About The Show

Dave has his hands full trying to build a 1959 Buick Invicta – which pushes the shop to the max – and even to a foundry straight out of medieval times.


Episode 1

Finish What You Start

A 1941 Chevy has been delayed by numerous issues. Now, it's ready for a fresh lick of paint, new wiring and custom interior to fully upgrade this classic car.

Episode 2

Lean Mean Green Machine

Dave has a challenge restoring a 1964 Cadillac to its original condition while adding modern updates. Parts are scarce and the car needs a lot of work.

Episode 3

Getting Jiggy With It

C-10s are popular, and the team is adding their own touches to make this one unique. Dave makes subtle but ground-breaking changes to a classic.

Episode 4

Car Show To The Stars

Prior to the annual classic car show in Los Angeles, the guys need to shake down a 1962 Corvette and make some design adjustments to a '55 Mercedes Gullwing.

Episode 5

The Last Frontier Cuda

A road warrior from Alaska arrives to add some improvements to an already solid build. To enhance performance, a new exhaust and tips are custom fabricated.

Episode 6

Cut, Replace, Repeat

A simple yet classy Pontiac Tempest arrives for a ground-up build. But after the car is completely stripped, things get complicated.

Episode 7


The Pontiac Tempest build continues as bodywork is completed and Dave has designed a killer new colour. Kevin shows off his powder-coating skills on a custom chassis.

Episode 8


A 1948 GMC truck that has been stuck in the back of the shop for the last three years has finally been sold. But picking up where Dave left off...

Episode 9

It's 1200 Miles To Columbus

Dave and Kevin take the '67 Coronet, '55 Gullwing and '63 Corvette to a car show in Chicago, where they will compete for street rod of the year.

Episode 10

Dave's New Toy

Dave loves anything VW and finds an awesome deal for a rare Transporter pickup. After modifying it, the real dilemma begins: does he keep it or auction it?

Episode 11

Updating A Classic

A beauty of a car from Kindig's past arrives back in the shop for an engine upgrade. Dave and Kevin head to Detroit to see the latest engine building technology.

Episode 12

Back Again...

Kevin works on an after-hours project, using an Escalade body on a Suburban chassis to create a SEMA spectacle. He designs every aspect of the car.

Episode 13

The Do-It-Yourself Nova

The pieces arriving at the shop are allegedly for a Nova, but they are barely recognisable. Plus, Dave hosts a car show to mark 20 years in the business.

Episode 14

Stop And Go

The Nova is almost complete: Dave picks a colour, the bodywork is done, and it's moved into the assembly shop. With custom badging and new dash, it's the full package.