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Episode 5

Destroyed in Seconds - Season 1

A series of explosions threatens downtown Dallas; a pilot is trapped after a freak helicopter accident; a daredevil biker survives a crash at 200mph; and a typhoon strikes Japan.


Episode 6

Destroyed in Seconds - Season 1

A pilot fights to escape a helicopter accident, a powerboat spins out of control at 125mph, a tanker fire erupts into an 1,800 degree fireball and a plane crashes from...


Easier Said Than Done

Naked And Afraid - Season 2

A nurturing mother, and an independent adventurer try to survive in the rainforests of Nicaragua. Can they conquer two weeks Naked and Afraid?


La Casa Del Camino

Fast N' Loud - Season 4

Aaron bets Richard that the Monkeys can finish a 1980 El Camino a week ahead of schedule. But last-minute problems threaten to push them past the deadline.


Siberia Part 1

Ultimate Survival - Season 2

Bear parachutes into Siberia, one of the coldest places on Earth, where he snacks on mosquito larvae, makes a deerskin toboggan and swims under a frozen lake.


Tricks Of The Trade

Tanked - Season 1

A skateboard ramp tank has Wayde & Brett grinding their gears to find a solution to keep the acrylic from scratching. Plus, the team builds an octopus tank.


Bird's-Eye Barn

Barnwood Builders - Season 3

The team take down a massive double-pen barn in southern Indiana. While they work to save every log, Mark visits an incredible lodge built from a different barn.


Liar Liar

Baggage Battles - Season 2

The Baggage Battlers attend a well-kept secret sheriff's auction in Shreveport, LA. Billy scores a touchdown with his winnings, while a local sheriff interrogates Mark.


Homestead for the Holidays

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 3

Otto decides to give his "Wacky Yak" to a friend, but the gift rejects the idea of being given. Meanwhile, Atz Lee gathers lumps of coal for his gifts.


Predators and Prey

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 3

Bears and wolves remind the Kilchers that humans aren't always the apex predator on the homestead, but threats to their welfare come in all shapes and sizes.


Extreme Seasons

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 3

The Kilchers' lifestyle is dictated by the seasons, from rescuing calves born in late winter snow to fighting swarms of mosquitos in almost 24 hour solstice sun.


Episode 1

Aussie Gold Hunters - Season 2

After a crippling five-month shutdown put a huge strain on the business, the pressure is on for bushland gold miners The Dirt Dogs. And solo prospector Rick Fishers joins the...


Episode 2

Aussie Gold Hunters - Season 2

As Gold Gypsies Chris and Greg Clark start their season with heartbreak, the Dirt Dogs hit a possible jackpot. And wild western team Ted and Lecky Mahoney hit the gold...


Episode 3

Aussie Gold Hunters - Season 2

Kellie and Henri unleash a new piece of tech on a vast salt lake. And in a remote frontier town, a chance meeting could turn a crisis into a jackpot...


Episode 4

Aussie Gold Hunters - Season 2

On the verge of a huge payday, the Dirt Dogs face up to a possible disaster, while Ted and Lecky's mission to find a one-in-a million nugget turns into a...


Episode 5

Aussie Gold Hunters - Season 2

As lone wolf, Rick Fishers, teams up with a gold field legend, Ted and Lecky uncover a bounty of historic finds. Meanwhile, the Gold Gypsies embark on high risk mission.


'48 Chevy Fleetmaster

Fast N' Loud - Season 1

Richard, Aaron, and the crew try to update a '48 Chevy Fleetmaster. They then face a tough Oklahoma crowd at the auction for their Chevy and a '63 Caddy.


Ramshackle Rambler

Fast N' Loud - Season 1

The crew revive a rusty '59 Rambler and Richard tries to add value to his new Willis Coupe Gasser by proving its connection with a legendary drag racing team.


Amazing Impala

Fast N' Loud - Season 1

The crew uncover a '64 Impala buried in 10 years of debris. A 1951 Bruco Fire Truck sparks Richard's fancy as does a 1955 Caddy Coupe de Ville nicknamed Dolly.


Bye Bye Beardy/Build To Mega Race Part I

Fast N' Loud - Season 4

Aaron has shock news - just as Richard agrees to a drag strip showdown with Street Outlaws' Big Chief, so the crew must build the race car.



Get Another One

Kindig Customs - Season 3

The owner of a 1969 Camaro has a very specific mission for Dave. Plus, the shop is challenged to repair a convertible top.


Road Rage

Chrome Underground - Season 1

International car pickers Yusuf Johnson and Antonio Brunet risk their lives hunting for the rarest cars in the deadliest countries, before heading back to USA to flip them.


Episode 2

Bangla Bangers - Season 1

Bernie and Leepu are looking for another rust bucket to turn into a super-car, but everything is in good condition. Luckily, a friend helps out.