Episode 1

Beginning Of The End?

The crew of the Infinity is preparing for an expedition through the Northwest Passage. A perilous journey, they risk being locked in Arctic ice for ten months.

Episode 2

Sink Or Swim

The Infinity crew is on its way to Dutch Harbour but after a storm approaches, they quickly find themselves anchored in an area littered with bombs.

Episode 3

No Turning Back

After crossing the North Pacific, the Infinity arrives in Dutch Harbour. Unprepared for the arctic, the crew uses this opportunity to stock up on supplies.

Episode 4

Rock Bottom

The crew of Infinity enters the Arctic Circle, where they encounter a brutal storm. As they push toward the next harbour, they run aground in dangerously shallow waters.

Episode 5

It All Falls Apart

Fear of overwintering in the Arctic becomes more real as the crew becomes trapped in ice. Tensions mount on the ship, pushing one crew member over the edge.

Episode 6

Man Overboard

The crew receives an ominous warning from the Coast Guard and must make a tough decision. Do they abandon the mission or make a risky attempt to push on?

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