Episode 1

The Stumble to War

The 1918 Treaty of Versailles was intended to prevent another war in Europe. Why did it fail so catastrophically, and did it contribute to the rise of Hitler?

Episode 2

The End of Illusion

After strengthening Germany with the Anschluss, why did Hitler threaten Czechoslovakia; and how did the public mood in Europe turn from appeasement to anger?

Episode 3

The War That Wasn't

Why did Britain and France sacrifice Czechoslovakia in an attempt to appease Hitler; and how did the Nazi invasion of Poland provoke all-out war?

Episode 4

A Kind of Victory

In May 1940, Winston Churchill became Britain's prime minister, and the war in Europe intensified. How did the surrender of France affect the British people?

Episode 5

Time of Legend

In 1940 the battle for Britain's survival was fought in the skies over southern England. How did technology and individual courage defeat Hitler in the air?

Episode 6

The World Shall Hold its Breath

How did British cities withstand the Luftwaffe's relentless attacks in the blitz? Plus, how did Greece repel Italy's attempted invasion?

Episode 7

The Day of Infamy

Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbour, a US Navy base in Hawaii, and how did this change the course of WWII? Plus, why did Operation Barbarossa falter?

Episode 8

Six Months to Run Wild

As fighting in the Pacific intensified, and the Mediterranean grew in significance, why did Hitler turn his attention to the Russian city of Stalingrad?

Episode 9

The End of the Beginning

Why did Churchill and Roosevelt believe they could secure the unconditional surrender of all Nazi forces? Plus, Montgomery creates his own desert legend.

Episode 10

The Beginning of the End

As Axis forces retreated around the world and the Italians deposed Mussolini and surrendered, why did the Allied leaders plan to invade Western Europe?

Episode 11


By the spring of 1944 it was clear that the Allies needed to invade Western Europe to finish the war. But why did attempts to bring an end to the...

Episode 12

Unconditional Surrender

How did the Russians drive the Germans out of Russia; how did America defeat Japan despite fanatical resistance; and why was France pivotal to the Allies?

Episode 13

The Presence of History

How did atomic bombs, dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, end Japan's imperial dreams; and why did America and Britain fear an expansionist Soviet Union?

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