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19th August


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Deep in the wilderness lives a family who was born and raised wild. The Browns live off the grid far from civilisation and rely on each other to survive.


Episode 1

Wild Wild Wonderland

Billy rallies the family toward the monumental next stage of North Star Ranch including the discovery of gold mines on the land.

Episode 1

Chaos And Catastrophe

The Browns face a defining year as they prepare for the biggest summer of their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is Billy Brown's final story.

Episode 2

The Legacy Of Billy Brown

The Wolfpack celebrates the remarkable life of patriarch Billy Brown. Through never-before seen footage and interviews, Billy speaks about his legacy.

Episode 2

Scorched Earth

After the wildfire sweeps through the mountain, the Wolfpack returns to their homestead to assess the damage the fire has left in its wake.

Episode 3

Little River And The Big Sea

With the Browns committed to rebuilding, Bear gets the chance to finally meet his son River for the first time. But Bird grapples with her future.

Episode 3

The Way Of The Wolfpack

As the family find themselves at a crossroads after the passing of their patriarch, they celebrate the ways they use those lessons every day.

Episode 4

Back To Browntown

Rain, Snowbird and Bear return to the Alaskan bush for the first time in over three years. Bam Bam and Gabe repair a crucial part of their mountain road.

Episode 4

North Pole To North Star

The Wolfpack vow to make Christmas happier than ever for the newest generation, crafting unique homemade gifts for each other in a Secret Santa exchange.

Episode 5

The Storm And The Sea

An incoming storm threatens to cut the siblings' Alaska trip short. But surprise news from Billy sends them on a quest to reunite with an old friend.

Episode 6

Browntown Boomtown

As the Wolfpack race to build a new "Boomtown" inspired basecamp, an unexpected tragedy strikes, and the family must grieve one of its own.

Episode 7

Bringing Up Babies

The Browns rally to bring Billy's beloved animals to the mountain. Bear and Raiven reconcile, and Bear welcomes son River to North Star for the first time.

Episode 8

One Last Dance, Da'

The Browns are reeling from the death of their patriarch, Billy Brown. They must quickly decide on difficult next steps or jeopardize their mountain dream.

Episode 9

Million-Dollar Mountain

As gold fever strikes, the Wolfpack balances preparations to honour Billy with a mission to haul 80-tons of old goldmining equipment up the mountain.

Episode 10

Heart Of Gold

The Browns meet their match bringing salvaged mining equipment to life. Bird and Rain aim to complete the horseback riding lesson their dad couldn't give them.

Episode 11

All For One

The Browns race to pull together a unique celebration based on a traditional Alaskan custom to honour their late patriarch. But some question the future without him.

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