Episode 1

Hunting Season

In December 2009, Theresa Still is reported missing by her daughter. With the news of the missing woman, the small town of Altoona, Wisconsin mobilises.

Episode 2

Route 29

After texting a friend to say she is lost, university student Hannah Graham doesn't return home. Worried and confused, Hannah's friends report her missing.

Episode 3

Unsafe Anywhere

A family fails to return from a shopping trip, leaving only a 15-year-old son behind. Soon, the Polk County Sheriff's Department makes a shocking discovery.

Episode 4

Hold The Line

A passer-by calls in a car fire off a road in Courtland, Mississippi. When first responders arrive, they find 19-year-old Jessica Chambers engulfed in flames.

Episode 5

Have You Seen Me

A local fisherman in Georgia finds a body with a gun in its hand. Investigators quickly learn that two young people have been murdered, execution style.

Episode 6

In Too Deep

When 30-year-old teacher Tara Grinstead fails to show up to work her concerned colleagues report her missing. Police are baffled by the disappearance.