The Best Known Waterfalls in Wales

Famed for its rolling valleys, Wales is also home to a significant number of waterfalls. So we’re chasing the big, the small and the best waterfalls Wales has to offer.

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24 November 2022

Fairies and devils, myths and history are all invoked in stories about the waterfalls of Wales. And there’s a surprisingly plentiful supply of them. From 300-foot plunges to enchanting rushes, Welsh waterfalls encompass the full spectrum of possibilities.

In this article, we’re exploring both the best known waterfalls in Wales and some of its hidden marvels. We’ll look at both waterfalls in north Wales and south.

Waterfalls in North Wales

Waterfall, Rhayader, Elan Valley, Wales (Photo: joe daniel price via Getty Images_

North Wales is home to some of the most stunning waterfalls in the UK. From rushing rivers to cascading waterfalls, these natural wonders are truly astonishing places to see.

Fairy Falls, Conwy

Fairy Falls Glen, North Wales (Photo: StephenBridger via Getty Images

There’s something intrinsically magical about waterfalls, which is why Fairy Falls seems such an apt name for one. This applies particularly to the delicate cascade waterfall of Rhaeadr y Tylwyth Teg or ‘Fairy Falls’ along the River Crafnant, definitely the type of place one would imagine mythical creatures would frequent.

Conwy Falls, Conwy

Conwy Falls, Conwy (Photo: TravelPics via Getty Images)

The Conwy Falls descend like an imperial staircase, curving on two sides around a central rock. This is referenced in their Welsh name, Rhaeadr y Graig Lwyd, which means ‘waterfall of the grey rock’.

Pistyll Rhaeadr, Berwyn Mountains

Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall in Summer (Photo: Pengranger via Getty Images)

This 240-foot cascade in the Berwyn Mountains is one of best known waterfalls in Wales, albeit for a slight misconception. Many cite Pistyll Rhaeadr as the country’s highest waterfall. That it is not, but it isn’t far off and, regardless of this, it’s a spectacular sight.

Devil’s Appendix, Snowdonia

High Snowdonia waterfall (Photo: Loop Images / Contributor via Getty Images)

Snowdonia National Park is home to Nant Clogwyn y Geifr or the Devil’s Appendix waterfall. When it’s in full flow, this intriguingly named geological marvel is the highest single drop waterfall in Wales.

Mynach Waterfalls, Cambrian Mountains

Devil's Bridge (Photo: jax10289 via Getty Images)

It may have taken hundreds of thousands or perhaps even millions of years for the Mynach Waterfalls to form, a side effect of the Rheidol River taking a sharp turn. The falls themselves are a five-tiered affair along the Mynach or “Monk’s” river. Another attraction here is the series of three bridges built one atop the other, of which one is the Devil’s Bridge. Why the name? Well, they say this bridge was built by the devil himself on his only trip to Wales.

Waterfalls in South Wales

Beautiful waterfall of Wales: Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf Waterfall (Photo: joe daniel price via Getty Images)

South Wales is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, and if you’re looking for a waterfall to explore on your next visit to South Wales, here are just a few of the best.

Melincourt Waterfall, Valley of Neath

Melincourt Brook waterfall (Photo: leighcol via Getty Images)

Set amidst ancient woodland, the 80-foot Melincourt or ‘Melincwrt’ Waterfall captured the imagination of romantic painter, J. M. W. Turner, who sketched them in 1794.

Waterfall Country, Powys

Sgwd Yr Eira Waterfall Wales (Photo: Jason Reid via Getty Images)

Just before they join to form the River Neath, three rivers have created a world of Welsh waterfalls within the Valley of Neath in Brecon Beacons National Park. This is Waterfall Country. Four main waterfalls form its star attractions. Of these, Sgwd yr Eira or ‘waterfall of snow’ is beloved for the ability to walk behind its watery curtain.

Cenarth Falls, Ceredigion

Cenarth Falls beauty spot on the River Teifi in Wales (Photo: Stuart Hall via Getty Images)

Where the River Teifi flows through the village of Cenarth in Ceredigion, salmon are known to leap and the Cenarth Falls cascade.

The Waterfalls of Wales

Scenic view of waterfall in forest, Ystradfellte, Wales (Photo: Geoff Moore / 500px via Getty Images)

It’s a country rich in geological wonders, but the waterfalls of Wales are amongst the most captivating. Whatever you’re seeking to explore in the fascinating country, these amazing points of natural beauty showcase the outstanding waterfalls Wales has to offer.


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