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Italy's Lake Monster

Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters - Season 1

Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, travels to Lake Garda in northern Italy to investigate a 16th century monster fish. What secrets is the lake hiding?


Deadliest Catch: Sig Hansen Legacy

Deadliest Catch - Season 12

A massive heart attack forces Sig to reassess his future. As he works to repair his body and his boat, a stress-packed career and lifestyle is examined.


Debris Of Amelia Earhart

Mysteries Of The Deep - Season 2

Jeremy explores aircraft debris that may be linked to the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Plus, he examines an ancient anchor in the Mediterranean.


Ice Age Predator

Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters - Season 1

Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, is on an epic journey to catch a prehistoric monster - the man-sized pike in the lakes of Ireland. Will he find it?


Montana Earth Home

Building Off The Grid - Season 2

At the edge of Yellowstone Park, Herb Johnson's ancestors homesteaded more than 100 years ago. Now, he's ready to build his own off-the-grid home on the land.


Ford Ranchero

Wheeler Dealers - Season 14

Mike and Ant work on one of the first utility vehicles, a '64 Falcon Ranchero. Its vintage features are suffering under a coat of cheap black paint.


Fire At Sea: Part 1

Deadliest Catch - Season 12

Alone on the water, days from land, the Northwestern catches fire. On the Time Bandit, a family emergency forces Johnathan to make a desperate move.


Volcano Home

Building Off The Grid - Season 4

Any building project is stressful especially if the build is in the middle of nowhere. Incredible craftsmanship is needed to stick to deadlines and tackle tricky terrain.


Bear Intruder

The Last Alaskans - Season 3

The Alaskans prepare for trapping season. Heimo's newest cabin may have fallen victim to a marauding bear. Meanwhile, Tyler and Ashley step up their house build.


Life or Death

Flying Wild Alaska - Season 1

When winter claims its first casualty, Jim transports the casket. Plus, Luke feels the pressure when he has to fly dangerous chemicals to an isolated village.


1987 Renault 5 GT Turbo

Wheeler Dealers - Season 17

After years of searching, Mike's found the ultimate '80s hot hatch: the Renault 5 GT Turbo. Can Elvis restore it in time for its new owner's birthday?


Episode 5

Supertruckers - Season 3

John, Steve, Deano and Simon move four huge 90-ton dumper trucks from South Wales to Tilbury docks. Plus, Arran takes modular homes from the Hull manufacturers to a Bedford school.


Back On Gold

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine - Season 2

Dave and the crew turn their trommel up to double speed to get the most gold from Montana's Birdseye mine. Dirty water and unproductive ground prove problematic.



Lone Star Law - Season 3

The wardens are all hands on deck after a massive flash flood rips through Greenville. And, a routine patrol though the Rio Grande leads to an expected encounter.


Seeking Ore

Lost Mines: Restored - Season 1

Modern-day prospectors Alex and Kevin help homesteader Judd and his family re-open a mine and build three much-needed weatherproof structures before winter hits.



Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 6

It's Thanksgiving on the homestead and the Kilchers have dinner at the old Family Barn. It's time to thanks to friends and family that have helped out this past year.


1977 Honda CVCC

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

The guys want to tackle something eco-friendly, and they get their wish when Mike chooses the original 'Econobox', a 1977 Honda CVCC that needs a rebuilt engine.



Once In A Lifetime

Kindig Customs - Season 7

Dave has decided that the time is right to design his own concept car from scratch. It's a huge job that involves all the different departments in the shop.


Turbos & Tailgates

Junkyard Empire - Season 3

Andy loves a crazy car concept, turning an old ambulance into a Maryland sports-mobile. Then, he thinks outside the box to soup-up a car for his buddy in blue.


Mountain Hell

Railroad Alaska - Season 3

Heading to the highest point on the railroad a train battles north to make a crucial delivery. Off grid things get steamy as JT and Marvin build a traditional bath.


Alone: Lonely Like The Wolf

Naked And Afraid: Alone - Season 1

In the Bulgarian mountains, packs of wolves and boars stalk all-star survivalist EJ Synder. Alone and without fire, he is an easy target for predators.


Survive Or Ky Tryin

Naked And Afraid: Alone - Season 1

All-star survivalist Ky struggles in the Amazon rainforest. He faces swarms of mosquitos, blood-thirsty piranhas and caiman-filled waters.



Yukon Men - Season 6

As a new road opens Tanana to the outside world, Charlie confronts and outsider in his own family. Meanwhile, Tanana native, Lorraine, recovers after critical surgery.