Episode 1

Fatal Premonition

When a newly-retired schoolteacher vanishes, his daughter fears the worst. But the mysterious events that follow reveal a world of deception and double identity.

Episode 2

Deadly Secret

When 30-year old Katrina Smith, a loving wife and step-mother goes missing, the search for her reveals that her once perfect life had come apart at the seams.

Episode 3

Hunting Ground

Successful model, Julie Popovich, has it all. But when an unknown man snatches her from a bar, her life comes to a halt and a tip points to a hunter...

Episode 4

Cruel And Unusual

When a father finds his teen daughter brutally murdered, a family fights for justice. There's no clear motive and no witnesses until police uncover a betrayal.

Episode 5

Evil Lurks

A mother's worst nightmare becomes reality when her son goes missing. The search comes up empty until a motorist makes a horrific discovery.

Episode 6


A husband returns home to find his wife viciously murdered just steps away from their baby daughter. The clues point to someone she knows, so everyone is a suspect.

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