Episode 1

I Didn't Do Anything

When a former escort hires a hitman to kill her husband, she thinks she's committed the perfect crime. Little does she know police are recording her every move.

Episode 2

Fantasy Over Family

A man's obsession with a web-cam model leads to the brutal murders of an innocent family.

Episode 3

I Call Him Monster

At the site of a fiery car crash, police discover the body of a young woman. Investigators quickly realise this is no accident but a cold-blooded murder plot.

Episode 4

Diary Of A Psychopath

A college student disappears at the start of his freshman year without a trace. When police question his best friend, they uncover a love triangle gone wrong.

Episode 5

Sleeping Beauties

A mother claims not to know how her children died. An investigation reveals the tragedy isn't an accident but a carefully crafted killing by a vengeful psychopath.

Episode 6

The Good Girl

A young woman reports a brutal home invasion and the shooting of her mother and father. But when police interview her, they uncover an elaborate web of lies.

Episode 7

I'm Just A Sick Murderer

A robber who feels compelled to turn himself in, calls 911. But when officers arrive at the scene, he confesses to much more than breaking and entering.

Episode 8

You Met The Angel Of Death

When a student goes missing, the family he's staying with contact police. Then, a horrific discovery forces investigators to face a diabolical monster.

Episode 9

I Am Strange

A gunman shoots a young man and woman on their way home from work. Detectives learn that this is no random attack but the twisted plan of a psychopathic stalker.

Episode 10

Sometimes People Get Shot

A 17-year-old steals a gun and murders two gas station attendants in cold blood. When officers catch up with him, they come face-to-face with a psychopath.

Episode 11

The Women On His List

When a man snaps, he goes on a furious rampage that leaves three women dead in their homes. Police hunt for the misogynistic psychopath hell-bent on revenge.

Episode 12

God Was Going To Use Me

A nurse confesses to helping end the lives of numerous elderly patients. But detectives soon discover she is no angel of mercy, but a ruthless psychopath.

Episode 13

I Was A Star

A woman is brutally murdered in her home. When the police interrogate the prime suspect, they quickly realise they've come face-to-face with a deranged psychopath.

Episode 14

I Knew She Lived Alone

When police arrive on the scene of a brutal murder, the culprit appears calm as he stands next to his girlfriend's body and reveals there are more victims.

Episode 15

I Killed Him. Boom. Boom.

Police find a father of two dead in his home with over 15 gunshot wounds. They question the family, but one person is missing, his mother-in-law.

Episode 16

Do Her Mortal Harm

When a mutilated body turns up at the bottom of a ravine, police encounter an undetected serial killer who confesses to butchering eight women over a decade.

Episode 17

Everyone Has A Death Sentence

When DNA advances lead to the arrest of "Tourniquet Killer", he confesses to multiple murders. Weeks before his execution, he grants one interview.

Episode 18

He Is Not Among The Living

When a woman reports her boyfriend as missing, evidence leads investigators to the couple's roommate, a manipulative psychopath hell-bent on revenge.

Episode 19

She Isn't Acting Dead Enough

When a man crashes into a woman's vehicle, officers on the scene find her car abandoned. As police delve deeper, they uncover a sadistic psychopath.

Episode 20

Most People Would Be Haunted

A failed actor takes his anger out on four innocent people. The interrogation room becomes the stage for this killer's final performance.

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