Episode 1

I Didn't Do Anything

When a former escort hires a hitman to kill her husband, she thinks she's committed the perfect crime. Little does she know police are recording her every move.

Episode 2

Fantasy Over Family

A man's obsession with a web-cam model leads to the brutal murders of an innocent family.

Episode 3

I Call Him Monster

At the site of a fiery car crash, police discover the body of a young woman. Investigators quickly realise this is no accident but a cold-blooded murder plot.

Episode 4

Diary Of A Psychopath

A college student disappears at the start of his freshman year without a trace. When police question his best friend, they uncover a love triangle gone wrong.

Episode 5

Sleeping Beauties

A mother claims not to know how her children died. An investigation reveals the tragedy isn't an accident but a carefully crafted killing by a vengeful psychopath.

Episode 6

The Good Girl

A young woman reports a brutal home invasion and the shooting of her mother and father. But when police interview her, they uncover an elaborate web of lies.

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