About The Show

Recounts the stories of humble Middle-American towns – and the shocking crimes that tore through them and devastated the local community.


Episode 1

Who Killed Angie Lee?

A single mother is found beaten and strangled in her own home with her four-year-old son present. The investigation that ensues quickly uproots the community.

Episode 2

Hunting A Killer

In rural Missouri, a hunter is found murdered in his car near the popular deer trails. Was this a hunting accident gone wrong, or something more sinister?

Episode 3

Toddlers Terrible Tale

In Twinsburg, Ohio, Charlene Puffenbarger's three-year-old son is the only witness to her brutal murder. An unexpected source leads them to the killer.

Episode 4

Irreplaceable Gems

When an Ohio couple is found dead in their ransacked home, detectives turn to the community for help. Can investigators uncover the truth of what happened?

Episode 5

Orders Of Protection

A tip comes in from an unexpected Missouri resident that leads to the final resting ground of missing newlyweds Russell and Rebecca Porter.

Episode 6

Killer Casino

When a good-natured casino worker is found dead in the woods in the small town of Laurel, Montana, every customer becomes a suspect.

Episode 7

The Gravel Pit Murders

In Howard City, Michigan, detectives investigate a night of horror that ends with the shooting of beloved couple Robert and Norma Bean in a gravel pit.

Episode 8

Last Shift At Pirates Cove

In Ohio, college junior Emily Murray goes missing one night after quitting her job at a bar. A month later, someone finds her body in a remote trailer.

Episode 9

Killer On The Res

When someone stabs Trina Langenbrunner and leaves her on a road in Minnesota, her community and law enforcement work together for over 12 years to find her killer.

Episode 10

The Killing Kind

After James Skinner turns up dead in his own bedroom, the community of Brownstown enters a paranoid spiral, unsure who killed this beloved local rodeo rider.

Episode 11

An Unfaithful Truth

When law enforcement finds James Nibbe dead after a home invasion, they must dig beneath the surface of Lake Crystal, Minnesota, to root out the killer.

Episode 12

Field Of Bad Dreams

The grotesque murder of a beloved elderly citizen, Betsy Ball, shatters the quiet farm community of Vinton, Ohio.

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