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10th December



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Friday The 13th

Terror grips Wylie, Texas when young mother Betty Gore is hacked to death with an axe. Is a copycat killer on the loose? Or is the truth more shocking than...

Coming Soon

Episode 2

The Libertyville Horror

When one of Libertyville's wealthiest couples is gunned down in bed, the community is shocked. Was is a robbery - or did the family harbour dark secrets?

Coming Soon

Episode 3

The Newlywed Murder

When Lisa Solomon disappears on Christmas eve, her family search relentlessly. Did she leave her new husband in the night, or is something more sinister at play?

Coming Soon

Episode 4

The Copycat Killer

When rising star Rebecca Schaeffer is murdered, Hollywood panics. Detectives investigate who killed the beloved actress, and if a copycat killer is on the loose.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Phantom Killer Of The Opera

31-year-old violinist Helen Mintiks is found murdered in an airshaft at the Metropolitan Opera House. Could there be a real life Phantom of the Opera?

Coming Soon

Episode 6

The Cotton Club Murder

When the body of Vaudeville producer Ray Radin is found, police are at a loss. Is his death the due to a film deal gone bad or dealings with a...

Coming Soon

Episode 7

The Dixieland Murders

In 1987, Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife are found murdered in their home. Their daughter sets out on a decade-long quest to find their killer.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

The Death Of Disco

The death of a young woman leads police to New York's disco and gay club scene. Was her murder a hate crime or were there more mysterious motives at play?

Coming Soon

Episode 9

The Krishna Killers

Hare Krishna devotee Charles St Dennis' future seems bright, until he disappears. When police investigate, they face a wall of silence among the community.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

The Milk Carton Murder

When 13-year-old Sarah Rairdon vanishes from rural Minnesota, the entire town searches for her. But the discovery of her body reveals a tragic secret.