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Someone Was Here

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch - Season 1

The team discovers mysterious ancient markings on a cliffside, and a mining shaft dug deep into the mountain that could lead them right to the gold.


"Take Me To Jail"

Expedition From Hell: The Lost Tapes - Season 1

Mickey loses his grip on the expedition. His questionable motives cause chaos, leading to a kidnapping and a shocking firing.


A Parasite To Behold

Naked and Afraid XL - Season 9

A newly formed tribe stalks and kills a caiman. Plus, a survivalist is on the brink when medics discover parasites in their digestive system.


Hemp Shine

Moonshiners - Season 9

Tickle and the Laws infuse anxiety-reducing CBD into their shine, but the science is anything but stress-free. A mystery bootlegger dominates Mike's turf.


Steamer Baskets, 3-Wheel Scooters

How It's Made - Season 26

More everyday items go under the microscope. How are objects including prefabricated conservatories and copper cookware made?


Mountain Bike Tyres

How It's Made - Season 26

More everyday items go under the microscope, revealing their production. How are objects including leaf and debris vacuums, canned meat and fillet knives made?


No Turning Back

Deadliest Catch - Season 18

A dangerous list forces Sig to jettison pots or capsize the Northwestern. One wrong move in the narrow False Pass causes Jake and the Saga to hit bottom.


Mysteries Of The Ice Mummy

Blowing Up History - Season 4

The 'Iceman' is the world's oldest and most perfectly preserved mummy. Cutting-edge forensic technology may unearth the mummy's darkest secrets.


VE Day Special

Combat Dealers - Season 5

Bruce Crompton marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, sending rare German halftrack vehicles to partake in a battle re-enactment. In France, he seeks VE Day relics.


Big And Bigger

Texas Metal - Season 4

Bill is no stranger to truck builds getting bigger than planned, so it's no surprise when a 1971 Suburban goes even bigger with lifted air suspension and interior.


Toyota Landcruiser

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

Mike and Elvis tackle a classic Toyota Landcruiser. Mike takes a gamble and imports an original 70s one from Japan, not knowing what state it will arrive in.


Volvo 240 Torslanda

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

Mike tracks down one of the most iconic estate cars of all time, the Volvo 240 Torslanda, but it's seen better days. Elvis gets creative with metal to revive it.


Barnwood Gold Mine

Barnwood Builders - Season 5

Mark finds a perfectly preserved bank barn in Pennsylvania. He also visits an incredible bank barn that has been completely renovated into a high-end home.


Mark Finds His Dream Home Barn

Barnwood Builders - Season 5

After years of searching, Mark has found the barn home he wants for himself. Mark also visits a barn that has been transformed into a wedding venue.


Rally Valley Or Bust

Gold Rush - Season 14

Rick bets his season on firing up Monster Red. Tony's dredge suffers a major setback. Meanwhile, the McCaughans break out a crazy contraption.


Bridge Over Troubled Water

Homestead Rescue - Season 5

Oregon homesteaders find their dream in jeopardy following an accident. When the Raneys arrive, they find a dilapidated bridge has cut them off.



Low And Loud

Texas Metal - Season 4

The team drops a new 2020 Denali dually to the floor, so make one of their longest custom chassis ever. And, they get a pro-mod Bel Air back on the...



Kindig Customs - Season 9

Dave and the guys do a huge job on a Hummer! They convert it from two-wheel to four-wheel drive, swap the engine, redo the interior and give it a fresh...


Bull's Blood

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Season 7

Parker prospects in Serra Pelada, the site of Brazil's biggest gold rush. It's produced five billion dollars' worth of gold and is rumoured to hold trillions more.


Boldest Bootleg

Moonshiners - Season 13

The Virginia boys attempt a 500-gallon bootleg from Tickle's restaurant. Plus, Jerry designs what he hopes will be a revolutionary waterless still.


Nimrud: Secrets Revealed

Blowing Up History - Season 6

Stunning CGI animation and the latest archaeological investigations reveal how the most iconic buildings of the ancient worlds were built, stone by stone.


Episode 6

Outback Truckers - Season 7

Veteran trucker Mark Pett hauls a 53-metre load straight into a potential disaster zone of flood and fire. Plus, Sludge has two days to deliver fresh fruit to market.