Episode 1

In Cold Blood

A family mysteriously go missing from their home in Hudson, Florida, and loved ones fear the worst. After a frantic search the family are found, but not all are alive.

Episode 2

Blood On The Tracks

After a father is murdered by a masked assassin in Silver Lakes, California, detectives uncover a dark tale of betrayal. Who is the mysterious killer?

Episode 3

Blood Creek

A teenager found dead on high school grounds panics a Kentucky town. Investigators find a wall of lies and false confessions that cross state lines.

Episode 4

Dead Before Sunrise

Greenup, Kentucky, hasn't seen a homicide for decades, let alone one with ritualistic signs. Detectives find themselves in pursuit of a mysterious biker.

Episode 6

Blood Jungle

In Maui, a mother reports her pregnant daughter missing to police. As search parties comb the jungle, the discoveries get more horrifying and the lies more complex.

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