The Very Best Shark Shows on TV

Shark Week is the most famous shark series on TV and as soon as it hits our screens we go wild for these wonderful creatures. But it’s not just during that one July week when you can discover the fascinating world of these spectacular swimming superstars. Read on to discover the very best shark television shows, only on the Discovery Channel.

5 October 2021

Sharks fascinate and terrify us in equal measure and there’s so much more to these incredible animals than just the notion that they are simply predatory killing machines.

The best TV shark programmes inform, educate and entertain and sometimes shock us. They teach us what these fascinating fish are really like and cover everything from the Great White Shark to the Lemon Shark, Goblin Shark and more! Read on to discover the very best shark television shows on the Discovery Channel.

What Are The Best Shark TV Shows?

Once Shark Week has been and gone, you can still indulge your shark fascination all year round but with so many remarkable shark shows on Discovery, it’s impossible to say which one is the best. 

We’ve got all sorts for you, from shows about terrifying shark attacks, the strangest and rarest sharks in the sea, the mysterious shark lair in Cuba and the incredibly strange phenomenon of sharks living around volcanoes.

What about the amazing stories of the lucky few who survived shark attacks or the hunt for the largest and most terrifying great white shark ever?

Dive in to discover the TV shark programmes that will get you hooked.

Great White Shark TV Shows

The most famous shark in the world and without rival, the scariest. More shows have been made about this apex predator than any other shark in the sea and each one tells a unique story.

Air Jaws is one of the most popular shark series on TV. Exploring the secret life of the king of the ocean, it gets up close and personal with this fascinating beast.

Bloodline: The Spawn of Jaws  tells the story of what happened to the great whites that lived off the Jersey coast. The public were told they were all caught, captured and killed. But was that fact or fiction? Marine biologist Dr Craig O’Connell believes the bloodline lives on…

Is it possible that a huge great white returns to California’s Surf Beach every two years on almost exactly the same day to kill? Watch Great White Serial Killer to find out…

The Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe are the settings for a host of shark TV shows focusing on the great white. Legends of Deep Blue is the story of the hunt for the world’s largest great white while Guadeloupe Kill Zone follows the great whites into their secret hunting grounds. For a lighter touch, Great White Shark Babies tracks a team of marine biologists as they search for where Guadeloupe’s pregnant sharks have their pups.

And don’t forget the battle to determine who is the biggest of them all – Jaws Awakens: Phred vs Slash.

The Best Shark Television Shows on the Discovery Channel

It’s not all about the great white! Joe Remeiro and Keith Poe uncover some fascinating new footage of mako shark behaviour as well as discovering the largest makos in the ocean in Monster Mako: Perfect Predator and if it’s true-life detective stories you’re after, we have you covered. 

Monster in the Shallows attempts to discover the identity of a mysterious giant shark off the Californian coast while Mystery of the Black Demon Shark seeks to uncover the truth about the legend of a 15+ metre shark that has terrorised tourists and fisherman for generations in the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

In a very remote corner of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island – known as Shark Island – has become the most dangerous place in the world for shark attacks but scientists don’t know why. Can they prevent them?

These incredible shark TV programmes also include some of the very best real-life survival stories. In Sharkwrecked, attack survivor Paul de Gelder and marine survival expert James Glancy spend two days underwater to see how shipwrecked seamen fare in shark-infested waters and the infamous I Was Prey recounts the experiences of the survivors of some of the world’s most vicious shark attacks.

Of course you can always tune in to Shark Week’s 30 Best Bites, a celebration of 30 years of the best shark series on TV!

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Tyson vs Jaws: Rumble on the Reef: Legendary boxer Mike Tyson goes head to head underwater with the most unlikely training partner: a massive shark. He tries to score a TKO, all in the name of research.

Mega Jaws of Bird Island: A team searches and tags the last female South African great white mature enough to carry on the species.

Air Jaws Strikes Back: Shark experts return to Plettenberg, South Africa, with new technology: a "drone-towed" seal decoy to study and capture the harrowing and dramatic battles between shark and seal.

Bear Vs Shark: Bear Grylls has survived the most extreme environments. But what happens when he goes head-to-head with sharks when they have the home field advantage?

I Was Prey: Shark Week: Danger lurks just below the surface in the Pacific Ocean. A woman on an afternoon swim is suddenly attacked by a great white shark. And, a tiger shark attacks a spearfisherman.

Tiger Shark Invasion: Dr. Neil Hammerschlag and Joe Romeiro travel to the Galapagos Islands to observe and document how tiger sharks have re-set one of the world's oldest marine ecosystems.

Great White Serial Killer Lives: Every two years in October a secluded beach on the California coast has been the scene of horrific great white shark attacks. Is it the same shark returning again and again?

Mystery Of The Black Demon Shark: In Mexico, legends swirl around a 50-foot shark that has terrorised fisherman and tourists for generations. Forrest Galante hunts for answers in the rugged, remote Baja Peninsula.

Adam Devine’s Secret Tiger Shark Lair: Adam Devine and a team of marine biologists discovered a secret shark lair. Along with some friends, he finds out what makes this tiger shark party so epic.

Legend of Deep Blue: Shark experts Brandon McMillan and Jimi Partington return to Guadalupe Island to search for the largest great white in the world, Deep Blue. Can they unravel the mystery?

Air Jaws: Marine experts and filmmakers travel to South Africa's Seal Island to uncover the truth about sharks' predatory habits; what makes a Great White jump?

Where to find Shark TV Shows

The best shark television shows are all at the same time exciting, fascinating, educational and occasionally scary and the best place to find them is on the Discovery Channel and on discovery+ now.

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