Episode 1

Death Before Marriage

Carol waited 25 years to marry the love of her life, Jack Parkes. Six weeks before their wedding she finds him shot in the head in their living room.

Episode 2

Bad For Business

Successful business owner MaryAnn Clibbery is brutally murdered in Illinois. A suspicious bag floating on the ice in the river unlocks the secrets of her slaying.

Episode 3

If The Walls Could Talk

An affluent retirement community in Ohio is baffled when Barbara Howe vanishes one night. But soon Police find her body in the trunk of her car.

Episode 4

Shallow Grave

Christmas will never be the same for the Oklahoma residents whose dog drops a human skull onto their porch. Police must navigate the victim's past to find the truth.

Episode 5

Branches Of Evil

Tray Phelps, a beloved father, son and fiancé is found beaten to death in his own driveway. When his killers are revealed, it shocks the small town.

Episode 6

Ashes To Alibis

In Idaho, a devoted family man, Bo Kirk, vanishes and his truck is found ablaze. Bo's sister suspects their estranged father until ATM security footage is released.

Episode 7

Nothing Random

An elderly couple in Moscow, Idaho, are shocked by an attack on their young neighbour, executed in her doorway. Could a tip from behind bars help investigators?

Episode 8

No Giving Up

The case of a missing mountain biking pioneer, living off the grid in Colorado, went cold for years. Later, investigators lean on the local rumour mill for new leads.

Episode 9

Deviant Deeds

A man is hysterical when he finds his brother's girlfriend beaten and stabbed to death. But the discovery of her missing phone casts doubt on their alibis.

Episode 10

The Friends You Keep

A mother finds her daughter cold to the touch in bed. Ruling out suicide, investigators search for a suspicious man caught on a neighbour's surveillance camera.