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Cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy and dog trainer Zoe Stathis-Sandor join forces to establish harmony in households with cats and dogs who don’t get along.


Episode 1

My Animals Are Going To Get Me Evicted!

Jackson and Zoe meet Tami. Her three dogs terrorise her cats, Esmeralda Beyonce and Cozy Cosette, so she built a rooftop cat sanctuary.

Episode 2

You Need To Check Your Cat!

The experts meet feline-fearing Terence and Unique, who struggle living with Rottweiler Girly and cat Boo. Can they prevent the couple's third breakup?

Episode 3

My Cats Are Stuck In The Pantry!

A couple is keen to move in together, but their dog and cats are not! Plus, a cat is so stressed by two dogs that she's licked her belly raw.

Episode 4

My Daughter's Cat Is A Bully!

Jackson and Zoe meet Marti's Bloodhound puppy that harasses her hairless Sphinx cat. And, newly-engaged Olga and Daryl try to blend their fur families.

Episode 5

I'm Afraid Of My Dog!

Juli and her son Braylen, want to overcome fears of their protection dog Ernie. Plus, Bug, an overweight cat, supposedly bullies Mushu, a Maltese-Poodle mix.

Episode 6

My Dog Is Stuck Outside!

Jackson and Zoe meet a married couple whose American bulldog attacked their kitten, and has not been allowed back in the house in two years.

Episode 7

Vampire Cats!

Jackson and Zoe meet two cats never seen in daytime. To escape the three giant dogs they live with, the frightened felines are living inside cabinets.

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