The Story of Valiant Thor: Visitor from Venus

Tales of alien visitations have permeated the public consciousness for decades, but the astonishing story of Valiant Thor, a supposed visitor from Venus in the 1950s, may well be the most outlandish of them all. Who was he, and did he sleep in the Pentagon for three years, as some claim? Let’s find out.

8 July 2024

The legend of Venutian Thor has captivated the imaginations of ufologists and alien enthusiasts since the late 1950s. According to the tale, Valiant Thor was a humanoid extraterrestrial from the planet Venus who arrived on Earth with a mission to share advanced technology, promote messages of peace, love, and unity, and help humanity avoid self-destruction.

The primary – and only – source of this astonishing story is a book published in 1967 called Stranger at the Pentagon by Frank E. Stranges, a Christian evangelical minister, ufologist, author, and founder of the National Investigations Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects.

So just who was Valiant Thor? Alien? Actor? Urban legend, or elaborate hoax? Where is he alleged to have come from, did he work with America’s highest-ranking government officials, and are the supposed photographs of him real or fake?

Let’s take a trip back to the 1950s in an attempt to shed light on one of the strangest stories in the annals of UFO and alien folklore, the tale of Valiant Thor.

First Contact

US Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia (Credit: icholakov via Getty Images)

According to Stranger at the Pentagon, Valiant Thor, an alien from Venus described as ‘an inhumanely handsome man’, landed his spacecraft – supposedly named Victory One – near the town of Alexandria in Virginia, a city on the Potomac River a stone’s throw from Washington, DC.

One version of the story says that he, along with two travelling companions, were met by two policemen who escorted him to the Pentagon. Another says that he politely requested to speak to President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Why did Valiant Thor Come to Earth?

Artist impression of the surface of Venus (Credit: MARK GARLICK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY via Getty Images)

Leaving aside for a moment the perplexing story of Thor, Venus, somewhere between 25 and 161 million miles from Earth depending on the orbital cycle, is absolutely and entirely inhospitable. The mean temperature is over 460°C (approaching 900°F) and has the densest atmosphere of all the planets in the solar system. The atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and the entire planet is covered in a thick cloud of sulphuric acid. But, as Stranges’ story goes, that’s where Valiant Thor and his interstellar delegation came from.

Thor’s purpose, as described by Stranges – who also claimed to have had direct content with this visitor from another planet – was to offer advanced technical knowledge, to promote peace and a higher level of spiritual enlightenment, and to warn against the dangers of nuclear weapons, poverty, and environmental destruction.

In the book, Thor claimed his race had been monitoring Earth for hundreds of years and had become increasingly concerned with the state of the planet, hence his visit. He’s said to have brought messages of hope, urging people to work together for the common good. He advocated for the move to clean energy sources, and is supposed to have brought with him advancements in medicine, transportation and energy production that were centuries ahead of 1950s science.

More specifically, Stranges wrote about Thor’s Composite Energy Device, which was a zero-carbon source of producing electricity, and a Replicator, which was said to be able to precisely replicate any material without the need for extraction or mining.

Or did he? Did Valiant Thor, an alleged alien from another world, truly accomplish the feats described in the book, which is said to bear a strong resemblance to the classic 1951 sci-fi film The Day The Earth Stood Still? Or did he exist solely in the creative imagination of Frank E. Stranges?

Let’s try and find some evidence.

The Legend of Venutian Thor

UN Headquarters, New York, USA (Credit: Through the Lens via Getty Images)

There are suggestions in the popular narrative that official documentation and signed witness statements, including some from people described as ‘high-ranking government officials’, exist pertaining to Valiant Thor’s visit, but as yet, they have never been made public or verified.

The most commonly-told version of the story was that Thor lived in the basement of the Pentagon for three years and took regular meetings with President Eisenhower, Vice-President Richard Nixon, and senior members of the armed forces. He’s also alleged to have met with a number of scientists and religious leaders, appeared at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, and even attended a church in Alexandria where he preached messages of love and peace.

There’s also alleged to be one or more audio recordings as well as a number of published photographs purporting to be of Valiant Thor but without any concrete evidence to corroborate them. Indeed the images are widely believed to be forgeries, or simply those of normal men who had no idea the images were being misrepresented as an extraterrestrial from Venus. To date, there’s no substantive proof that Valiant Thor existed or had interactions with anyone, at any level, of the U.S. government or elsewhere.

Despite the lack of physical evidence, Valiant Thor from Venus has become an iconic figure within many UFO enthusiast communities. Supporters of the story argue that the secrecy of government operations and the mysterious nature of his visit are consistent with other alleged extraterrestrial encounters. Sceptics, however, dismiss the tale as nothing more than a fantastical fabrication. The lack of any tangible proof, such as photographs or official documents, fuels ongoing debate about the authenticity of Stranges’ claims.

Valiant Thor: A Story for the Ages

Did Valiant Thor land a spacecraft by the Potomac? (Credit: John Baggaley via Getty Images)

Valiant Thor’s legend endures as a symbol of hope and cosmic benevolence, and indeed many of these supposed messages from outer space – people coming together for the common good, transitioning to clean energy sources, promoting peace over hate, and environmental awareness, resonate today, despite the story’s lack of evidence. The narrative also aligns with the broader themes of extraterrestrial intelligence seeking to guide humanity towards a more enlightened and harmonious future.

Overall though, despite being an intriguing story, the legend of Valiant Thor is currently unsupported by any credible evidence. It’s widely regarded by most experts and researchers in the field of UFOs and alien visitation as either a complex hoax or a work of fiction.

So whether viewed as a genuine account or a bizarre yet captivating myth, the story of Valiant Thor intrigues and inspires those who ponder the mysteries of our universe and the possibility, however small, of otherworldly visitors.


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