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15th April


About The Show

Strangers come together to live naked in the wilderness for 21 days. They will brave the harshest of elements and fight off starvation and dehydration in remote locations around the world. With no protection from hostile predators, the partners must rely on each other to make it through the entire 21-day challenge and prove they are able to survive in the wild, naked and afraid.


Apr 15



Episode 3

Blood, Sweat And Fears

Two survivalists are back for redemption in the Mexican jungle. They must deal with torrential rain and a machete accident threatens to send them home early.

Apr 22



Episode 4

Shaken And Very Stirred

Two survivalists take on Subic Bay, an area prone to extreme natural disasters. They must contend with rainstorms and territorial monkeys.

Episode 1

Honeymoon From Hell

A recently married couple take on the perilous Philippine jungle. Their relationship is put to the test by relentless bugs, deadly boars and torrential rain.

Episode 2

Close Encounters

Two strangers are dropped in one of the most dangerous locations in Africa in the middle of summer. They face aggressive hippos and charging elephants.

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