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Hell's Crack

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Season 4

In an area known to locals as "Hell's Crack," Parker and his team navigate a dangerous river, battle extreme heat and fight machine breakdowns to prospect rich ground.


Blue Room Bonanza

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine - Season 2

Chris makes an incredible discovery that sets the team up on the best gold all season. As winter starts to close in, Dave gets a hot tip that takes him...


Arctic Mega Storm

Deadliest Catch - Season 13

The season's first storm rocks the fleet as Sig plays cat-and-mouse with towering waves. Keith sees an 800-lb crab pot launch into a deckhand's spine.


Hell's Crack

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Season 4

In an area known to locals as "Hell's Crack," Parker and his team navigate a dangerous river, battle extreme heat and fight machine breakdowns to prospect rich ground.


The F Five Ohhhhhhh

Kindig Customs - Season 3

Otto Vega's Ford 150 crosses the finish line, and the guys scramble to get the exhaust, the colour of the car and the engine just right.


It's Like 1929 In Here

Kindig Customs - Season 3

Dave buys a 1929 Roadster that he wants to fix up and flip, but Kevin fears he's bought another lemon. Kris tackles an engine that won't cooperate.


Blister Packs/Deli Slicer/Oysters

How It's Made - Season 18

Everyday items go under the spotlight. How pharmaceutical blister packs, deli slicers and weather vanes are made.


Channel Islands: Nazi Occupied Britain

Combat Dealers - Season 3

Bruce heads to a Martello Tower on the Channel Islands. Plus, the twins must get a WWII Napalm filled flamethrower ready for a buyer.



Ed Stafford: First Man Out - Season 1

Ed Stafford is paired against survival supremo and famed endurance athlete Matt Graham. He climbs into the deadly Gobi Desert, facing sand storms and extreme dehydration.



Marooned with Ed Stafford - Season 2

Ed tests his survival skills in the deserts of Namibia. It's the end of a long dry season and Ed has to build his strength in the fierce heat to...



Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell - Season 1

Bear heads to Morocco's searing Sahara Desert to re-live the experience of desert survivors and face the extreme challenges they had to face. How will he get on?


The Hunger Game

Survive That! - Season 2

The Dudes drop newbie Casey Anderson on British Columbia's frigid Pemberton Ice Cap, home to some of the most dangerous bear country in the world.


BMW Isetta

Wheeler Dealers - Season 9

Mike tracks down an Isetta Bubble. Part-car and part-motorbike, this classic is great to drive, but will be expensive to restore. Can Edd and Mike make a profit?


The Spoils Of War

Gold Rush - Season 8

It's judgement day on Parker and Todd's 100-ounce bet! Whilst Parker chases a record breaking total, Todd desperately tries to keep his crew from falling apart.


Win Big Or Die Trying

Gold Rush - Season 8

Executive Producer Christo Doyle puts the cast and crew on the hot seat to find out what really happened in the previous season.



Combat Dealers - Season 4

Bruce finds a picture in his attic from Dunkirk, given to him by a soldier who was there. Bruce and Hus go on a hunt for kit that tells the...


The Day The Homestead Caught Fire

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 7

Otto feels the heat after a chimney fire threatens to destroy his cabin. Meanwhile, Atz Lee and Jane embark on a dangerous ice fishing mission.


Colorado Mountain Lodge

Building Off The Grid - Season 3

A Colorado couple builds one of the most energy-efficient homesteads in the state. Mother Nature and original technologies give them a run for their money.



Wheeler Dealers - Season 10

Mike tracks down a TVR Cerbera for just £8,000. However, these classic sports cars are susceptible to rust. Can Edd patch it up or will the chassis need replacing?



Racing A Junkyard Porsche - Part 1

Fast N' Loud - Season 3

Aaron's plan to build a "junkyard Porsche" to take on Richard's 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S goes awry when the pricey conversion kits don't fit.


Episode 1

Supertruckers - Season 3

Steve and Sam get into deep trouble transporting a state-of-the-art Navy mine sweeper. Plus Simon has his hands full cleaning up after moving a 40-tonne vehicle.


MSC Oscar

Mighty Ships - Season 10

The container ship MSC Oscar is one of the largest ships on earth, transporting 20,000 crates of cargo. It traverses the world, from China and Malaysia to Germany.


Cascade Mountain Escape

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

A couple is building their 2,400-square-foot dream cabin deep in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Will they complete the job in six months?


Paydirt Or Bust

Lost Mines: Restored - Season 1

Alex and Kevin renovate a mine's machine shop so the mine can begin generating income. The guys negotiate a deal that could be their biggest payoff yet.


Quake Shattered

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

After a devastating earthquake, Marty saves a log cabin from crumbling to the ground while Misty replaces a collapsed greenhouse and Matt constructs a new building.