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Two survivalists have to survive for 21 days with no food, water or clothes in one of the world’s most extreme and remote locations. How will they get on?


Episode 1

No Gear, No Fear

A backpacker and experienced hunter attempt to survive 21 days in a swampy Argentine savanna teeming with mosquitoes and violent subtropical storms.

Episode 2

No Holds Barred

A tough-as-nails MMA fighter and a professional paramedic need to dig deep to survive 21 days in the brutal caiman infested jungle of Rupununi, Guyana.

Episode 3

Not Today, Satan

Two survivalists attempt to endure 21 days in Mexico's Devil's Canyon. It's notorious hellscape where no one else has managed to make it past one week.

Episode 4

Cry for Me, Argentina

A survivalist and an outdoorsman take on 21 days in the rugged wilderness of Argentina. But freezing night-time temperatures push the pair to their limits.

Episode 5

Taste Of Their Own Medicine

For the first time, two series crew members attempt to survive 21 days in front of the camera. They face relentless swarms of insects and a lack of food.

Episode 7

Bro, Hold My Fear

Four male survivalists who tapped in previous challenges seek redemption in South Africa. Humbled by their past failures, can they make it to 21 days?

Episode 10

Welcome To America!

Two foreigners try to become the first survivalists to endure 21 days on US soil. But rattlesnakes and plummeting temperatures threaten to send them home.

Episode 11

Beauty And The Beasties

An expert hunter and an Air Force veteran attempt to survive in Zambia where they are preyed upon by deadly lions, aggressive baboons and elephants.

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