Episode 1


Telling the astonishing story of one of the world's most dangerous sports, its history littered with fatalities - air racing.

Episode 1

Arizona Horror Story

Three bodies are discovered in a burned-out home and a fourth family member is missing. Investigators embark on a decades-long manhunt for the killer.

Episode 2

Golden Age

Air racing was pushed to new heights during the Golden Age of 1926-1935 in pursuit of the Schneider Trophy and the National Air Race in America.

Episode 2

The Old-Fashioned Way

In a small town in Florida, a pastor and his wife take in a young woman from their congregation. But when she disappears, things may not be what they seem.

Episode 3


How the daredevil sport of air racing regained its popularity after WWII, as the jet-racing class used cutting-edge technology to attract enthusiasts.

Episode 3

Behind Closed Doors

A family are discovered murdered in their quiet suburban home. When one victim is found still clinging to life, police launch a desperate search for the killer.

Episode 4


In crisis in the 1950s, air racing was saved in the 1960s with the Reno National Championship Air Races - new classes were born and speeds increased!

Episode 4

No Son Of Mine

A family are savagely murdered in their home in Kentucky. But when the sole survivor of the attack gives his statement to police, something doesn't quite add up.

Episode 5

Fly Fast, Fly Tight

Pylon racing is one of the most dangerous and exhilarating sports in the world. How do pilots train to be prepared for this daring contest?

Episode 5

Under His Eye

Amina and Sarah's desire to live the life of a typical American teenager is stunted by their strict father. When they rebel, it leads to an explosive and tragic end.

Episode 6

Failure To Thrive

A young mother loses her son who has battled a medical condition since birth. But when doctors reveal he didn't die from natural causes, police suspect foul play.

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