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7th December


About The Show

It’s autumn at the Brown family’s homestead deep in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest; the furthest they’ve ever lived from civilisation and engineering a fully-functioning ranch on top of a mountain will be their biggest adventure yet.

This season, the Browns are closer than ever to achieving a self-sufficient life in the wild. But, the early onset of winter brings new challenges that could derail their vision. As the Wolfpack’s quest for complete freedom takes a big step forward with livestock, Noah and his new wife Rhain Alisha arrive to start their new life on the mountain with a monumental announcement.

The dream of the family ranch is taking shape and with the Wolfpack expanding, the stakes of a secure homestead are more critical now than ever before.


Coming Soon

Episode 1

Back To The Bush

The Wolfpack arrives on their new property in the most remote frontier of the lower 48. But the long winter wreaks havoc on the family's attempt to settle in.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Breaking Ground

The Browns begin an ambitious barn build, the key to Billy's grand vision. Plus, Noah returns, reuniting the entire wolfpack for the first time since Alaska.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Deep in the Alaskan bush lives a family who was born and raised wild. Billy and Amy Brown - and their seven children - live off the grid and rely...

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Head Above Water

Disaster strikes as floods plague the region, and the Browns must balance the fate of their new community with the success of their homestead.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Call To Duty

Noah invents an ingenious device to rid their homesite of moles. Billy gives daughter Rain major responsibility as barn construction goes full bore at the ranch.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Bird And The Bees

Ami prepares for a critical medical check-up, but Billy has concerns about progress on the homestead while they're away. A rogue bear destroys Bam's new beehives.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Family First

Barn construction is all hands on deck, but someone isn't pulling their weight. The family confronts Bam when he pays more attention to his own projects.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Where There's Smoke There's Fire

The Wolfpack braces for a looming wildfire that threatens completion of the barn. Ami and Billy return with an important health update.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

A New Beginning

The Wolfpack races to complete the first major build of their new ranch. Plus, the Brown family adds a new member as Noah marries his sweetheart Rhain.

Dec 7


Episode 9

Bull By The Horns

The Wolfpack's quest for complete freedom takes a big step forward with new livestock, including a risky longhorn bull. Noah and his new wife Rhain arrive.

Dec 7


Episode 10

The Buffalo Trail

The Wolfpack seizes an opportunity to stockpile meat with their first-ever buffalo hunt. Noah and Bam are left behind to build a mine-cooled meat locker.

Dec 7


Episode 11

Beware The Bear-Crow

As new predators encroach on the ranch, the Browns devise inventive solutions to defend their livestock. Gabe's long-distance girlfriend makes her first visit.

Dec 7


Episode 12

Mountain Emergency

A medical emergency on the Wolfpack's ranch forces them to be more resourceful. And, Gabe's family are concerned when he makes a hasty leap towards marriage.

Dec 7


Episode 13

Winter Is Here

As the first snow falls, the Browns make a risky attempt to move their shelters closer to the barn. Noah prepares his pregnant wife Rhain for her first bush winter.

Dec 7


Episode 14

King Of The Mountain

The Wolfpack kids have divided their land between themselves. They're keen to finish building their houses in time as Noah prepares for the baby's arrival.

Dec 9


Episode 15

The Wolfpack vs. The Wolf

The Browns raise the defences when they find grisly evidence that a new predator is stalking the ranch. And, Gabe builds an apartment for him and Raquell.

Dec 10


Episode 16

Clear And Pheasant Danger

The family join a competitive pheasant hunt ahead of Thanksgiving. Then, Billy and Ami surprise the siblings with new additions to the homestead.

Dec 11


Episode 17

Fowl Weather Friends

Birdie goes on a treacherous hunt to bring home meat for the family and save her chickens from slaughter. Later, Noah constructs an automatic diaper machine.

Dec 12


Episode 18

The Chaos Before The Storm

Winter is approaching and Billy faces a new medical crisis. Plus, a big storm forces Noah and Rhain Alisha to make a tough decision.

Coming Soon

Episode 19

The Big Push

The Browns struggle to finish their homes as the ground begins to freeze. Later, Rhain-Alisha goes into labour and the Wolfpack race to be there for the birth.