About The Show

Dave Kindig, owner and operator of Kindig-It Design turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. Working on all types and periods of cars we’ll see cars rendered, designed, built, and restored from the ground up.


Episode 1

Let The Chef Cook

Dave and the crew start on a 1966 Corvette, but one major challenge lies ahead: his client doesn't want the colour to be anywhere close to its original green.

Episode 2

Let's Make Green Great Again

After some intense development, the client is happy with the shade of green Dave has concocted. But will he fall for it when he sees it in on the car?

Episode 3

Easy Does It

A returning client is back with another classic, a 1965 Mustang Fastback. He likes to keep a stock look, but with updated drivetrain and modern amenities.

Episode 4

Thank You For Your Service

An active-duty serviceman wants to get his '51 Ford pickup finished once and for all. They get to work stretching the cab and redesigning the front end.

Episode 5

Unfinished Business

The '51 Ford pickup is ready for final assembly. But the team hit problems prepping it for a serviceman who is returning from a year away in a war zone.

Episode 6


A local business owner wants the team to put his fire-damaged '32 Ford back together. Plus, a 1967 Mustang arrives with a nasty engine vibration.

Episode 7

Fastback Fever

Dave designs a Mustang for the ages to compete in the Optima Challenge. The build includes a new front facia and hood and redesigning the rear end.

Episode 8

Challenge Complete

The 1965 Mustang makes its way through the metal shop and is now ready for paint and final assembly. But making it function will test even the Kindig crew.

Episode 9

Once In A Lifetime

Dave has decided that the time is right to design his own concept car from scratch. It's a huge job that involves all the different departments in the shop.

Episode 10

It's Alive!!

All the Concept Corvette's elements are built and assembled, but Dave needs to find a buyer. Plus, a rock 'n' roll icon brings his '34 Ford coupe to the shop.

Episode 11

Just A Couple Heres And Theres

A 1964 Corvette arrives at the shop for a simple repaint. But the build quickly careens into much more with new wheels and a whole new interior.

Episode 12

Back From The Dead

An abandoned '67 C10 that has been sitting for years has been sold to a client. He wants a few new touches, but closer inspection reveals more work is needed.

Episode 13

That's Never Been Done

Dave convinces the client to make the '67 C10 truck into a convertible. Plus, Kevin takes on a new personal project with a Cadillac Escalade.

Episode 14

The Convertible C10

The engineering on the convertible C10 works in theory, but making it work in practice is the next step. A team bring in a replica '67 Cobra with a bad...

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