The Best Known Waterfalls in Singapore

Some say there are no waterfalls in Singapore. And yet, the Garden City has plenty of surprises in store. Read on to discover Singapore's best waterfalls.

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1 June 2023

While its hot, tropical climate means it’s often raining somewhere in Singapore, the Southeast Asian city-state lacks natural waterfalls. This is less surprising than one may initially imagine. Not only is it small, around half the size of London, but it’s also almost entirely flat. However, that’s not to say that there are no Singaporean waterfalls. In fact, some of Singapore’s best waterfalls are record breakers. Ready to learn more? Let’s plunge right in.

The Rain Vortex: The Changi Airport Waterfalls

The Rain Vortex indoor waterfall, Changi Airport (Photographer: Lauryn Ishak/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

When it comes to an iconic cascade, it doesn’t get much bigger than the Changi Airport Waterfalls. Known as the Rain Vortex, this seven-storey high manmade marvel is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. The water falls from an oculus in the ceiling in a sheer vertical drop, forming a perfect 130-foot high cylinder as it connects the top of the building to the bottom. This high-tech water feature appears to be something straight out of science fiction.

Cloud Forest Waterfall

Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay (Photo by: Mikel Bilbao/VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The cloud forest at Gardens by the Bay is a world away from your typical misty subtropical jungle scape, but is spectacular in its own right. An artificial mountain bedecked with exotic greenery from around the globe, its peak also marks the top of another of the waterfalls of Singapore. And if the Changi Airport Waterfalls are from sci-fi, the one in the cloud forest is a fairy tale made real. Backed by a vast wall of foliage, streams of water shoot down some 115 feet.

Crimson Falls

Cave waterfall in Botanic garden of Singapore. (Credit: Mikhail Popov via Getty Images)

From the wandering flamingos to the brightly hued plants, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re in the wetlands of South America in the shadow of the imposing cataract at Mandai Bird Paradise’s Crimson zone. But no. This is yet another of the astonishing waterfalls of Singapore.

Ginger Garden Waterfall

Singapore Botanical Ginger Garden Waterfall. (Credit: Joesboy via Getty Images)

It’s off to the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage site for the next on this list of supreme waterfalls in Singapore. The Ginger Garden is part of Singapore Botanic Gardens and, in addition to hundreds of ginger species, it houses a bucolic cascade. There’s even a walkway behind it.

Imbiah Falls

Fresh water flowing down a waterfall. (Credit: Boris SV via Getty Images)

A trio of Singaporean waterfalls are spread throughout the Imbiah hiking trail on the island of Sentosa, including the multi-tiered Tempini Falls and Dragon Falls.

Singaporean Waterfalls

Cascading water in a tropical jungle in Singapore. (Credit: TommL via Getty Images)

To paraphrase a law of physics, water always finds a way. And people have found a way to recreate one of nature’s most powerful features in the waterfalls of Singapore.


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