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27th January


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Two survivalists have to survive for 21 days with no food, water or clothes in one of the world’s most extreme and remote locations. How will they get on?


Episode 1

Abandoned Village

A geologist and a nomad must survive for 21 days in the mosquito-infested marshes of Botswana's Okavango Delta. They face danger from bull elephants and hippos.

Episode 2

Valley Of The Leopards

Zambia's Luangwa Valley is home to fierce hyenas and crocodiles. Can a returning survivalist and a military veteran survive in this merciless land?

Episode 3

Episode 3

Deadly jaguars and swarms of insects thrive in the Chiapas rainforest. Can Shanika and Jeremy be the first survivalists to last a full 21 days in this ominous jungle?

Episode 4

Night Stalkers

A wilderness guide and a software engineer try to endure 21 days in the Botswana desert. But at night, their safety is threatened by lions and aggressive elephants.

Episode 5

Fallen Farmer

Terra and Shaun struggle to survive in the dense brush of Pia Manzi, Zambia. They must endure scorching heat, painful injuries, and man-eating crocodiles.

Episode 6

Next Gen Survival

The children of two all-star survivalists face the threat of deadly vipers and relentless fire ants in a Mexico jungle. Can Waylon and Julia last the full 21 days?

Episode 7

Haunted And Hungry

Zach and Ann must endure intense heat, mosquitos and deadly snakes to survive in Santa Catalina. This Colombian jungle has a bloody past and is said to be cursed.

Episode 8

Opposites Don't Attract

A wilderness EMT and a tough homesteader try to survive in a coastal Colombian jungle. But when their priorities clash, their partnership becomes volatile.

Episode 9

Sibling Survival

After his brother is medically tapped, a South African sibling seeks redemption in Zambia, paired with an endurance athlete from Louisiana.

Episode 10

Battle Of The Sexes

One team of men and one team of women attempt to survive in South Africa's unforgiving Vhembe Bush. Who will triumph in this 21-day battle of the sexes?

Episode 11

Episode 11

Two survivalists must survive for 21 days with no food, water or clothes in one of the world's most extreme and remote locations. How will they get on?

Episode 14

Legends And Rookies

Legends Max and Rylie are dropped in the South African bush with two novice fans to try and survive 21 days with cobras, warthogs, rhinos and leopards.

Episode 16

Lost In Translation

An American and a Brazilian survivalist are dropped into the unforgiving South African bush, only to discover that neither of them speaks each other's language.

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