About The Show

Filmmaker Sean Casey and meteorologist Dr Joshua Wurman are working together to record a tornado at the point of impact. But is it possible?


Episode 1

Storm Catchers

Tornado season erupts early in Oklahoma. Reed gets his Dominator too close, Tim chases multiples, and Sean battles a rain-wrapped monster.

Episode 2

Bigger in Texas

There's still tension in Reed Timmer's team after their twister close call, but they still head out in the Dominator to chase down a tornado spawning storm.

Episode 3

Highway to Hail

Sean wants to rejoin former partner Dr Josh Wurman, and be part of Vortex Two, the largest tornado research mission ever. Will he leave Reed and the Dominator?

Episode 4

Inside the Tornado!

As a perfect storm rages in Missouri, both Reed and Tim chase a violent tornado. While Tim gets too close for comfort, Reed scores the intercept of a lifetime.

Episode 5

Not in Kansas Anymore

Reed, Sean and Tim take on the strongest tornado conditions of the season, as a super storm heads right for the Kansas-Missouri border.

Episode 6

Fight in Flight

Sean's crew and Tim's team face a monster tornado. Meanwhile, Reed launches a remote control plane to drop data-probes into a tornado - a feat never achieved before.

Episode 7

Sean Casey at the Bat

Sean gets the IMAX shot of a lifetime. Meanwhile Josh's team makes history, collecting the most complete tornado life cycle data ever.

Episode 8

EF-3 Strikes You're Out!

On the last chase of the season, Reed and Tim are desperate to achieve their goals, but the Nebraska storms won't give up their secrets without a fight.

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