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18th August


About The Show

Dave Kindig turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding clientele. He works on all types and periods of cars to restore them from the ground up.


Episode 1

Finish What You Start

A 1941 Chevy has been delayed by numerous issues. Now, it's ready for a fresh lick of paint, new wiring and custom interior to fully upgrade this classic car.

Episode 2

Are We Airbrushing This Car?

Dave has a challenge restoring a 1964 Cadillac to its original condition while adding modern updates. Parts are scarce and the car needs a lot of work.

Episode 11

Updating A Classic

A beauty of a car from Kindig's past arrives back in the shop for an engine upgrade. Dave and Kevin head to Detroit to see the latest engine building technology.

Episode 12

Kevin's Mystery Machine

Kevin works on an after-hours project, using an Escalade body on a Suburban chassis to create a SEMA spectacle. He designs every aspect of the car.

Episode 13

The Do-It-Yourself Nova

The pieces that arrived at the shop are allegedly for a Nova, but only the body is recognisable. Plus, Dave hosts a custom car show to mark 20 years in...

Episode 14

Stop And Go

The Nova comes to a finish as Dave chooses a colour, bodywork is completed, and the car moves into the assembly shop. With custom badging and new dash it's the...

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