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Explore the shocking crimes that went viral. Compelling interviews with those directly involved in the internet’s most viral crime clips provide further details of the stories behind the videos.


Episode 1

Do No Harm

On Valentine's Day, a man is visiting his girlfriend at work when a robber leaps onto the counter. And, a man sees a woman being dragged down against her will.

Episode 2


A nurse's aide is walking home from a family gathering when she is kidnapped. But this brave victim stays composed and finds a way to outsmart her attacker.

Episode 3

Don't Mess With My Kid

Two armed thieves approach a young woman to steal her car, but they get a shock when she fights back. And, a father sets up a sting to catch a...

Episode 4

Run With It

Thieves steal a shark from an open tank at an aquarium and make a break for it. And, two inmates make a creative escape by hiding in bins.

Episode 5

Grab And Go

A robber attempts to hold up four young men at gunpoint, but the victims fight back. An armed man storms into a garage, only to be outmatched by an employee.

Episode 6

Bold Moves

A gunfight erupts when a mother and daughter bravely defend their business. And, a man foolishly attempts to rob a martial arts instructor.

Episode 7

Surprise Attack

An armed robber assaults a young woman, but she bravely fights back and fends off her attacker. A motorcycle ride turns into a violent road rage incident.

Episode 8

Caught In The Act

A strange man violently attempts to kidnap a woman's children, but a young wrestler saves the day. A frightening robbery takes place in broad daylight.

Episode 9

No Fear

A man with a large gun attempts to rob a bar, but one customer refuses to comply. And, shoplifters lead police on a dangerous high-speed chase.

Episode 10

Stranger Danger

A man steals a car with two young siblings inside, but one of the kids fights back. Plus, a 12-year-old stands up to the woman trying to kidnap her baby...

Episode 11

Watch Dogs

A man races home to confront two men burglarising his home. Plus, a woman and her child are terrorised by a strange man who enters their house.

Episode 12

Who Let The Dogs Out?

A woman speeds through neighbourhoods in an RV, with two dogs sitting on her lap. And, a woman throws a bag of puppies into a bin.

Episode 13

No, You Don't

In Florida, a woman shopping for bathing suits bravely chases after her harasser. And, two people intervene when an elderly couple get robbed.

Episode 14

Child's Nightmare

A car with children inside heads straight into the ocean. Plus, armed burglars enter a home where two children are peacefully asleep.

Episode 15

Get Out

A man burglarises a house while the homeowners watch helplessly on a streaming security camera. Plus, a woman inexplicably fires a gun into a house.

Episode 16

Out Of Control

A group of friends on a fishing trip find themselves in peril when a speeding boat crashes into them. And, a drunk passenger grabs the wheel from a driver.

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