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10th December


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Dave Kindig turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding clientele. He works on all types and periods of cars to restore them from the ground up.


Dec 10



Episode 3

Just Pick A Color

While the shop has been perfecting the process in building the CF1s, word about the car has gotten out, and potential buyers are lining up.

Dec 17



Episode 4

Blue Suede Cruise

Dave and Kev take the show to the American Midwest, as more than 2,500 cars descend on the Summit Motorsports drag strip for a weekend of fun and RPMs.

Dec 24



Episode 5

A Bitchin' Mission

A regular client enlists Dave and the gang in a mission to make a long-held dream of a father/son road trip along route 66 become reality.

Episode 1

How Hard Can A Hardtop Be?

A 1971 Chevy Nova with tremendous pedigree arrives at the shop to get classic styling cues. Most importantly, Dave wants to make this car into a hardtop.

Episode 2

The Gentleman's Hot Rod

Challenges mount at each stage of this Hot Rod build, and the upholstery shop changes up their routine as the client arrives for a long-awaited reveal.

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