Episode 1

Hunting Season

In 2008, Alisha Sidie, a 27-year-old mother of two vanishes in a small cabin vacation town in Wisconsin. The whole community mobilises for the search.

Episode 2

Route 29

In 2013, 17-year-old Alexis Murphy, rising social media star and athlete, disappears along Route 29 with no trace until a security video reveals a chilling clue.

Episode 3

Unsafe Anywhere

21-year-old Joel Larson is shot to death in a neighbourhood known to be a haven for gay people in 1990's Minneapolis. Soon, more shootings terrorise the community.

Episode 4

Hold The Line

In August 1992, Tennessee landowner Allen Roberts arrives home to discover his wife is missing. Suspicion soon falls on him, but is someone else the culprit?

Episode 5

Have You Seen Me

Debora Gail Moody vanishes from her home in Ludowici, Georgia. A decade passes with no answers, until a confession reveals chilling details of her disappearance.

Episode 6

In Too Deep

John and Elizabeth Calvert were prominent residents of the upscale Hilton Head, South Carolina, until they vanished in 2008 following a meeting with their accountant.

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