliest Catch - Season 10

A saboteur seeks an early end for the Cape Caution. Meanwhile, Cornelia Marie Captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus fight to regain control of their crew.


Dead Of Winter

Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch - Season 1

With several critical projects to complete, the Raneys face a season-ending winter storm. The family rushes to make the cabin liveable through winter.


Radio Silence

Flying Wild Alaska - Season 3

Ariel disappears from radio contact, putting emergency services on red alert. Over the village of Hopper Bay, pilot Erik Snuggerud battles to touch down.


Episode 1

How It's Made - Season 10

More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how they are made, including magnets, cooked ham, silver-plated teapots and crash test dummies.


Episode 2

How It's Made - Season 10

More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how they are made, including curling stones, refrigerators, aluminium baseball bats and opalescent glass.


1977 Honda CVCC

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

The guys want to tackle something eco-friendly, and they get their wish when Mike chooses the original 'Econobox', a 1977 Honda CVCC that needs a rebuilt engine.


Episode 10

Plane Reclaimers - Season 1

It's pouring down with rain as the team wait for an Airbus A321 to land from Turkey. Young apprentice Jack is excited to be marshalling his first airplane in to...


Glory Hole On The Hill

Gold Rush - Season 12

Parker's crew sinks a loader setting up Big Red and clocks in their first double-gold weigh of the year. Tony finds a gold-rich glory hole at the Megacut.


Robbing Parker To Pay Parker

Gold Rush - Season 12

Rick returns to the Deep Cut to settle the score. Parker does the unthinkable to get down to gold at Mud Mountain, and Fred sends away his son-in-law.


Rocky Mountains

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

In the area of Colorado known for its unpredictability and wild animals, daring mountain bikers build their own self-sufficient retreat, featuring a bike park.


Fire On The Forty

Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch - Season 1

An inferno engulfs Marty and Mollee's cabin at the onset of winter, and the Raneys rush to complete the unfinished clifftop cabin with heat, water and power.


1965 Land Rover IIA

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

Edd and Mike set the challenge to find the ultimate bug-out vehicle that would ceaselessly run, and there was only one contender: the Land Rover Series IIA!



Episode 1

Salvage Hunters - Season 1

Drew is delighted by a collection of rare vehicles until he realizes they are not all for sale. Plus, will a traditional scrapyard have anything promising to offer?



Kindig Customs - Season 6

The Pontiac Tempest build continues as bodywork is completed and Dave has designed a killer new colour. Kevin shows off his powder-coating skills on a custom chassis.


Panama Canal Jackpot

Gold Rush - Season 13

Parker's push for a record season could cost him a wash plant. Tony gambles on a 30-year-old beast to finish the season and the Claytons must make a big move.


The Void

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch - Season 2

After Duane makes a costly mistake, Eric and Chad finally discover what they've been looking for. However, the crew gets distracted by mysterious intruders


Flying Blind

Aircrash Confidential - Season 3

Airplane collisions are an incredibly rare but devastating event. With so much free space to manoeuvre and airspace tightly controlled, how do they happen?


Amazoned Out

Naked And Afraid - Season 6

Two superfans are dropped deep in the Amazon rainforest. The duo must deal with torrential rain, relentless bugs and extreme sleep deprivation.