Episode 1

Backyard Bite

In Texas, Jeremy Sutcliffe and his wife are bitten by a deadly rattlesnake. And, Kent Bonde was spearfishing when he was attacked by a shark in the Bahamas.

Episode 1

Paradise Lost

Off the coast of Hawaii, a spearfisherman is ambushed by a massive tiger shark that could swallow him whole. Plus, a bride is pursued by a hungry crocodile.

Episode 2

Grisly Encounters

Jordan Carbery investigates a noise outside his cabin and encounters a massive grizzly bear. And, Zanele Fox is thrown from a raft and ravaged by a crocodile.

Episode 3

Terror In Paradise

During a holiday to Thailand, an elephant turns on a woman. Then, a golf ball recovery specialist was at work in Florida when he was attacked by an alligator.

Episode 4

Safari Horror

During a canoe safari trip in Zimbabwe, a husband and wife are attacked by an angry hippopotamus. Plus, a grizzly bear turns on two men hunting elk in Montana.

Episode 5

All Alone

In California, a man encounters a Brahma Bull, after being severely attacked he tries to escape. And, during an archery hunt a man comes face-to-face with a grizzly bear.

Episode 6

One Wrong Step

While swimming in a river in South Africa, Peter Knottenbelt accidentally steps on a crocodile. Plus, a pair of ravenous raccoons attack Meg Doyle and her dog.

Episode 7

Night Terror

On a camping trip in Canada, 12-year-old Zac Delventhal is dragged from his tent by a wolf. Plus, Maria Korcsmaros is attacked by a great white in the Pacific Ocean.

Episode 8

Mauled In The Mountains

Whilst working in a remote forest, Louie van Grootel is ambushed by a bear. Plus, during a run in Colorado, Travis Kauffman is attacked by a mountain lion.

Episode 9

Deadly Decision

Sandy Prince is enjoying a swim in a river when she is attacked by a crocodile. Plus, a cougar leaps out at Phil Anderson in Washington State, can he fight...

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