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See the world’s most innovative magicians transform science into magic tricks and explain the scientific reality behind each illusion.


Episode 3

Book Bungee

James convinces onlookers that they can crush a fuel tanker using telekinesis. Ben and Billy team up for a hidden camera hit, and Wayne performs a death-defying stunt.

Episode 4

Vortex Cannon

Wayne makes a newspaper spontaneously combust, Billy tests the strength of locals and tourists, and James impresses a team of rugby players with his mind power.

Episode 5

Tesla Coil

Billy serves up some crazy cappuccinos, Ben introduces a memory whizz kid, and Wayne shoots lightning bolts from his fingertips that stun onlookers.

Episode 6


Wayne stuns a limo driver who thought he'd seen it all, Billy turns gravity on its head, and James magically melts at the touch of holy water.

Episode 7

Voodoo Car

Wayne appears to magically read minds, Billy makes ice spontaneously burst into flames and James' explosive voodoo wows a crowd when he destroys an entire car.

Episode 8

Dry Ice Bombs

Wayne demonstrates explosive telekinesis, Billy challenges big guys in Poland and Ben mystifies fitness fanatics with an anti-gravity workout.

Episode 9

Anti-Gravity Glass

A re-cap of the best tricks of the series. Featuring Wayne's incredible 'bungee book' stunt, James' dangerous 'danger drop' and predictive drinks orders from Ben.

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