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13th April


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Two survivalists have to survive for 21 days with no food, water or clothes in one of the world’s most extreme and remote locations. How will they get on?


Apr 13



Episode 3

This Is Harder Than It Looks

A photographer and an engineer take on Limpopo, South Africa. But after ten days without food, these fans question their ability to make it to the end.

Apr 18



Episode 11

Put Up Or Shut Up

Two superfan critics use their armchair survival knowledge to try to endure fourteen days in the jungles of Colombia. Can they prove themselves?

Apr 25



Episode 6


After surviving a nasty fall, a stunt rider attempts to endure 21 days in Colombia. But when she and her partner fail to find food, they must grapple with starvation.

Episode 1

Surviving The Road To Recovery

Two former addicts attempt to survive in the searing Black Hills of South Africa. They face man-eating crocodiles, prowling lions and venomous snakes.

Episode 2

Death By Crocodile

A hunter and a farmer attempt to survive in South Africa. When the wildlife proves too stealthy to hunt, the survivalists take a life-threatening risk for food.

Episode 5

There Will Be Blood

In this international tribes challenge, one female survivalist must cope with menstruation in the middle of the African wilderness.

Episode 8

Runaway Bride

A survivalist postpones her wedding to try to make it to 21 days with a British commando in the mosquito-infested Colombian tropics.

Episode 10

Colombian Cave Women

In this all-female tribe's challenge, two veteran survivalists return to mentor two newcomers on the perils of San José Del Guaviare, Colombia, for 21 days.

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