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Brits love to escape the miserable weather for sunny skies and sandy beaches. But what happens when a trip to paradise turns into a bloody nightmare?


Episode 1

Jamaica: Murder In The Mountains

A Manchester couple was enjoying their retirement in Jamaica but in 2018 were victims of a fraud. Weeks later, they were found dead at their home.

Episode 2

Sri Lanka: Death At The Beach

On Christmas Day 2011, an aid worker was on holiday in Sri Lanka when he broke up an altercation in a hotel bar. His selfless act would end in murder.

Episode 3

Thailand: Murder At Sea

A couple's dream retirement in Thailand became a nightmare when pirates boarded their yacht. What followed was a terrifying hostage ordeal, and murder.

Episode 4

Australia: Murder On The Bridge

In January 2002, a Yorkshire teenager set off backpacking around Australia. Months later, her body was found at the bottom of the Bundaberg Bridge.

Episode 5

Seychelles: A Body In The Park

When the body of a Royal Navy sailor was found in a park in the Seychelles, his parents believed something sinister happened to him the night he died.

Episode 6

Egypt: Terror In Paradise

In 2005, a couple's holiday in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, is shattered when a series of bombs are detonated. Their parents discuss their desperate search.

Episode 7

Grenada: The Body In The Suitcase

In 2009, young mother Nixiann Downes-Clack went missing from her island home in Grenada. Her family speak about the desperate search to find her.

Episode 8

Tanzania: Shot From The Sky

Helicopter pilot Roger Gower helped spot illegal poachers in Tanzania. In 2016, Roger didn't return from one of his routine missions.

Episode 9

India: The Body In The Tree

Stephen Bennett was vacationing in Goa, India, when he accidentally got involved in a series of events that led to him fearing for his life.

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