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It’s early evening in rural Pennsylvania when several dozen witnesses report seeing a fiery object falling through the sky and landing in a nearby woods.


Episode 1

Terror on the Ranch

Henry Baker is driving home with his family when his wife spots lights hovering over Lake Erie. Plus, on a ranch in Argentina strange lights turn violent.

Episode 2

War of the Worlds

Laura Sinclair is walking her dog when she sees a large cylindrical object hovering in the sky. Plus, school children in Florida witness multiple UFO sightings.

Episode 3

Aliens in the Swamp

In Ohio, two officers spot a strange bright light flying in the night sky. Police dispatch advises them to pursue the object, triggering a massive car chase.

Episode 4

Fire in the Sky

A wave of sightings in Colares, Brazil cause mass panic and people leave the island as a result. In Australia, a flying object causes a severe headache for a farmer.

Episode 5

Nuclear Nightmare

Officials must decide how to confront an unidentified object hovering over an Air Force base. Plus, a priest interacts with a saucer-shaped metallic craft.

Episode 6

Hunting Season

Two brothers witness something extraordinary that defies explanation while hunting in Idaho. Plus, a strange metal craft passes over Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Episode 7

Alien Assault

Texas police receive several calls about a flying object. Plus, a property inspector is knocked unconscious when he comes in contact with a strange metallic object.

Episode 8

Alien Vampires

In Brazil, three men escape a close encounter only to realize it lasted longer than any of them realized. Plus, in Canada, a boy investigates a strange object.

Episode 9

Curse from Above

In Michigan, a father and son see strange lights and call the sheriff's office. In France, a craft known as Angel Hair is spotted hovering over school grounds.

Episode 10

Caught on Tape

On Halloween night in 2004, the police receive over 50 UFO reports in the Chicago area. And in Buck's County, a contractor sees a large object pass over his home.

Episode 11

Hot Pursuit

US Air Force reservists are pursued by lights while flying back to their base. Plus, Constable Godfrey loses consciousness when he investigates a strange disruption.

Episode 12

Screaming UFOs

A hitchhiker spots a pattern of lights and is terrified when they seem to attack him. A sighting in France becomes one of the most investigated cases in UFO history.

Episode 13

Saved by Aliens

Strange light patterns are seen across multiple counties in Texas. In France, after an intense encounter a man's previous knee injury is completely healed.

Episode 14

Highway to Hell

In Nova Scotia, a former naval officer sees five bright lights in the skies. He is able to see a cigar-shaped object behind the light, about 20 feet in length.

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