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Gold Blooded

Gold Divers - Season 8

Captain Vernon is on the final leg of his epic journey transporting the Gold Ship Wild Ranger to Nome. Plus, Emily faces ripping currents and an exhausted diver.


Swarm Chasers

Deadliest Catch - Season 15

An old rivalry heats up between Harley and Keith while the fleet chases the king crab super swarm. Rookie captain Mandy hopes to guide the Northwestern to success.


The Big Push

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

The Browns struggle to finish their homes as the ground begins to freeze. Later, Rhain-Alisha goes into labour and the Wolfpack race to be there for the birth.


Gold Blooded

Gold Divers - Season 8

Captain Vernon is on the final leg of his epic journey transporting the Gold Ship Wild Ranger to Nome. Plus, Emily faces ripping currents and an exhausted diver.


Blood In The Water

Deadliest Catch - Season 15

Jake must confront his disorderly crew, forcing him to make a tough decision. Meanwhile, Keith deals with a knife injury to one of his deckhands.


Armoured Vehicles, Tension Fabric Buildings

How It's Made - Season 23

How are armoured vehicles, tension fabric buildings, rowers, and sculpture enlargements made?


Mission Impossible

Combat Dealers - Season 3

Bruce heads to Finland looking for props, including Cold War Russian anti-aircraft guns, for a new blockbuster movie. This could be a big money deal for Bruce.


Human Wolf Pack

Alaskan Bush People - Season 1

Meet the Browns - a family who often go six to nine months without seeing an outsider. The Brown brothers construct a single-room cabin for the family.


Episode 1

Outback Truckers - Season 3

In Townsville, Queensland, long-distance trucker Peter is getting set for a cross-country haul. He has to move this mixed freight through bush, farmland and desert to Darwin.


First Gold

Gold Rush: White Water - Season 1

In the remote Chilkat Mountains, Fred and Dustin Hurt are on a treasure hunt for Alaska's unfound gold deposits. Will they find the first flakes of white water gold?


UFOs And The Presidents: FDR To JFK

UFOs: The Lost Evidence - Season 2

Investigators reveal the secret history of US presidents and their knowledge of UFOs. Do they know more than we think and what are they hiding?


Beyond Reasonable Scout

Fast N' Loud - Season 6

The Monkeys race to be the first to drop a Hellcat motor in their '79 International Scout and fetch the world record for the most expensive ever sold.


Single Point Of Failure

Deadliest Catch - Season 15

With Mandy alone at the helm, a freak accident threatens the Northwestern crew. And, Harley's launcher snaps at the worst possible moment.


Home Alone

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 7

For the first time, the Kilchers film themselves. Eivin and Eve take their kids crabbing. Atz Lee and Jane prep Shane's cabin for his recovery, and Otto buries a pet.


UFOs And Sacred Sites

UFOs: The Lost Evidence - Season 2

New evidence suggests contact with interstellar travellers in the distant past may have influenced many sacred sites. Experts examine the connection.


The Longest Day

Yukon Men - Season 3

Pat is surprised by his nephew's return to Tanana, and Charlie and James go moose hunting to supply food for a traditional ceremony.


Fiberglass, Fiberglass And More Fiberglass

Kindig Customs - Season 5

One of Dave's favourite designs is the Mercedes Gul-Wing, and a client has a kit version. But it has many flaws which need addressed.


Snow Job

Diesel Brothers - Season 1

The crew pulls out all the stops on their crab-walking Super Six rebuild, complete with t-shirt cannon. Plus, Heavy D tackles a five-tonne military truck conversion.



Fast Moving F100

Fast N' Loud - Season 2

Aaron's not impressed by the '72 Ford Pantera Richard picks up. Meanwhile, he and the Monkeys have fun bringing a tired Ford F100 truck back to life.


Episode 7

Supertruckers - Season 3

Matt, Arran and Paul move a giant crane bound for a wind turbine factory over icy roads. Plus, Simon and Sam attempt to move a demolition excavator but are halted...


The Pound Zone

Gold Rush: White Water - Season 3

Dustin's crew finds an ideal claim to mine, but to reach the gold they must make it through the waterfall's pound zone. Meanwhile, Fred brings in a new miner.



Ed Stafford: First Man Out - Season 1

Ed Stafford challenges ultra-fit ex-Marine and ropes expert Aldo Kane to a race across the tangled wilds of Borneo's crocodile-infested mangrove swamps.



Ed Stafford: First Man Out - Season 1

Ed flies to Kazakhstan to take on ex-South Korean special forces soldier Ken Rhee. He encounters dangers such as wolves and life-threatening navigation errors.


Greener Pastures

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 9

With predators stalking the homestead, the family livestock is in danger. Atz Sr and Atz Lee plan a new pasture on Perl Island for safer grazing.