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Two survivalists have to survive for 21 days with no food, water or clothes in one of the world’s most extreme and remote locations. How will they get on?


Episode 1

Come Hell And Black Water

A homesteader and a military veteran take on Florida's brutal black water swamp. Can they handle venomous snakes and torrential rain?

Episode 2

Monkey Business

A biologist and an Australian bushman form an intimate bond as they take on the Namibian desert. They search for scarce food while territorial baboons track them.

Episode 3

Stars Against The Storm

Deep in the jungle in Ecuador, all-stars Suzanne and Wes fight the elements. The humidity, insects and terrain test their skills like never before.

Episode 4

Bite Me

A former male cheerleader and a cowgirl take on the South African bush. But potentially deadly tick bites and scorpion stings put their challenge at risk.

Episode 5

The Devil's Woods

The frigid Montana wilderness pushes the survivalists to breaking point. As they struggle to work together, bears and aggressive moose circle their camp.

Episode 6

Sand Trapped

In the Chihuahuan Desert on the US border with Mexico, two all-star survivalists attempt to stay for 21 days. Can they handle the extreme temperatures and animals?

Episode 7

No Rain, No Gain

Torrential downpours hit the survivalists as soon as they're dropped into the Georgia rainforest. The pair create a bond that leads to a life-changing decision.

Episode 8

Mile-High Clubbed

Two survivalists are tested in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. They face hailstorms and hypothermic conditions during their 21-day challenge.

Episode 9

A Tangled Web In Texas

An impulsive adventurer is paired with a cautious archaeologist in the Texas desert. Together, they must endure scorching days, frigid nights, and tarantulas.

Episode 10

Okay, Boomer

A pair of survivalists pushing 50 and a pair in their early 20s take on the Sonoran Desert. They are tested by mountain lions, gila monsters and unrelenting heat.

Episode 11

Shart Attack

A Scout and a mum struggle to survive in the Arizona desert. When nature calls, a fan's risky survival strategy backfires and endangers their challenge.

Episode 12

The Death Ledge

Three young survivalists test their skills in the coastal rainforest of Ecuador. They risk their lives scaling a massive rock cliff to forage for food.

Episode 13

Gag Me With A Turtle

Two fans take on 14 days in South Africa's brutal landscape. Will killing their own food and drinking rank water be harder to endure than they anticipated?

Episode 14

Two is a Crowd

Survivalist Lynsey finds herself at odds with her companion Darvil, whose lone-wolf tendencies become destructive in the gruelling terrain of Lapalala, South Africa.

Episode 15

Baskets and Bullet Ants

All-stars Fernando and Dani return to a rainforest in Ecuador for their third challenge, where jaguars, caiman, anacondas, and bullet ants are on the prowl.

Episode 16

USA vs. World

For the first time, two teams of international survivalists converge in South Africa for the ultimate challenge: USA versus the World. Who will endure?

Episode 17

Buffalo Bait

In South Africa, two fans attempt a 14-day challenge in the middle of dangerous cape buffalo territory. Heavy rains and erratic temperatures test their skills.

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