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Broken Spanish

Moonshiners - Season 11

Tim heads to Oaxaca to uncover the secrets of making Mezcal. With costly corn mash about to expire, Jerry jury rigs auto parts to help accelerate the flow of liquor.



Gold Rush - Season 14

Rick's season is riding on a move to the new Bacon Strip cut. As Parker tries to dig out of his financial hole, the team must deal with a loader...


Submerged Treasure

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch - Season 1

With an access tunnel to an underground cavern finally opened and a tantalising clue discovered, Duane's son Chad takes a risky dive into the flooded cave system.


Land Rover Discovery

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

Mike is seduced by a Land Rover Discovery Mk1 with low mileage. But with no MoT, a leaking sunroof and rust problems, Elvis has his work cut out buying parts.


Audi RS6

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

Mike and Elvis have one of their toughest challenges yet: can they make an Audi RS6 estate car faster than a sportscar? Elvis has doubts after a hazardous test drive.


Land Rover Discovery

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

Mike is seduced by a Land Rover Discovery Mk1 with low mileage. But with no MoT, a leaking sunroof and rust problems, Elvis has his work cut out buying parts.


Golden Boy

Gold Rush: Mine Rescue with Freddy & Juan - Season 2

A young prodigy, his father and grandfather battle wintry weather in central Alaska. Plus, Freddy and Juan race to complete fixes before a snowstorm hits.


Mouth Of The Dragon

Gold Rush: White Water - Season 6

Last week's gold haul has the miners seeing dollar signs! As they venture on another quest for more, Dakota worries the crew are pushing themselves too far.


Brawl Of Duty - Part 1

Gold Divers - Season 11

As tempers flare, the conflict between Shawn and the Kellys becomes physical. Meanwhile, mechanical difficulties plague the Mistress.


Blue Suede Cruise

Kindig Customs - Season 9

Dave and Kev take the show to the American Midwest, as more than 2,500 cars descend on the Summit Motorsports drag strip for a weekend of fun and RPMs.


Military Mishap

Diesel Brothers - Season 3

Work continues on the Diesel rat rod, but Heavy D's latest military build hits a snag. Will the big rig be battle ready in time for the auction?


Episode 4

Salvage Hunters - Season 4

Drew is at a 900 year old Abbey in Somerset where he hopes to strike a deal. Later, he travels to a pedal museum in East Sussex and takes a...


Dakota A-Frame

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

A modern, solar-powered home with a wood-burning fireplace, gourmet kitchen and 400-square-foot loft is built in the stunning Black Hills of South Dakota.


Carolina Catamaran

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

A couple of pro builders attempt a catamaran-style home with a luxury yacht aesthetic, but the couple must build during hurricane season to meet their deadline.


Clear And Pheasant Danger

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

The family join a competitive pheasant hunt ahead of Thanksgiving. Then, Billy and Ami surprise the siblings with new additions to the homestead.


Lost City Of Troy

Blowing Up History - Season 4

Troy is the legendary lost city at the centre of the Trojan War, but its existence was never confirmed. New cutting-edge technology explores the ancient myth.


1970 VW Fastback

Wheeler Dealers - Season 15

Mike finds a 1970 VW Flashback that needs some love and attention from Ant to be roadworthy again. If they can finish the upgrade on time, will they make a...



Episode 5

Salvage Hunters - Season 4

Modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard goes for a climb at a 17th century mansion in Cambridge. Later, he visits a massive salvage yard where he encounters a tough negotiator.


Episode 1

Outback Truckers - Season 7

Veteran Steve is heading to the beach, but he must travel nearly 600km over a notoriously dangerous road to get there. He's on a mission to help to Nick and...


The Big Freeze

Railroad Alaska - Season 2

Jim and Nancy rush to make repairs before the Alaskan winter chases them out of their home. Dan decides to sell his cabin, but first he must find a buyer.


Group Consensus

The Garden: Commune or Cult? - Season 1

Loyalties will be tested and friendships questioned as the vote approaches for Tyler M. and whether he can stay in the commune. Oak has trouble fitting in.


Homemade Highway To Hell

Gold Rush: White Water - Season 6

A medical emergency threatens to end the season before it begins. Kayla fights to gain access to her new claim by building a walkway into the cliffs.


Lost City Of The Gospels

Expedition Unknown - Season 8

Josh heads to the Holy Land to find a lost city where Jesus performed many of his miracles. He reveals an inscription that hasn't been seen in 1,400 years.