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Two months before king crab season, Josh Harris prepares for the season by examining his father, Captain Phil Harris’s note filled maps and charts examining the waters of Hawaii. Discovering a whole new chapter of his father’s life, can Justin crack his father’s code to uncover a new business adventure in the Pacific Ocean? Where one fish can land fishermen $2,000, this territory is something Josh and partner Casey must pursue. Moving from King Crabs to Kākū (barracuda) get ready for a fully loaded fishing adventure.


Episode 1

The Harris Legacy

The discovery of fishing charts on the Cornelia Maria takes co-captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus to Hawaii. What was Captain Phil Harris trying to accomplish?

Episode 2

Proving Grounds

Josh, Casey and Jeff travel to the southern edge of Kona's fishing grounds. The trio dives into the shark-infested waters to learn why Phil kept coming back.

Episode 3


Josh and the crew get the opportunity to supply ahi and mahi to a local restaurant. This is their first proper chance to turn a profit in Hawaii, will they...

Episode 4

Cowboys And Pirates

On Hawaii's Big Island, Josh enlists Johnathan Hillstrand to help him explore the mystery of Phil's charts and get insight into the time Phil spent in Kona Town.

Episode 5


Josh, Casey and Johnathan Hillstrand brave unknown waters in the dead of night to try the ancient Hawaiian Ika-Shibi fishing technique.

Episode 6

The Legacy Continues

With only two days left in Hawaii, Josh and Casey hope to land a big marlin. Will they be able to catch the one fish that eluded Phil Harris decades...

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