Episode 1

Field Of Broken Dreams

17-year-old Chris Daigle vanishes after leaving school for the day. After the case goes cold for years, one detective believes it deserves a second look.

Episode 2

Troubled Waters

When two teenagers go missing the community is baffled. Years later as the case is reopened, a clue leads to the answers - right under their noses.

Episode 3

Devil Among Us

When Linda McClelland goes missing her daughter and grandchildren are left heartbroken. An agonising search uncovers the truth painfully close to home.

Episode 4

Paradise Lost

When Charlotte Moriarty and her infant son vanished, no one knew it would take more than 30 years for the mystery behind their disappearance to be revealed.

Episode 5

Missing Michele

32-year-old Michele Whitaker leads a troubled life when she mysteriously vanishes. Her family and police investigate for six years, until a phone call gives answers.

Episode 6

In A Dark Place

When Dena Raley-McCluskey disappears, investigators focus on her ex-boyfriend with whom she had a stormy relationship. An unexpected lead reveals the shocking truth.

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