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Dave takes on a build 80 years in the making as a ’34 Dodge enters the shop. Plus, a ’67 Impala needs an upgrade and Dave checks in on a ’48 Ford Pickup.


Episode 8

I Blew Your Inheritance On A Bitchin' Ride

Tad Leach wants Kindig It Design to build his dream car. A rare 1958 Lincoln Continental is the new challenge and Dave is going big!

Episode 9

A Lincoln Legend

With 'The Boss's approval, the continental build continues, featuring a custom blue colour and huge V12 engine. Dave enlists RMD garage to help get a car hauler.

Episode 10

Land Of 10,000 Bitchin' Rides

Kevin and Dave prepare for the biggest car show in America. At the annual Back To The '50s, over 10,000 cars descend on St. Paul, MN.

Episode 11

If It Was Easy, Anyone Could Do It

A 1967 Chevelle with Great 8 pedigree and high hopes is Kindig It's next challenge. Dave learns the hard way that builds don't always go to plan.

Episode 12

A Family Affair

The team aims to give Charity's dad the retirement gift of a lifetime, converting a '57 Corvette into something special. Can the kids get motivated to help?

Episode 13

It's Getting Hot In Here

It's the last car show of the season. The Fairlane and the Nomad get extra attention and Dave and Kevin check out the best cars in Reno.

Episode 14

The Future Is Now

A '32 roadster bought for a client's wife is secretly shipped to Kindig It for upgrades and styling changes. A 2004 Hummer arrives for a futuristic redesign!

Episode 15

The Secret Client

Dave is tasked with finding and transforming a 1967 GTO for a secret client from South Africa. Meanwhile, Dave buys back one of his first builds, a Karman Ghia.

Episode 16

Bobble-Head Ache

The 67 GTO is ready for its debut, but the team isn't sure about Dave's colour choice. Polished panels, custom upholstery and a fierce engine make it stand out.

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